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Author: Chris Hughes

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A fun environment where you can listen and learn from industry leading experts about their experience in HVAC.
16 Episodes
Have you ever wished your coworker had the brain of a chemical engineer, well I did better than that, I got Colby Simmons and his wife Katherine Simmons.  Two parents who can dive deep into the understanding of how IAQ products influence the air we breathe.Prepare yourself, because if you don't give the entire episode a listen, you may be doing yourself an injustice!  I speak with two parents who discuss in laymen terms the good, bad, and ugly on IAQ products.  
PLC Crash Course 101!

PLC Crash Course 101!


See if you can follow Tim Banquer as he gives me a crash course in how to become my own controls specialist.  If learning controls interest you, then I would highly recommend having Tim build you a starter kit.  Tim can be reached at
Professional engineer, Leif Wismar and I discuss the who, what, and where for dedicated outdoor air systems.  Leif Wismar is a certified mechanical engineer located in Mandeville, LA and currently owns and operates Matrix HVAC.  He can be reached at  
Get a insider take with Dustin Young on how XOI Technologies can help connect the dots between the technicians, the office and the consumer through the use of a well organized video and photo application.  
Family Favors

Family Favors


Talking "Family Favors" with the infamous Dustin Cole, because the title I wanted to give this podcast just wouldn't be PG-13.  Listen as Dustin and I discuss how we have handled friends and family AC problems throughout our career.  If your lucky, you may pick up a nugget or two of knowledge.  Remember, happy wife happy life!
I am going to take a deep dive into the infamous "government contracting world" with one of my best friends Kevin Chirles.  Kevin is a military veteran who is well versed in government contracting. In this episode he is going to give us the short and dirty on what is takes to play in the world's largest economic arena.
Engineer Kody Hart and I discuss our opinions on how a salesman's salary should be structured inside a business and the dynamics or consequences that will take place from that business owner's decision on how to structure his pay. 
Bill Spohn and Eric Preston want to hear from you!  Listen as these guys tell their amazing story.  Stay tuned till the end and you will get a glimpse into the future of TruTech Tools and possibly will get to have some input.
How far is to far for a good joke?  $500 too much, I think not!Laugh along with us and we roast Bill Spohn about his new house build.  While his home is one of a kind and the energy efficiency is next to none, we felt that he just needed a little extra air conditioning! 
Job Bid Protection

Job Bid Protection


Join me as Mike Barnes and I discuss how to not get burned!  We are going to discuss some TRUE stories about how we have been back doored!  Learn the tricks we use on our bid process to keep the wrong people from passing your hard work out to competition.  Might stir up some controversy with this episode, but this is what is all about, taking the conversation to an uncomfortable level or truthfulness.
In this episode, we are going to attempt to teach someone, from a single podcast,how repair a single pneumatic service call by using my father "the legend!" as the coach.  We will go over many of the fundamentals of pneumatics and hopefully you will learn the basic principles of controlling air pressure.
Join me in conversation with Mike Barnes.  Mike is a fellow HVAC contractor and business/financial guru.  Listen as he describes to us not only how we should be bookkeeping our business, but how to let your financials dictate where your marketing dollars should be spent!!! If you listen closely you might learn how to get that new boat...One key take away here that I would like you to pay attention to is the title Airologist, and please let us know how you would feel about this taking place of " the AC guy".
Listen as co-owner of Kwik Model Russ King and beta user Genry Garcia discuss this brand new load design software and how it might possibly change the way we do load designs forever! 
This week we are discussing Temperature monitoring systems that are big talk right now.  We are in the middle of a pandemic and everyone is talking security measures.  Join me as talented contractor Ryan Williams with Loop AVS gives me a run down on how the techy side of this business operates.
Listen as your host Chris Hughes challenges engineer Leif Wismar on some of the struggles of the HVAC industry.
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Dustin Cole

Love the Podcast, 100% real industry talk

Oct 26th
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