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Author: Jackie Laidlaw

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Welcome to Sobriety After Dark! I am your host, Jackie Laidlaw, and I am 5 years sober from alcohol!
I am on a mission to live my best life on the Emerald Coast, and I'm on a journey to find my authentic self- sans the booze.
On this journey, I have uncovered that I am an entrepreneur at heart, and I am working daily on living in alignment with my highest self.
This podcast is intended to shine light on addiction, mental health, trauma, therapy, all things yoga, all things healing, entrepreneurship, marriage, parenting, and so much more.
Kris and I will discuss the joys of parenting, as well as our sober stories and our goals.
I will have a weekly Solo Sesh where I discuss my personal struggles with mental health, and how I battle my demons and my inner critic.
I will also have a Vocal Locals segment, where I interview local entrepreneurs, community leaders, yoga teachers, service providers, etc to highlight our precious community.
Everyone has a story, and we all bring something to the table.
We are all the same. We are all one. Namaste, Beaches.
"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It's connection."
-Johann Hari
13 Episodes
These Monday afternoon, post hot yoga, collaboration station, live sessions have been so amazing.I love connecting with Sarah on so many levels!Today's episode is about:Time ManagementBalancing out work/lifemom/lifeexercisethe importance of going with the flow and how we approach it. Special Thanks:Destin Hot YogaGabby BernsteinOur husbandsOur teachersMusic by Free Beats on Sound Cloud
Finally, we meet in person! #ironsharpensironEnjoy our chat about:Human connectionSober HouseConsciously SoberMom lifeQuarantine + Hot Yoga at Destin Hot YogaMedical MarijuanaAutoimmune Diseases Self lovePPF JournalingEmpath lifeBotoxThe Santa Rosa Beach FireUntamed obsessionSo much more...Music by: Free Beats on Sound Cloud
Welcome to Sobriety After Dark! Today's episode is an interview with the incredibly talented, insanely knowledgeable, Kim Trammell. Kim is one of those humans that every time we get together, we just can't stop talking and connecting. We go deeper than most, and have no interest in holding back.She is one of those people that requires you to bring your authentic self, no matter where you are on your journey.She accepts, and loves, and observes with non judgement.She is one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of friends.Kim has been what I call 'organically' sober for many years now, and has seen first hand the magical benefits of sobriety. We talk all about how she went from living the rockstar lifestyle to healing humans of all ages on her massage table. We also discuss Psych-K, as well as self-healing.We hope you enjoy!Namaste, Beaches
Jackie + Sarah IIZoom Session with Fully Awake's Sarah LizInner work/ the path to spiritual awakening.“Without it… we are wasting out time”Inner work + the beauty and challenge of it.@the.little.shamanWhat is a shaman? We discuss the literal definition and how often Shaman and Guru can get a negative connotation. AND why Sarah decided to go away from calling her fitness name “little fit guru”.We discuss so many things, including:How and Where I discovered myselfWho actually filled that hole in my heartAddict behaviorYogaBabies and ParentingThe good and evil in this world + the recognition that we can not manage it. It’s not our place. We are all human. We all make mistakes. And yet we are all the same. <3A Special Thanks to:@the.little.shaman@fullyawakeMusic by: Free Beats on Sound Cloud
Kris's Sober Story

Kris's Sober Story


We finally did it! The sober story you don't want to miss.Kris opens up about his drinking days, and gets vulnerable with us about how hard the struggle was to get sober. It took many tries, but he finally stuck the landing,
Fitness + Sobriety

Fitness + Sobriety


On this episode, I dive into what my schedule looked like when I first got sober. I also talk thyroid and why hot yoga is an antidote to addiction. Enjoy!
On this episode of Sobriety After Dark, I let you in on all of the projects I am currently working on. None of this is to brag or boast, and it is simply to share my creative process. I have decided to be a curator of knowledge, and I have found so much joy in all of my projects! When I come to a stopping point in one project, I let myself walk away, and organically gravitate to the next project to tackle. By the time I get back around to my original stopping point, I have new information and fresh eyes to see my project. Enjoy!God Bless Santa Rosa Beach
Episode 1!Full Awake host Sarah Liz and I are stoked to discuss life with you. Today's episode exists of avoidance with the doctor/dentist to stepping into our power. We look forward to casting more together in collaboration. "As iron sharpens iron, so shall one man sharpen another"- God's word. A special thanks to:lifeGodMusic by: Free Beats on Sound Cloud
In this solo sesh, I offer my take on healing trauma through movement.
On this solo sesh, I dive into the practice of non-attachment and alignment, and my experiences with both.
Ego Work Solo Sesh

Ego Work Solo Sesh


Today's solo sesh is on the post I shared about ego work. We are all the same, we are all one, namaste beaches.
My Sober Story

My Sober Story


On this episode of Sobriety After Dark, I talk about the day that changed our lives forever. I want to get this out in the beginning, because I have no desire to harp on my drinking days/the dark days much after this. I do, however, intend to share everything I know on healing and growth from here on out. I hope our transparency brings you a sense of freedom, and gives you permission to tell to your own story. When you own your story, your story no longer owns you. I highly encourage you to tell your story, no matter how uncomfortable it feels. You are so much stronger than you know, and you are NEVER alone.Connect with us if you would like to be on our show! We can interview you no matter where you live! DM us on Instagram @sobrietyafterdark @jackielaidlaw @krislaidlaw23
Welcome to Sobriety After Dark!! I am your host Jackie Laidlaw. I am on a mission to live my best life, and on a journey to find my authentic self. On this journey I have discovered that I am an entrepreneur, and I am working daily on living in alignment with my highest self! I want to share everything I have learned on my journey, and I want to cheer on my guests on their journey."Sobriety is not the opposite of addiction. Connection is." -Johann HariConnect with us if you would like to be on our show! We can interview you no matter where you live! DM on Instagram @sobrietyafterdark @jackielaidlaw @krislaidlaw23
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Sarah Liz

Yes! Speak your truth mind and live freely! Great into.

Apr 23rd
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