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The Mask Podcast shares first hand stories from people risking their lives on the frontlines to those working hard behind the scenes, all fighting with the same goal: To save lives and end the Covid-19 pandemic. We speak with first responders, medical professionals, scientists, and many more to learn what it’s really like to face this invisible enemy. Most interviews are anonymous, allowing them to fully share their whole story without any professional consequences. By sharing these personal and uncensored stories, we hope to inspire our listeners to effect positive change during this horrible epidemic, now and in the future. This podcast, created by Academy Award winning filmmakers Damon Russell and Andrew Napier, also serves as a living diary of this unprecedented time.

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3 Episodes
On our premiere episode we discuss with Dr. Karen Nielsen, a Manhattan based physician, on what it’s like to be in New York City, the United States epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak, during the peak of their battle. We hear in great detail what it is like for someone experiencing the Coronavirus & what things one can do at home to help if you get it. This interview was conducted & directed by Andrew Napier on May 2nd, 2020. Learn more at, about Napier at: & Nielsen at: KarenNielsen.netNote: This podcast & is not official medical advice. Consult with your doctor before doing anything contained in this podcast. The makers of The Mask Podcast & Karen Nielsen, D.O. are not responsible for any actions taken based on this podcast.
Police Sergeant Andre is working in a South Eastern City hit hard by Covid-19. It's a city with an already high crime rate, now worsened by the Coronavirus. Sgt. Andre especially worries about the consequences of kids not being in school, and left to their own devices in the now very over crowded projects. He has to adjust to these changes and deal with the virus and the effect it has on the city, his job, and his life. This is the first of two interviews with Sgt. Andre, with the second being released later on. Interview conducted on March 26th, 2020. Directed & Edited by Andrew Napier & Damon Russell, Produced by Andrea Hall, and "The Mask Podcast" is Created & Executive Produced by Russell & Napier. More info at:
Through an interview conducted on March 24th, 2020 with ICU Nurse Michelle, we look back to see what the state of the Covid-19 pandemic was at that time in America. Specifically, where Michelle works in a busy inner-city hospital in the Southern United States. We hear her first hand account of the arrival of the virus in her hospital and how it changed everything, effecting her job, life, and family. She expresses both her fears and hopes, including the hope that the Coronavirus would soon be gone because if anything were to get worse they knew they were not prepared. Interview conducted by Damon Russell. “Too Many, Too Fast” was directed & edited by Andrew Napier & Damon Russell, produced by Andrea Hall, and The Mask Podcast is created & executive produced by Russell & Napier. More info at:
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John Fenyes

Unique, powerful, & a MUST LISTEN! In the fantastic premiere of "The Mask Podcast" I quickly discovered a moving, emotional, and surprisingly entertaining 1st episode. It’s easily one of the best conducted interviews that I’ve heard on a podcast in a long while, and this is coming from an avid Podcast listener. The intimacy and openness that came across I found touching and unique. “The Mask Podcast” delivers right out of the gate on its promise to bring to light interesting and important content by sharing people’s personal stories in a way unlike any other Covid-19 focused show that I have heard. There are so many shows on this topic, but this one stands out. It’s riveting yet informative and even comforting. If this first episode is any indicator, there are plenty more great ones to come. Spoiler alert here, listen to it first before you keep reading... This episode, “Last Person on Earth", is an eye-opening journey through the stages of CV19 as told by a survivor in her own voice and words, which are made all the more interesting as this particular covid victim is a doctor herself. Dr. Karen gives a bold, honest, raw, and emotional account of her experience. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to listen to the battle this brave woman fought, and shares in the lessons she learned.

Jun 25th

Marv Thompson

I’m in. I’m hooked. I’m really impressed. There is already so much out there about this subject matter, but this caught my attention and I’m so glad because it was so very captivating. I think Dr. Karen, the subject of this episode, “Last Person on Earth”, is very brave, and the interviewer, a filmmaker named Andrew Napier, also has a true talent. The interview is impressive and more importantly it is dynamic. I look forward to the more episodes to come.

Jun 23rd
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