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Transformation From The Trenches

Author: David McThomas & Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning

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Welcome to our Podcast, we are passionate about supporting transformation wherever it shows up, and this has spurred our passion for shining a light on what transformation looks like on the ground. We will be focusing on personal journeys we have gone through and are going through as well as exploring this for our guests. Offering you our listeners some powerful insight that I am sure you will resonate with as well as advice from people who have vast amounts of experience in transformation. We will be focusing across all realms of transformation from personal to business to sports and beyond. If you are someone who is passionate about transformation and growth or you are on the journey yourself we encourage you to start listening today. Thanks for your time and share your thoughts on each episode.
6 Episodes
Welcome to Transformation from the Trenches.In this episode, David and Kwasi speak to Elizabeth Sherman who is a Life and Weight Loss Coach. We had a great conversation around eating, sleeping, exercise and stress management and how she helps her clients connect on a deeper level around these topics.We also draw on synergies of weight loss and stress management into the world of business and organisations. Highlights:- Identity and Values: how powerful they are in achieving impactful fulfilling change.- Managing Stress: including before the stress happens in the first place- Self-Care: and the link back to Identity- Emotions: leveraging any form of emotion that shows up in us Take-Aways:- We speak about logical levels and how truly understanding of our identity and values aligns us to our goals and how that helps us make an impact on life fulfilment - same is true for organisations.- We tap into the real power of understanding your true identity and how that triggers our behaviours- We draw on a connection of overfeeding and underfeeding analogy in organisationsHope you enjoy this episode and the conversation we have with Elizabeth and stories she shares we us all.Let us hear your thoughts.
Welcome to Transformation from the Trenches.In this episode, David and Kwasi speak about three key topics, Transformational fallout, being careful about workplace trauma and a concept of distributed transformation.We also discuss the benefits of putting people first within organisations and the emphasis of building meaningful and intentful relationships which transcends to how people truly show up.Highlights:- Transformational Fallout- Being careful about workplace trauma- Distributed TransformationTake-Aways:An insight into some of the transformation fallouts we've seen on our journey. The invisible trauma caused in the workplace that most aren't aware it's happening.We touch on briefly distributed transformation (we'll do a podcast on this to explore further and share with you all).Hope you enjoy this mini-episode and find this useful.We'll be keen to hear your thoughts.
Welcome to Transformation from the Trenches.In this episode, we speak to Bob Anderson creator and author of The Leadership Circle. We discuss what transformation means for him where he shares some powerful personal stories to bring things to life for us.Bob has dedicated his career to exploring and pioneering the intersections between leadership and personal mastery, and the connection between competence and consciousness.  Bob is a true pioneer in the field of leadership development and research.Highlights of this episode,- The three core centres of Transformation; Heart, Head, Will being the different levels of consciousness- How Businesses have diluted the true meaning of the word 'Transformation'- How Organisational Development has missed the deep journey that's required in leadership for the organisation.- Shifts in a transformative self; conditioned mind, self-authoring mind, socialised mind- Tips for leaders going on this transformative journey.In this episode, you'll take learnings on what a truly transformative journey means and the shifts we go through.You'll hear some very powerful stories and a constant thread of self-work in a truly transformative journey. Bob shares some tips to consider if you are on or about to embark on a transformative journey;- Start with self- Don't underestimate it- It's life work- It's gutty work- Don't delegate it - Don't sponsor it- It's a spiritual journeyEnjoy the episode!
Welcome to Transformation from the Trenches.In this episode, David and Kwasi speak about how organisations take models and implement them without truly understanding the consequences of doing so within their context. We specifically focus on the Spotify model and how consultancies have packaged the Spotify model and selling it to organisations. Highlights:- 3 Pillars and 6 Principles for real successful transformation - The Spotify model and what it meant for Spotify. - Some consultancies lack of ethical values and selling models they have no capabilities of true transformation to support their clients in the right way. - Lack of true organisational leadership to look inwards to their own people. - How to limit test consultancies selling you models. Take-Aways:In this episode, we share 3 pillars and 6 principles that will truly help you towards real successful transformations. You'll get some ideas on how to help your leadership team to really understand the impact of what they are signing up for with consultancy firms. You'll get an idea on how to limit test whatever is being sold. You'll also get an understanding of the importance of looking inwards and using the collective intelligence of your teams to solve the problems you are looking to solve. It's a very expansive topic and we've only touched the tip of the iceberg but definitely enjoy listening to this and we'll love to hear your experiences.
Welcome to Transformation from the Trenches.In this episode, we speak to Simon Powers, Coach and Founder of Adventures with Agile (AWA). Simon talks about the journey he's personally been on, the learnings he's had from transformations.Highlights of Simon's story,- Start of his transformation journey, what it means to him and the humanistic side of transformation.- Exploration of what 'Leadership First' means to him.- Going from being the "expert" to coach or facilitative stance.- Tips on going through a transformation.In this episode, you'll take learnings on how to shift from a consultative/expert stance to a facilitative/coach stance. You'll get some tips on what to consider if you are on a transformation journey.You'll also get a sense of the importance of the humanistic side of transformation, and it all starts with self. You will also get a good understanding of the power of co-creating and building capabilities this way.Enjoy the episode!
Hi,This episode is for our listeners to get to know us, our journeys of transformation, and what brings us here to share this Podcast with you all.You will start to get to know us in this first introduction and what we are about and as time goes on and you keep listening you will get the real flavour of how we think and our desire to support transformation.Enjoy and keep listening.
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