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Author: Renata Sago and Crystal Chavez

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Crystal and Renata walked into a newsroom and immediately wanted to paint it. Now, we don't have to. We're living the dream and out on our own. We're bringing you inspiring conversations devoted to disruptors redefining how journalism is done. We're talking to people who are running their own bureaus, launching their own shows, and establishing their own journalism models. We're talking to people dreaming up the future of the news industry.
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Stephen Satterfield’s mission is to bring the true origins of food culture and traditions to light. Fed up with racist gatekeeping in the food media industry, he launched his own independent food media company, called Whetstone Media. In this episode, the new host of the Netflix show “High on the Hog” shares with us why trailblazing is so necessary.
Have you ever thought of packing up and moving abroad? Just disappearing and starting a new life? Our guest Gabriella Lindsay did just that. Lindsay and her family document their new experiences in a YouTube vlog. In this episode, Lindsay shares what motivated her to take on her dream, what she discovered when she got there and she shares advice for anyone itching to leave the states.
Zoom, Twitter, and other parts of the Internet are virtual battlegrounds for journalists in the modern-day war over free speech. We find ourselves braving battles to defend ourselves and our work from online trolls. In this episode, we receive words of wisdom from two writers — Elvis Alves and Edna Ninsiima — who have experienced online bull ish. Warning: Offensive language in this episode.
It's the medium for the ever-shortening attention span, the mindless scrollers looking for something interesting enough to stop them from swiping up. It's that thing some are addicted to-- and some feel they missed the boat on. We talk TikTok in this episode. Azia Celestino posts some hard news along with pop culture reflections. She joins us to chat about why she does the news on TikTok, how she comes up with non-stop content...and does TikTok pay? Just wondering...
State of the Unions

State of the Unions


Media unions and leadership laid out goals and promises for diversity, equity, and inclusion in 2020. So how's that going? Has there been any measurable change at large public broadcasting institutions like NPR and the BBC? And what does all of this mean for independent creatives who contract with these institutions? In this episode, we do a pulse check on the state of union efforts.
Season 2: The Trailer!

Season 2: The Trailer!


Media unions, internet trolls, Tik Tok journalists, and more.Stay tuned for Season 2 of Beyond the Newsroom, debuting Tuesday, April 6th!
Black Lives Matter protests across the country have prompted what’s being called a “racial reckoning” within majority-white newsrooms. Black journalists working within these spaces are speaking openly about the systemic racism they have experienced. Beyond the mainstream, though, black-owned newspapers and broadcasters have been the voice of the community for decades, out of necessity. In this episode, we head to Tulsa, Oklahoma to speak with one of the first black family-owned papers in the ...
Silence is a statement, and so is speaking up. Some journalists aren’t waiting until they release an end-of-career memoir to reveal challenges in the newsroom. They’re taking a stand on Twitter and other social media platforms. In this episode, a look at how high-profile journalists are using their social media privilege to call out the mainstream news business. Crystal and Renata also open up about times they advocated for diversity and spoke up for stories. Grab a glass of water f...
The voice is a powerful commodity in the news business. If it's distinct enough, it's a golden ticket to success—or the fast track to failure. Some of your favorite media personalities have braved the hypercritical, loaded world of voicing. In this episode, Crystal and Renata share their stories about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this world, and offer up some nuggets of wisdom for up-and-coming talent. So, sit back, grab a drink and let us take you way back...
Verónica G. Cárdenas has a passion for photographing the life of migrants seeking asylum at the Texas-Mexico border. Cárdenas is a go-to freelancer for several national publications. In this episode, she explains why she believes diversity behind the lens matters in telling complete, nuanced stories about the migrant experience. Check out Verónica's TEDx Talk:
French freelance journalist Hélène Guinhut spent five years saving thousands of euros to make it to the U.S. Her dream was to cover the 2020 presidential race. And she did—for a few months, at least. When COVID hit, she had to head back to France, where she is braving a changing media landscape.
Keeping The Lights On

Keeping The Lights On


Layoffs. Furloughs. It's becoming harder for many journalists, including freelancers, to pay their bills. Paige Cornwell is a reporter for The Seattle Times. With the help of some others, she created a GoFundMe furlough fund for journalists which has raised more than $60,000.
John Davis is a freelance journalist based in Los Angeles County. He has created a way, in the midst of COVID quarantine mandates, to cover his local community via social distance walks that incorporate hard news.
Kari Cobham is senior associate director of The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism & Media at The Carter Center. She started a Twitter thread on mental health and COVID-19 for journalists and the general public.
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