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Kingdom Speak with Pastor Daniel McKillop
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Kingdom Speak with Pastor Daniel McKillop

Author: Daniel McKillop

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Dive into a candid discussion about the Kingdom of God with Pastor McKillop as he speaks of Biblical principles related to leadership, business, and life in general.

Kingdom Speak amplifies conversations that matter most, with guest appearances by voices familiar to the global Apostolic movement. Subscribe, review, and join the conversation...about the Kingdom! Visit our website to join in on the discussion:
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📈  What God does is the focus of many. HOW or WHY He does it takes us to another level of pursuit.   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Theology
As we celebrate Thanksgiving with our American audience, we are mixing it up this week. Let’s take a look at a few guests we’ve had over the past month -  specifically a few bishops. Tune in as we dissect a few of their key #BibleBombs, and express our thankfulness for these great elders.   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Thankful
💡 One thing we’ve learned from Bishop Mckillop: how you live and how you react is how you reach people.    #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Evangelism
⚡️ As we reflect on the past few episodes, it’s evident we’ve been challenged. Does anyone else feel like changing your habits to be a better person?   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Reflection
There’s a pattern to build a successful life, and a successful church: consecration and prayer. Listen as our guest joins us to share stories of building a church in North Little Rock, and break down proven principles for personal, business, and church growth.   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Success
Quick Cut: Never Stop

Quick Cut: Never Stop


There’s a special power associated with consistency. What would happen if we committed to daily prayer, and never backed down?    #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Prayer
Pews can’t pray. Sound systems cant pray. If the church is to be known as the house of prayer, it’s up to us to make it happen.   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Prayer
The book of Acts contains the plan of salvation, but that’s not the end of the story. Bishop McKillop joins us to talk about relationship, and how that moves us beyond the initial experience of Apostolic conversion.    #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Salvation
Don’t get tripped up on what happened to you - God either caused it, or allowed it. Put it in the past and live for tomorrow!   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Overcome
Living a victorious live requires elbow grease. Once you get beyond your initial salvation experience, you soon realize the work on yourself is just getting started.   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Salvation
Life is worth more than you can imagine, and it is not a game. An Apostolic author joins us to expound upon the immense potential of teens, and how they can focus their energy. We all should use our time wisely and be mindful - there are no extra lives available for purchase when our time expires.    #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Productivity
You are only as good as your daily habits. Developing daily routines of prayer and devotion will help steer you towards success as an adult.   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Habits
While you are young, develop the right priorities. Don’t let anyone tell you that your age disqualifies you from investing into the Kingdom of God.   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Ministry
Life has a way of teaching us, doesn’t it? Spoiler alert…if we resist the teacher in our lives, the lesson doesn’t go away. Pastors, parents, and counsellors are in our lives to help us learn lessons - tune in to find out what happens if we ignore them.   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Teaching
Show us your teacher, and we’ll show you what kind of class you have. If Satan is instructing, what kind of pupils are in the room?   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Teaching
Our beastly nature needs to be dealt with, and the best method is teaching. Don’t scare the lion away, teach it away.   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Teaching
Many times in Scripture the Spirit of God descended on man, but seldom did it rest. The next dimension of Apostolic power comes when we learn how to live with the Spirit inside us, instead of surviving from encounter to encounter.    #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Apostolic
Quick Cut: Love Waits

Quick Cut: Love Waits


Love isn’t threatened by the calendar. Even if things seem to be going too slow, the answer is to wait.   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Waiting
Hunger will take you places ability can’t. If you want to fulfill the vision, stay hungry.   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Hunger
Future miracles don’t have to be limited to past methods. Our guest joins us to challenge our mindsets of what is possible. Tune in to readjust your focus!   #KingdomSpeak #Podcast  #Impossible
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