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A podcast featuring women of accomplishment in Michigan sharing their leadership insights and experiences
28 Episodes
In this episode, we are joined by Kim Dabbs who is Global Director of Social Innovation & Engagement at Steelcase. Kim shares with us her several theories of practice when it comes to success, and what leaders can do collectively to encourage diversity and embrace inclusion. Support the show (
In this episode, we hear from Linda Apsey, President & CEO of ITC Holdings Corp. Linda shares with us how she defines success and communicate what that looks like to her team, and how she's overcome the barriers women so often face. Support the show (
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Joining us today is Telva McGruder, Chief of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at General Motors. Telva shares with us the challenges and opportunities companies face in being intentional about gender and racial diversity. She also gives tips for what leaders can do on a day-to-day basis to encourage and facilitate diversity, equity and inclusion.Support the show (
In this episode we hear from Candace Matthews who is Chief Reputation Officer at Amway. Candace is responsible for overseeing Amway’s global reputation strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility and Amway Brand. She is also the executive sponsor of Amway’s Diversity & Inclusion employee networks.Candace shares how she defines DE&I, what leaders can do to encourage conversations about DE&I, and building influence inside the workplace. Support the show (
In the first episode of season 2 you will hear from Trina Scott, Chief Diversity Officer of Rock Ventures. Trina will share her insights on encouraging a team to think strategically about gender bias, key elements of building trust with colleagues, and much more!Support the show (
Tina Kozak, president of Franco, one of Detroit’s best known strategic public relations firms. Tina leads the entire Franco team and is also a frequent public speaker on such topics as leadership, empowerment, crisis communications and reputation management.Support the show (
Joan Budden, President & CEO of Priority Health. Joan has more than 3 decades in leadership positions in health insurance, and numerous civic leadership roles across Michigan. Support the show (
Michelle Johnson Tidjani, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Henry Ford Health System. She’s held that role since 2017, when she left a leadership role at the Cleveland Clinic to return home to Detroit. Having held strategic leadership positions in several healthcare systems Support the show (
Carrie Leahy, Attorney and Chair-Elect of the Executive Management Committee at Bodman, and a member of the Inforum Board of Directors. Carrie has a great deal of experience in the auto and technology sectors, as well as in venture capital and the entrepreneurial sector. All of these are key drivers in the Michigan economy.Support the show (
Cheri Alexander,  Chief Innovation Officer, Executive Education Faculty and Executive Coach, University of Michigan Ross School of Business, and a member of the Inforum Board of Directors.  Cheri has been an important partner to Inforum in our highly regarded executive program Ascending to the C-Suite. Support the show (
Karen Folger is vice president of Actuation, Robert Bosch LLC. Karen is responsible for the Actuation Business Unit.  Support the show (
Ronia Kruse is co-founder and CEO of OpTech LLC and OpTech Solutions, and a member of the Inforum Board of Directors. Ronia has been recognized as an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur, and OpTech now counts numerous Fortune 1000 companies among its clients.Support the show (
Bonnie Van Etten, Vice President, Group Chief Accounting Officer for FCA and a member of the Inforum Board of Directors. With experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies and more than a decade of increasingly important roles at FCA, Bonnie brings compelling insights on business today.Support the show (
Sandra Gaddy, President & CEO of the Women’s Resource Center in Grand Rapids. The center is a nonprofit organization that helps women discover their strengths and talents while overcoming barriers to employment and economic independence. This important work is lifting women out of poverty.Support the show (
Kiersten Robinson, Chief Human Resources Officer at Ford Motor Company and Vice Chair of the Inforum Board of Directors. With more than 2 decades at one of the world’s largest companies, and leadership experience across the globe, Kiersten is a truly remarkable resource for Inforum. Support the show (
Sandy Stojkovski, CEO, North America, Vitesco Technologies and Chair of the Board for Vitesco Technologies in the U.S., Canada and Italy. She is also retains Senior Vice President of the Global Injectors business unit for Vitesco worldwide. And as if that’s not enough to keep her busy, she is a member of the Inforum Board of Directors and our AutomotiveNEXT Executive Committee.Support the show (
Gina Staudacher, Partner in the Corporate Tax practice of Howard & Howard and a member of the Inforum Board of Directors. Gina’s deep experience in corporate and tax law gives her a unique perspective on industry in Michigan and around the country. Support the show (
Heather oversees all aspects of the company’s electrical system, which puts her front and center in addressing natural disasters and external crises. She also leads the company’s multi-year effort to drive overall reliability and cost performance. This is what can only be called a critically important position for the company and the community it serves! Support the show (
The Meet Her Podcast Series introduces listeners to women of accomplishment whose experiences and insights feed us all on our leadership journeys.Support the show (
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