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Tune in to unlock the secrets of life and discover the steps I took to living my dreams. Be equipped, be educated, be empowered.
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Good day everyone welcome back to another season in this podcast. In this season, we are diving into a series of motivational quotes which has helped me effectively to keep my motivation up for the day hence I hope they will for you! Are you ready for this month of motivational boost? Let's go!
How do you get the maximum amount of knowledge into your mind after attending a course, reading a book, listening to a podcast?Check out the best way to retain all that you have learnt with this Learning Retention Pyramid!
Have you ever wondered why is time passing so quickly? Well everyone has only a set of 24 hours a day and the key to productivity is to spend your time on things that matter to us!Introducing to you the 80/20 Pareto Rule, perhaps you have heard it in my podcast or watch it in my videos but today I am going to package useful and meaningful concepts that work for me into little video like this and I hope you enjoy it. 
Discover why and how you should protect your time to make your own 24hrs a fruitful and fulfilling one!
This is the time to get ourselves in reflective mode as we reflect upon this year!We live in a very busy and fast paced world. Being slow paced is no longer a norm however today I have planned out with 10 reflection questions for you to take a day off, go to somewhere nice and quiet, enjoy a nice drink and start answering these questions. I have included a copy of the reflection questions in the link down below if you would like to print it out. Do whatever works for you and hope you enjoy this activity!
Entering a new year is a good opportunity to restart and reset the year. Even though you can always restart and reset at any point of time of the year however the inclination to restart the new year is higher since a lot of people are doing it together! Let’s not wait till the new year arrives before deciding on your new resolution hence here are 30 new year resolution ideas for you to ponder and decide upon them before the new year arrives!
It is a common sight for the kid to have a phone or tablet in front of them when dining at restaurants or anywhere! The screens have this special power to make the kid sit down throughout the entire meal, behaving cooperatively and obediently. But is there no other way to keep the child still other than indulging them the screens and devices?Discover the 6 feeding activities that helps me to occupy my son during meal time as I manage to ditch the screens successfully!Treasure HuntingColouringBooksPuzzlesToy figuringsGet them to feed themselves!We don’t parent out of our convenience. Being a real parent shouldn’t be when it is convenient for you. It is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year commitment. 
How much freedom are you giving your child in decision making? Is the amount of freedom you are giving your child age appropriate? Today we will be diving into the parenting funnel and how to effectively manage the choices and freedom we give our child.
Night Habits are as important as our Morning Habits! If you want to start your day on the right tone, start by focusing on ending your day well. There are many factors that will contribute to a good night’s sleep however there are things that we are doing that may be detrimental to our night! Let's dive into this episode as I share with you the 5 things that I stopped doing at night for a good quality sleep!
In my previous episode, we have discussed ways to make our phone less of a distraction. However, I do believe that when used appropriately, our phones help us to boost our productivity. Today I will be sharing with you 3 applications that I use regularly to help me manage my life. I am an entrepreneur, trainer, toastmaster, wife, mother, daughter and the list goes on. It is important to manage the different roles to make sure I don’t suffer a burnt out. My tasks are endless, time is limited, so the key is how do I use these 3 apps to maximise my time. 1. Todoist - Forest - Google Calender
Can you live without your phone? I believe we have reached a point where we can do without our wallets but not our phones. No doubt our phone serves multiple functions in our life however it can be our greatest distraction as well! Check out 5 simple tips to make your phone less of a distraction.
I've been going on about the power of knowledge through reading because I felt stagnant when growth is absent in my life. These are the 4 books that propel me to do what I am doing today! 
By now we know the benefits of reading and we also know that this reading habit may not be easy to cultivate in us, not to mention our kids. These are 5 things I did to help him cultivate a reading habit, or at least make him love reading!Making all gadgets and screen unavailableMake books ready and available for the child’s accessReading the same book to him EVERY SINGLE TIMEMake library trips a routine instead of a luxuryHave their favourite book available in their bags wherever they goThere are tons of ways to cultivate reading in the child but at least these are the 5 things that actually worked! 
What is one thing that is turned on in my household? Not referring to lights and definitely not refer to the air conditioned even though i know the weather recently has been really hot and humid. And no I am not referring to the television as well. Today I’ll be sharing with you that one thing that is actively around me since the beginning of time in my life, and that is…….musicLooking for ways to improve your children languages, vocabulary or knowledge? Get into the habit of having the audible content ready and available around them today!
Yes home cook food is the best but there are days when you are simply too caught up at work or you got delayed somewhere else and whipping up a meal for your child seems impossible. Following are some tips to make cooking easy and fast!Invest in a steamerBatch make soup stockFrozen vegetables (Home made)Pre packed meat portionBack up mealsAll you need is 30mins and I guarantee you these healthy meals ideas will transform the health of yourself as well as your family!
After a day of work and school, it is easy for us to sit back and relax with the television or with our phones enjoying our own Me-Time but let us Take this time to invest in real human connection and relationship building with our children with these 6 quality activities that can be conducted at home!
Are you up in the wee hours being a mother? Let us dive into the 5 practice things you can do when you're up at 4am being a mother for whatever reasons!
Cooking 18 meals a week sounds stressful? Discover my 5 simple tips to make it happen right in your own kitchen!
Mother’s guilt simply means that pervasive feeling of not doing enough as a parent, not doing things right, or making decisions that may “mess up” your kids in the long run. Let us dive into 3 ways to overcome Mother's Guilt!
Discover 5 tips to help you overcome your fear as a mother especially when you are the sole caregiver to your newborn!
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