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Author: The Institute of Middle East Understanding

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'This Is Palestine' is a podcast that highlights people, issues, and events around Palestine. We bring you stories from the ground in Palestine, and we speak with experts and activists to bring you unique perspectives and analysis about Palestine from across the world. This podcast is a project of the Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU).
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Benjamin Netanyahu is back as Israel's Prime Minister. He has formed a coalition with far-right, extremist, leaders like Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich. Host Diana Buttu breaks down Israel’s new right-wing, extremist government, and what this means for Palestinians.
On today’s episode, Diana Buttu speaks with Dr. Adila Laïdi-Hanieh, Director of the Palestinian Museum. Dr. Hanieh talks to us about the museum's latest exhibition “A People by the Sea." The exhibition looks at the Palestinians from the coastal region before and after the Nakba. It displays artwork and archival footage highlighting Palestinians' vibrant culture and traditions along the Mediterranean Sea. The exhibition is on display until May 2023. You can also visit the museum's digital archive at
On today’s episode, Diana Buttu speaks with the award-winning Jordanian-of-Palestinian-origin, film director and writer, Darin Sallam. We speak to Sallam about her film, Farha, which recently made its debut on Netflix. The powerful film tells the story of the Nakba when Israeli militias expelled over 750,000 Palestinians from their land to create Israel in 1948. Darin tells us why it is important to share this story today and how after 75 years the Nakba still impacts Palestinians all over the world.
Honey is one of Palestine’s first professional female soccer players and was the co-founder and captain of the Palestinian Women’s National Football Team. She speaks with us live from the World Cup. She tells us what it is like to witness Palestinian solidarity at the World Cup, how she began her soccer career, forming a national team, and her work with FIFA.
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In today’s episode, host Diana Buttu, takes us on a deep dive into all things olives and their strong connection to Palestine. Diana speaks with olive expert, Dr. Osama Odeh, from the Palestinian village of Biddya, coincidentally meaning the ‘stone to crush olives.’ Dr.Osama is an electro-chemist but has spent his life learning about his first love- olives, olive oil, and their history in Palestine.
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Israel is going into their fifth round of elections since 2019. Host Diana Buttu breaks down what this means for Palestinians, how racist Israeli policies impact Palestinians both in Israel and the West Bank, and if we will see the return of Benjamin Netanyahu.
Diana Buttu speaks with Fida Jiryis about her new book ‘Stranger in my Own Land'. Fida is a writer and editor from Fassouta, in the upper Galilee, but currently resides in Ramallah. Fida writes about life as a Palestinian and the complexities within identity. She takes us on her unique and often tragic family journey, as Fida and her family were one of a few Palestinian families able to return to historic Palestine following the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993.
In this episode, we hear from Mohamed Hamed, the executive director and founder of the Mariam Foundation based in Nazareth. The Mariam Foundation provides assistance to Palestinian cancer patients from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, treated in Israeli hospitals. The Mariam Foundation is named after Mohamed’s sister, Mariam, who passed away at nine years old from leukemia. Mohamed vowed to devote his life and time to Palestinian children treated in Israeli hospitals. We hear from Mohamed about the work of the Mariam Foundation, and how the Mariam Foundation works to ensure that Palestinians -from the river to the sea- are afforded medical care.
In this episode, we hear from Ariel Koren, a former Google employee who resigned because of a hostile work environment due to her social activism. Ariel spoke out against Project Nimbus, Google’s $1 billion artificial intelligence and surveillance contract with the Israeli military because she knew it would undoubtedly be used to harm Palestinians.
The Art from Dar Jacir

The Art from Dar Jacir


To support the work of Dar Jacir, please make a donation through Clockshop:Online contributions via PayPal) can be made hereChecks can be sent to: Clockshop, 2806 Clearwater Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039For bank transfers, please write us at to receive further details.Please reference ‘Contribution to Dar Jacir’ on the memo/message line.
Host Diana Buttu speaks with award-winning director, writer, and actress, Cherien Dabis. Cherien could be the first woman of color to win an Emmy in the “Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series” for Hulu's Only Murders in the Building, episode, “The Boy From 6B”. Cherien speaks about her Palestinian identity, how it has shaped her storytelling, and her experience in the new groundbreaking Netflix series 'MO' starring alongside Palestinian-American comedian Mo Amer as his sister.
This is the first in our 'Palestinian Who's Who' series, where we highlight Palestinians doing amazing things in their respective fields. To kick us off, host Diana Buttu, speaks with Palestinian-American Nujoud Fahoum Merancy, the current NASA Chief of Exploration Mission Planning. She worked on an ambitious new mission called Artemis 1. This mission will send the first woman of color to the moon.
On the 18th of August, Israelis conducted a raid in the middle of the night into Ramallah, breaking into the offices of Addameer, Al-Haq, Bisan Center for Research & Development, Defense for Children International-Palestine, the Union of Palestinian Women's Committees, Union of Agricultural Work Committee, and the Union of Health Workers Committees. Israelis confiscated and destroyed equipment and files, and upon leaving welded the offices shut with a military order duct-taped to the door declaring them “unlawful.” These 6 organizations work to expose Israel’s countless violations against Palestinians. They expose Israel’s crimes of Apartheid and numerous human rights abuses. The attack on the 6 is an attempt to silence and discredit the vital work they do for Palestinians and by Palestinians. Host Diana Buttu, speaks with Sahar Francis, General Director of Ramallah-based Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association. Addameer is a Palestinian NGO that provides legal and advocacy support to Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli and Palestinian prisons.
Today’s episode features a very special and very funny guest, Mo Amer. A Palestinian refugee and a successful comedian with two acclaimed Netflix stand-up specials under his belt, Mo Amer will become the first Palestinian-American to have their own scripted series, titled 'MO' now streaming on Netflix. Mohammed ‘Mo’ Amer was born to Palestinian refugee parents in Kuwait before coming to the United States as a refugee himself after his family fled the Gulf War. Sharing the experience of his parents, and of the Palestinian people, has always been a huge part of Amer’s comedy, and his own identity. At 9 years old Mo found himself in his new home in Texas and his experiences there would lead to comedy gold. He’s performed with some of the biggest names in comedy, co-stars in the Golden Globe-winning series “Ramy on Hulu, and will also be starring alongside The Rock in the upcoming DC film Black Adam and has been featured in over 100 major media outlets. Mo, thanks so much for talking with us.
In this week’s episode, host Diana Buttu, speaks with Issam Adwan, a Rafah-based journalist, researcher, and analyst. Two months ago, he became a father for the first time to a little girl named Sarah. Issam is 29 years old and, like 2 million Palestinians, he has endured the Israeli blockade on Gaza for the past 15 years. In Issam’s case, he’s lived more than half of his life under Israel’s blockade. Issam speaks about what daily life is like in Gaza, and what Palestinians experienced in the latest attack. And although there exists fear, pain, and the struggles of the occupation, he speaks to us about the love for life and happiness that exists in Gaza. To keep up to date with what is happening in Gaza, be sure to follow Issam on Twitter @Issam_Adwan.
Joe Biden in Palestine

Joe Biden in Palestine


Diana Buttu and Omar Baddar discuss Biden’s visit to Palestine and Israel: What was said, what was left unsaid, and what it all means.
With President Biden about to visit Palestine and Israel, we speak with Lina Abu Akleh, niece of slain Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh who was murdered by the Israeli army less than two months ago. We discuss Shireen’s life, her killing, and the Biden administration’s whitewashing of this murder.
In this week’s episode, Diana Buttu breaks down the collapse of the Israeli government which has prompted Knesset elections for the fifth time in three years. Diana describes how a so-called left leaning political party voted in favour of racist laws and what the past year has looked like for Palestinians.
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