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David Kopp is in his first year on the University of Florida coaching staff. Previously he was the pitching coach and recruiting coordinator at Florida Atlantic. In this episode of the Rapsodo Baseball Podcast, David talks to Seth and BP about how he uses data to maximize player development.
Seth and BP discuss Rapsodo Team Memberships then throw it back to our 2020 interview with St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Miles Mikolas. In this interview Miles talks about how he built and refined the arsenal that made him a successful MLB starter after spending time in the bullpen and playing in Japan.
Few hitting instructors understand data and analytics like Rick Strickland. In this episode, Rick talks about his career in the game, how golf launch monitors changed the way he trained baseball players, and how he uses Rapsodo to help hitters make it to the next level.
Kevin Poppe is the owner of Dynamic Sports Training (DST) in Houston, Texas. In this episode, Kevin sits down with Seth and BP to talk about what it's like to see his athletes get drafted, how certain players used the pandemic as an opportunity to improve at their craft, and the impact of foreign substances on baseball.
Hours after his 11th inning home run in Cincinnati, New York Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar chatted with Seth and BP about how professional hitters are using technology to their advantage, and shared his thoughts on Major League Baseball's midseason crackdown on sticky substances.
Baseball America's JJ Cooper chats with BP about the upcoming MLB Draft. They discuss the impact COVID had on scouting, a potentially historic crop of high school shortstops, and the ways data will impact what front offices value in future drafts.
Rapsodo's Analytics Manager, Nicholas Rossini, joins the podcast to preview the upcoming MLB Draft Combine. Nicholas dives into his deep well of RapScore knowledge to highlight six players - three pitchers and three hitters - to keep an eye on.
Seth and BP talk a lot of pitch design on the podcast. Since most of those conversations include a reference to their 2020 interview with Eric Jagers of the Cincinnati Reds and Driveline, we thought it was worth sharing again for newer listeners.Jagers is considered one of the pitch design experts in the game of baseball, and since this interview, he has been promoted to assistant pitching coach with the Reds. At 25, he's among the youngest coaches in all of Major League Baseball. In this interview, Jagers tells Seth and BP how the injury that derailed his playing career led to the beginning of his coaching career, and the guys go deep on data.
Last week, a parent sent a PDF of his son's Rapsodo Pitching Report to Seth and BP and asked them to evaluate the data and give some advice. In this week's episode, they break down that player's report, explain what his data says about his arsenal, and share their advice for what he can do to separate himself from the competition.
Seth and BP are back in the Rapsodo office to discuss last weekend's PDP Premier Northeast event at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and how young players are asking better questions about their data. Then they share five important data benchmarks scouts look at when evaluating pitching prospects, and how Rapsodo users can get noticed.Upcoming ABCA WebinarRapsodo Baseball Learning Center
The Atlanta Braves selected Kyle Wright with the fifth overall pick in the 2017 draft. In this must-listen episode for pitchers and pitching coaches, Kyle talks to Seth and BP about being introduced to Rapsodo while pitching at Vanderbilt, and how he continues to use data and pitch design to sharpen his arsenal.
You already know your favorite MLB team uses Rapsodo Hitting and Pitching units, but you might not realize how many of their coaches and players use Rapsodo's Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) on the golf course. This week, we dive into the golf side of Rapsodo with our North America GM, Art Chou. He joins Seth and BP to talk about the MLM and announce Coach Connect, an exciting new partnership between Rapsodo and Golf Digest.
Seth and BP share a unique view of Spring Training. The guys detail their experience working with MLB clubs, share stories about their favorite complexes and interactions, and talk about how the approach to data and technology has evolved in recent years.At the end of the episode, the guys share the details of an Opening Day discount on all Rapsodo Certified courses.Are you Rapsodo Certified? If not, take advantage of our opening day sale! Get $150 Rapsodo Certified Courses with code PLAYBALL. Offer valid from April 1st-4th. a sneak peek of Rapsodo Certified? Take our Certified FREE course.
Elizabeth Benn is Senior Coordinator of Baseball Operations with Major League Baseball, where she plays a major role in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Her work includes MLB's Take the Field initiative, which aims to create job opportunities for women in areas of the game they are traditionally underrepresented, like coaching, scouting, player development, and baseball operations.Links:MLB Diversity, Equity, & InclusionLiz on Twitter
Deven Morgan is the Director of Youth Baseball at Driveline, where he helped create the company's Youth Development certification and, this year, launched the Driveline Academy. In this episode, Deven joins Seth and BP to talk about how Driveline is trying to change the youth baseball landscape by focusing on skills that scale. Links:Deven on Twitter Driveline Youth Development CertificationDriveline Academy
Carlos Collazo is a national writer for Baseball America who covers recruiting, prospects, and the MLB Draft. He joined Seth and BP to talk about the short and long term impacts of COVID on scouting and how data and video can help players and clubs.Links:Baseball America2021 Top 100Rapsodo National Player DatabaseCarlos on Twitter
John Lampros is a hitting instructor and the owner of Two-Five Baseball in California. In this episode of the Rapsodo Baseball Podcast, he joins Seth and BP to talk about his data-driven approach to training hitters, when and how to incorporate data into younger players' training, and ways to keep players competitive in the cage.Links:Two-Five BaseballJohn Lampros on Twitter
In our first episode of 2021, Eric Minshall joins Seth and BP to talk about helping pitchers achieve their potential at his training facility, The Cincinnati Throwing Club. Eric walks us through his a coaching journey that ranges from the high school level to the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.They also discuss Cincinnati Throwing Club being a Rapsodo Certified Facility and the ways RapScore can open doors for players.Links:Cincinnati Throwing ClubEric on TwitterRapScoreRapsodo Certified Facility Locator
Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Mitch Keller joins the podcast to talk about his development as a pitcher, including how he accidentally developed a slider and how data has changed his approach to offseason training.Also, our own Dillon Saffle discusses Rapsodo Pro Staff and asks Mitch about the 2020 MLB season.
Most people associate Rapsodo with pitching, but in this episode, MLB infielder Eric Sogard joins Seth and BP to talk about how he incorporates data into his training as a hitter. They talk about his approach in the cage, training with velocity, and how his college days at Arizona State molded him into the player and person he is today.
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