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Author: Warrick Kernes

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Lessons on how to start, launch and grow a successful online store with entrepreneur and eCommerce expert, Warrick Kernes.
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Writing great copy for your website does help to increase your sales. In this episode, I'm joined by Anina Heyns who is the founder of Pretty Social. We discuss the importance of copywriting and she gives some incredible tips to improve your copy and to get more sales for your website. Get in touch with Pretty SocialSignup to our Newsletter: Website: us: on Social:Instagram: @get_pretty_socialFacebook: Pretty SocialLinkedIn: Pinterest: 
Join me and the team from the eCommerce Forum of South Africa as we take a deep dive into the POPI Act. In this episode, we unpack what it means to become the Information Officer, how to register and what happens if you miss this step. Link mentioned in the podcast:
When it comes to online businesses one of the most exciting opportunities is eLearning and the selling of digital courses. Basically, if you have an expertise then you can package your knowledge in a way that it can be sold online. The set-up fees are low and the profit margins are high. But it's not as easy as people think and this is why we're thrilled to bring you one of the world's leading experts from the USA, James Wedmore. James Wedmore has been a business coach to Warrick Kernes over the past three years and he's played a pivotal role in the creation of the Insaka eCommerce Academy. Join Warrick and James in this conversation about online courses and learn how you too could leverage the knowledge and skills that you already have to build an incredibly successful online business.  And to help you do this, check out these two amazing resources:If you're not sure what area of knowledge you could create a course around then check out James' program "Nail Your Niche". If you know what program you want to create then the first step is to build an email list of people to advertise to. Click this link to get access to James' program Your First 100 Leads. This program is normally $197 but you can get it now for free. 
The 2021 PayFast eCommerce Virtual Summit ran from May 17th to 20th and included top eCom experts from right around the world, including speakers from the likes of Google, Facebook, Shopify and more. In this episode, you'll hear Warrick's personal highlights from the Summit presentations. If you would like to get lifetime access to all of the summit replays then click here.
Catch the expert interview with the founder of Pet Heaven as we talk about raising capital. Schalk Kearney shares his best tips on fundraising from his journey of starting, building and selling one of SA’s most successful eCommerce businesses.Visit Pet Heaven here or check out his new venture Positive Earth
I had the privilege of sitting down with some of South Africa's leading experts to unpack the POPI Act and what it means for online sellers in South Africa. The deadline is approaching and we all need to make changes to ensure we aren't breaking the law. Interesting links:Learn more at here to go to Part 1 of this conversationHave you got your free ticket for the PayFast eCommerce Virtual Summit? If not get a free ticket at
I had the privilege of sitting down with some of South Africa's leading experts to unpack the POPI Act and what it means for online sellers in South Africa. The deadline is approaching and we all need to make changes to ensure we aren't breaking the law. Interesting linksLearn more at to become an Information OfficerClick here to go to Part 2 of this conversationHave you got your free ticket for the PayFast eCommerce Virtual Summit? If not get a free ticket at
Managing your stock & dispatching parcels takes up a considerable amount of your time and efforts... But what if you could take all of that admin off your hands and outsource it to a warehouse that specialises in warehousing and stock control for eCommerce businesses? This would free you up to focus on the side of eCommerce that you probably love and this might just free up your business to grow at a faster rate. In this episode, I unpack the opportunities around 3rd Party Logistics partners and I give you the calculation to work out if this is something that you should be considering for your business.
As a website owner, you have so many things to get done so it's hard to know where to best focus your attention to bring about more sales. But the right action for you right now depends on where your website is and where your business is. In this episode, I explain how to know where you are and what you should be focusing on right now so that you get maximum results without wasting your time and money. To learn more about eCommerce Next Level click 👉
To be honest, I am shocked at how many website owners are leaving out such an important piece of info that their customers need to be able to make an order. If you're selling online you might be making this mistake and it WILL be causing you to lose sales. Listen to this episode to hear what it is and how best to solve it. For more tips on how to increase your website sales (without spending more on marketing) book your free ticket for my upcoming webinar:
If you are hesitating to start your business because you feel that you need more time or money then you absolutely NEED to hear the inspiring story of Zamani Shezi. He's a professional truck driver who used to hustle for extra money by selling toilet paper in the townships. When he read about entrepreneurship and how you can leverage your time then he set out to start his eCommerce business. But he didn't have much time and money and had to go ALL IN. This episode left me in awe and I know this is going to inspire so many others! To support Zamani Shezi please visit his online store Qalaza-Online and please feel free to tag him in our Facebook Community to let him know what you thought from this episode.
If you're a member of the Insaka eCommerce Community then you've probably had some help from Annelize Moodley as she's always in the group offering advice and helping where she can. Just like many other community members, Annelize has been building her own store and she freely shares her advice where she can, and she's learnt a lot since she started her store Jislaaik Shop in 2016 with the goal of supporting local suppliers and helping them to sell more of their products through eCommerce. Listen to the end to hear how her passion is driving her not only to grow her own store but also how she's helping to make South Africa a better place.
Warrick is joined by social media marketing expert Anina Heyns and they dive into the importance of database building and email marketing. Expect to get a full understanding of why database building is your golden ticket to eCommerce success and you'll get some actionable tips on how to build your list, when to send your emails, how to craft great emails and how to grow your online sales through email marketing. As Warrick says, "the future growth of your online business can be determined by the current growth of your email list"...  So this is a crucial episode for your future success.
In this weeks episode, we dive into the interview between Warrick and BizCommunity where Warrick was asked to explain what led to the launch of Insaka, the ways Covid-19 has caused businesses to pivot offerings, why smaller businesses can capitalise on the e-commerce boom, and he shares tips for launching and running an online store.
There are some strict rules which SA online sellers need to adhere to before the upcoming deadline. To uncover what we need to do I've interviewed legal expert Kyle Torrington from explains exactly what eCommerce sellers need to do in order to comply and when the deadline is for making these changes.I certainly learnt a lot from talking to Kyle and, as you'll find out at the end of the video, there's some really great news here too!Watch the video now and if you want to reach out to Kyle for more info you can browse to
You've identified suppliers whose products you want to sell but they aren't taking you seriously. They're not excited for you to be selling their products or maybe they aren't even responding to you at all! How are you supposed to have a successful online business if you can't get products from these suppliers!? In this episode, I share my 4 top tips to help you get a foot in the door and to get them to want to work with you. Stick around till the end to hear more about what else you can do to have more success online.
There are endless reviews and comparisons online but I wanted to cut through the clutter and narrow down my Top 5 considerations when deciding which platform is right for you. In truth one is not better than the other BUT one is better suited to you. Listen to this episode to find out which one that is. And if you're listening to this episode in the week that it goes live then be sure to sign up for our free training on how you can set up your own online store. In this 5 Day Challenge, I'll show you how to create your own store in just 30 mins a day over 5 days, even if you have no prior experience. Book your free spot here:
I was recently asked for the quickest way to start making sales online and although I'm not here to tell you that you can make a million dollars online overnight, I did want to give you my quickest steps to getting online and getting to your first sale. In this episode, you'll hear my quick-win actions for getting up and running as quickly as possible and you'll hear my recipe for getting from no sales to that elusive 1st sale 🙂 You'll also get my invite to join me for my free live training where I'll show you the step by step approach to getting your store up and running. The live training is just 30 minutes a day and you can do this even if you have no prior experience. To book your free spot visit now.
The world is shifting it's changing right now and opportunities that have never existed before are  opening up but the problem is that most people aren't even recognizing it and everyone just  keeps following the same old path and where it starts gets really scary is when the younger generation is being raised in a world where these new opportunities are being taught as risky or that they’re for somebody else or they're unachievable because right now these opportunities well they're just that they're opportunities but in years to come they won't be opportunities they will be the way of life. And we’ve already seen that the security that previous generations had from a good job, well that security no longer exists. We see it everywhere, companies using software, robots, machines and outsourcing to replace jobs but at the same time the same technology allows you to make money, start a business or earn a living based off your passion, your knowledge and your skills and to do it without hardly any financial risk at all I mean how many websites, blogs and apps have you seen popping up recently? But what if the younger generation is raised to embrace that they can generate their own income off of things like YouTube, blogs, online stores? Well, they will be ready to thrive in the new shift that is happening right now instead of being left to fight for the small amount of disappearing jobs and see everyone else taking advantage of this new shift in entrepreneurship.And if the younger generation can thrive in these opportunities, then so can you. This will be the way that most people make their income in the future and you really need to ask yourself, do I want to wait until everyone else is already doing it or do I want to start now?
The Africa Free Trade Agreement may not sound like the normal topic that you'll hear on my podcast but if you're selling online then this is something that you really want to pay attention to as it creates 2 massive opportunities for us. Opportunities which are going to be game-changers in the coming years. In order to fully unpack this topic, I invited my fellow board member of the eCommerce Forum of South Africa, Mr Alastair Tempest, to do a live video in our community group. That video discussion was too good to let it vanish into the endless scrolling depths of Facebook and so we've pulled out the audio to share with you here in my podcast. I'm excited to share more about the Africa Free Trade agreement and the opportunities it presents for you. To read more, visit:
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