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Author: Douglas Berger

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There is a well organized and well funded effort to gut the Bill of Rights in this country and in the age of Trump secular people seem to taking it on the chin more often. The Secular Left podcast will talk about politics, news, and current events from a secular left perspective, naturally. Please join us.
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In this episode Doug gets schooled on the Secular Voices Survey by Dr. Juhem Navarro-Rivera from Socioanalitica Research. Secular voters are more than atheist and agnostic and they are more political and more progressive than white Christian nationalists. Secular voters also are more concerned about the response to COVID-19. Dr. Navarro-Rivera also touches on the Latinx vote. Voters for Trump tended to come from countries where they were richer and a higher social class than Latinx voters in Arizona which went for Biden.Show NotesSignup for our newsletter00:49 Secular Voters16:18 State of election polling22:23 The Latinx voteSupport the show (
In this episode Doug talks to local activist Julian Mack about his run for Toledo City council and then he talks about a recent national news story involving a local high school and conservative propagnada website PragerU.Show NotesGet our newsletter00:24 Interview with activist Julian Mack20:21 Extra Credit and PragerUSupport the show (
In this episode Doug talks to Sarah Levin from Secular Strategies, about her project Secular Democrats. Sarah discuss how the non-religious would find a good home in the Democratic party. She explains why the freedom to be a bigot is subverting religious freedom for all of us and finally they talk about the problem with Christian nationalists feeling entitled to our tax dollars.Show NotesSubscribe to our newsletter01:08 What is Secular Democrats10:12 Secularists find a home in the Democratic Party18:35 Freedom to be a bigotSupport the show (
In this episode, after a short statement about the non-indictments in the Breonna Taylor murder case, we try to find out why a Supreme Court vacancy was more different in 2016 than in 2020. Next Doug has a short interview with a friend who is running for elected office. Finally we discover if talking about anti-racism is racist.Show NotesSubscribe to the newsletter00:38 Say her name... Breonna Taylor03:07 Historical Hypocriscy in the GOP12:19 Interview with Melissa Kritzell20:55 Is anti-racism training racist?Support the show (
In this episode Doug looks at another unjustified police shooting of a person of color in Kenosha Wisconsin and tries to figure out why a 17 year old with a police fetish murdered two protesters. Then he wonders why Speaker Nancy Pelosi lied when she claimed the national party would support incumbent Democrats this election year. Finally, he visits with the Secular Democrats of America at their first online meeting during the Democratic National Convention.Show NotesSubscribe to our newsletter00:44 Police are out of control in Trump Land12:05 Pelosi throws Markey under the bus for cash17:49 Secular Democrats MeetSupport the show (
Episode 006: The Fight For Governor Dewine's SoulIn this episode Doug talks about the soul of Governor Mike Dewine and why he wants to see us all dead. Doug looks at the fake outrage called cancel culture and like Big Foot, he can't find it where people say it is. Finally, he brings up a recent John Oliver show about the Whitewashing of US History. All of this and a mention a new group in Ohio trying to bring us Ranked Choice Voting. It will be a hoot. Please join us.Show NotesSupport the show (
Episode 005: Why Is There No Fort Grant - California Mask Rebellion - Religious Freedom ShamIn this episode, Doug asks why there are no millitary bases named for President Ulysses S. Grant who won the civil war for the north and the weak arguments people make to support keeping Confederate symbols. He talks about the wild complaints about wearing masks one California county government heard, and then shines a bright light on efforts of Christian nationalists to force religion in the public schools in Ohio under the cover of COVID-19 and religious freedom.Show NotesSupport the show (
In this episode, recorded before the murder of George Floyd, Doug talks to activist Julian Mack, spokesperson for Community Solidarity Response Network of Toledo, about how the pandemic actually ripped open and laid bare the existing inequality we have in this country. We talk about the reforms needed in the criminal justice system including the end of cash bail and depopulating of the jails due to COVID-19. Finally we discuss the best path to changing the problems we face.Show NotesSupport the show (
In this episode we look at people who think their freedom includes spreading a virus that can kill people. Next we talk about the huge obstacle for Joe Biden to becoming the Democratic nominee in November and finally we talk about a congressional candidate who makes the stay-at-home protestors look like the establishment. We also have an update on the taxpayer bail out of churches.Show NotesSupport the show (
In this episode Doug talks about the recent covid-19 relief bill passed in Congress and how for the 4th time Republicans got their own way. Then he talks about a federal bail out of churches using our tax dollars and finally he takes a look at a new conservative group by and for atheists.Show NotesSupport the show (
In the debut episode host Doug Berger explains the manifesto of the podcast, talks about how some forced birthers in Ohio are using the virus outbreak to reach their ultimate goal, and then talks about Bernie Sanders and his math problem as the 2020 primary season draws to a bumpy end.Show NotesSupport the show (
The show will deal with social justice issues such as racism, income inquality, and our broken health care industry and try to offer a left side of the aisle view that is based on a secular foundation. It's my belief that extreme religious beliefs are at the root of many of the problems that never seem to be solved. The Secular Left podcast will try to offer up an alternative.This show will be partisian in that the views expressed will be based on a rational exploration for the truth and the public policy outcomes that come from that truth. Sometimes that truth will be partisian. There might be more than one side of the story but only one side will lead to the truth.I think a real secular left perspective is missing from serious discussions concerning current events and politics today. I welcome you to join me in this journey.Support the show (
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