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Geek out with us on all the technical aspects of capturing Elevation Worship’s latest album LION  featuring LJ Mitchell (Music Director) and Jonathan Mix (Head Audio Engineer)! Every Elevation Worship album sonically reflects where their church is right now, and LION is no exception. LJ and J Mix discuss why Elevation calls their live recordings “Nights of Worship,” the spiritual sweet spot of marrying spontaneity and structure, the last-minute addition backstory of “Same God,” and more. Check out this inspiring episode today!
“I write my best songs when I get lost in His presence” - Jonathan Helser.Jonathan and Melissa Helser long to empower those they encounter with the truth that Jesus died to be with us and vibrantly lives inside of us. In 2007, The Helsers hosted their first discipleship school called the 18 Inch Journey, named for the distance between the head and the heart. Jonathan joined us to speak on the mission of this school, spontaneous worship moments, and the unique recording process of The Land I’m Livin' In: “We wanted this school and this land to be embedded into the fabric of the album.”
On the heels of her debut album CLARITY, DOE joins us for an episode on bridging the worlds of secular and worship music. An artist that coalesces several genres into one, DOE declares that “God reigns in both the secular and Christian worlds” and explores the fact that when you communicate with people in the language they speak in, you can reach them more fully.We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! Worship-leading resources for CLARITY are now available on
Our first podcast episode of 2022 is a special one. Songwriter, father, husband, mentor and worship pastor at The Austin Stone, Aaron Ivey joins us to speak on the crucial topic of Racial Reconciliation and how it is intrinsically linked with the message of the Gospel. Our host Chris Baker and Aaron are both a part of multicultural families and they share how that has influenced their worship leading, preaching and how they live life. “Reconciliation is what we’re told heaven will look like. Why wait for heaven to have true reconciling happen?”
Carlos Whittaker is a People’s Choice Award winner, a former recording artist, a social media maven, and currently spends the majority of his time writing books and speaking on stages around the world. Carlos fearlessly confronts tough topics and encourages a culture of healthy communication, giving the people who engage with his content the opportunity to focus on helping and serving one another, and looking past each other’s differences. On our final episode of 2021, Carlos and Kristian lean into the wisdom from his book, Kill the Spider: Getting Rid of What's Really Holding You Back (2017). Carlos unpacks his own personal “cobwebs” and defines “killing the spider” as breaking the agreements we’ve made, either knowingly or subconsciously, with lies that are typically sown in childhood. He urges us to confess, reject and replace these lies by immersing ourselves in scripture, and declaring who we are as sons and daughters in Christ. 
Zach Neese has been a worship pastor and teacher for more than 20 years. In addition to serving as the Pastor of Worship Development at Gateway Church for 14 years, he also directed the Christ for the Nations School of Worship and helped launch and teach the Worship Leadership programs at The King’s University. Zach has a Kingdom culture perspective of biblical worship ministry that transcends denominational and international lines, and he has trained worship leaders from all over the world. Zach is a seasoned songwriter (“Living Water,” “The More I Seek You,” “Faithful God,” “Alabaster Jar”) as well as an accomplished author. His book, How to Worship a King, is used by worshipping churches and schools around the world to prepare their people, their students, and their worship teams to minister to God and to the world He loves.Our Gospel Brand Manager and Grammy-award winning producer Chris Baker sat down with Zach to speak on the effect his compelling book has had on worship teams across the world. Zach encourages us to not prioritize engagement over transformation when leading our congregations and declares that: "Worship isn’t something we do — it’s who we are."To learn more about Zach Neese and his ministry visit:
Darlene Zschech, globally-acclaimed composer, worship leader, pastor, author and speaker, joined us to speak on Empowering Women In Ministry and what anchoring your identity in Christ through cultivating a culture of encouragement looks like. She shared with us how leading worship as a woman looked different in certain parts of the world, but that whatever obstacles she faced, she always reminded herself that she was ultimately there to serve and praise. She declares “there’s nothing about inequality that pleases the heart of God” and that the Church has a long way to go, but we’re on the move.
Joel Houston, world-renowned songwriter and worship leader of Hillsong UNITED, reminds us that our purpose is “in the dig” and “in the search” of the creative process. Joel speaks to his hope of reaching the person who’s lost faith with the songs God has blessed him with, how success can be an enemy to art, the missional aspects of all the projects under Hillsong, and more. We hope this conversation reminds you of the purpose we find in both the creative process and in the sanctification of the faith journey. 
We are so excited to kick off Season 3 of The Worship & Technology Podcast with this conversation on why Music is Great, but Jesus is Greater with Bob Kauflin! Author of Worship Matters and True Worshipers, and pastor at Sovereign Grace Ministries since 1985, Bob remind us to live in the good of what we’re singing about; to intuit what is happening in the souls of one’s congregation. Rather than focusing on the technical nuances of worship, he encourages us to focus on what we can do to encourage the clear vision of the work and the words of Christ. We think this conversation that Kristian accurately describes as a master class very convicting. Listen everywhere! Kristian says this message is so powerful because Bob is so musical. Calls this episode a master class. Bob Kauflin is a pastor, composer, speaker, writer, and the director of Sovereign Grace Music, a ministry of Sovereign Grace Churches. He serves as an elder at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville and has written two books: Worship Matters and True Worshipers. You’ll find him occasionally blogging at 
In our Season 2 finale we sit down with David Ware of Hillsong Worship! We learn about his “God adventure,” the evolving mission of Hillsong Worship to be “a global church for the local expression,” and the beautiful behind-the-scenes story of how Fresh Wind came to be. "We can often complicate creativity. God’s truth is simple."David also speaks on authentic worship leading and that Hillsong is a byproduct of the real success story: that Jesus is going to build His church where He says He’s going to build it. For more on David Ware visit: | Find us at & follow us @multitracks / @multitracksgospel
CeCe Winans

CeCe Winans


We are so excited to have CeCe Winans on our podcast today. God has trusted CeCe with success and her notoriety has only brought her closer to Him. She shares how her “why” hasn’t changed despite being named the best-selling female gospel artist of all time, and she reminds worship artists that you have to want God more than anything. “Good success means you’re still hidden in Him.”She also talks about the process behind “Believe For It” - the transcending title track from her new live album.  Chris Baker states the simple, powerful truth about CeCe: “There is something that is synonymous with CeCe Winans and that is the presence of God.” The entire Believe For It project is available on our site:  For more on CeCe Winans visit: | Follow us @multitracks / @multitracksgospel
Today we hear from Aodhan King from Hillsong Young & Free! He talks about how he loves the vehicle of song as a non-confrontational way to evangelize, the birth of Hillsong Young & Free, and how is worship and mission have always been intrinsically linked. He also speaks on the new single and how it’s meant to express the inclusivity of God’s love and how Young & Free is marked by a youthful and wild energy, but that you don’t have to be young to connect with their music - you just need a youthful spirit that God says we all have through Him.  | For more on Aodhan visit: | Find us @multitracks  //
Vaughan Phoenix

Vaughan Phoenix


Grammy-winning producer, writer, musician, arranger and MD Vaughan Phoenix is here to close out our Black History Month series! Vaughan is “the ghost and the machine” behind some of Gospel’s biggest, most influential artists (Tasha Cobbs Leonard, William Murphy, Brian Courtney Wilson, All Nations). He shares why being influenced by all genres contributes to a producer’s sonic impact and how creators should always focus on making the song better rather than their career or ego. Be sure to listen to this engaging, humbling episode and check out the new album from All Nations (Come Alive) featuring Maranda Curtis, Todd Dulaney, and Chandler Moore! | Find Vaughan Phoenix @vaughanphoenix | Find us @multitracks + @multitracksgospel  //
Marvin Sapp

Marvin Sapp


11x Grammy-nominated Gospel powerhouse Marvin Sapp (@marvinsapp) is here to talk his responsibility as an artist to deliver “horizontal” messaging that causes people to have a vertical relationship with God, why he always prioritizes singing classic hymns, and most importantly, how he keeps it “churchy and funky.”  | For more on Marvin Sapp visit:  | Find us @multitracks + @multitracksgospel  //
Todd Dulaney

Todd Dulaney


Grammy-nominated Gospel artist Todd Dulaney (@todddulaney1) comes on our podcast encouraging you to be your authentic self, as that is what God wants you to be and how He will live His purpose through you.Chris and Todd declare together that worship has nothing to do with us and that it’s actually about us getting out of the way. Todd also shares why he knows his purpose is to write and perform worship music and that “the Word is the highest level of reality” and that it will “always accomplish what it was sent to.” Let this conversation empower you in your writing, purpose and your faith. | For more on Todd Dulaney visit: | Find us @multitracks + @multitracksgospel  //
JJ Hairston

JJ Hairston


We’re so excited to kick off Black History Month 2021 with this conversation between Chris Baker and JJ Hairston. Chris and JJ talk about how artists wanting to echo what’s popular is an epidemic in the music industry today, and that being excited about your unique identity yields more longevity than chasing what’s popular.JJ also encourages all of us that even in this long season of waiting, we’re all still growing and we’ll be even more prepared for the next season because we’ve faced such a long moment of not having our typical comfort crutches to lean on. | For more on JJ Hairston visit: | Find us @multitracks + @multitracksgospel  // multitracks.comJJ Hairston's "Great Jehovah" is also our Play of the Week this week! Download our app Playback to access the song for free all week. 
Pat Barrett

Pat Barrett


Pat Barrett (@patbarrett) comes on the podcast to break down the songs on his upcoming album and the place they came from. He talks about how the success of “Good Good Father” was one of the truest examples of the notion that someone else can be helped in their faith journey by something you’ve personally walked through, how “true religion is camera shy,” and how resisting the incentive of being overly performative with our prayer and worship may seem counter-intuitive in this day and age but is so crucial. Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly is coming February 26th. Check out this episode for an intimate deep dive into the songs and their inspiration! | For more on Pat Barrett visit: | Find us @multitracks  //



We’re diving deeper into the technology side of the Worship & Technology podcast today. Season 2, Episode 4 is a conversation with collaborative producer project Bottega (@bottega.bottega), made up of 3 incredible musicians from Hillsong. They discuss how Bottega allowed them to stop “burying things in the sonic graveyard” and how they go about marrying acoustic and digital within their music.Hear about sonic landscape inspiration, crafting unique and authentic sounds, and leveraging tech in your band and in the worship you're leading. | To learn more about Bottega visit: | Find us @multitracks //
Jonathan Nelson

Jonathan Nelson


Chris Baker interviews his friend Jonathan Nelson, a Stellar award-winning, Dove nominated international artist, songwriter, and worship leader. He serves as the Worship Pastor at New Birth Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. This conversation is full of both Chris' and Jonathan's experience and wisdom, and we're sure you will get much out of it. | Learn more about Jonathan at: | Find us @multitracks & @multitracksgospel //
Chris Baker

Chris Baker


Chris Baker is a Grammy Award-winning producer, multi-instrumentalist, and has toured the world as a musician, music director, and Ableton Live technician. He's a popular and well-known face in the Gospel community. We're proud to announce he is now part of the family heading up our new division: MultiTracks Gospel. Listen to this episode and hear Chris share a little of his story, as well as his heart behind why he's joining the team! | Find us @multitracks & @multitracksgospel //
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