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In the second part of our chat, we asked Matt Tarczynski what it takes not only to build a company but to lead it, to motivate his team, and to shape the future of one of the best Polish startups, Woodpecker.A very inspiring episode for CEOs and anyone building a business.
Companies today need to be where their customers are and to accomplish a seamless multichannel strategy, there are a few things to consider.Doing it right will make a big difference on your journey to become a truly customer-centric company.Another great conversation with Marcos Bravo and the CEO of Woodpecker, Matt Tarczynski on this new episode of Incoming Chat.
We finally welcomed a guest back to our studio, and it was a pleasure to have Anna-Paula not only as the first one, but helping us understand what are the challenges women face when entering the world of Tech.She shares her story and delivers priceless advice for those of you trying to break into the world of tech and where her own journey is taking her.
If you are not sure about the difference between a resumé and a CV and you are ready to look for a job, this is the episode for you!Marcos and Akeem would cover what are the best practices and the big No-Nos when preparing a resumé for your next job hunt. Let Akeem help you out.Great chat and lots of useful tips.
Content is one of the most important pieces of marketing. But what do you do with it? Marcos and Ognjen discuss the best practices for taking advantage of each piece, finding the right channels, and prepare a content distribution strategy that will not only make your content be seen but will certainly help convert.
Marcos and Rafał talk about how important is to build trust with your brand, especially in the medical field. A great startup story and good lessons on how to build a brand that creates a relationship with its customers.
We wanted to talk about how comedy can be applied to marketing actions, but we went down the rabbit hole so much that we rediscover more about understanding your customer, their journey, and the process of creating marketing strategies for individual brands.A great conversation between two marketers taking you back to the basics of a well done marketing strategy.
Marcos talks to Francisca Phillips, a veteran diversity champion, about how companies can strengthen their culture by addressing issues that affect individuals. This is a must-watch episode for people in charge of HR and Culture to understand the unique value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Learn what are the proven actions that Francisca have brought to some of the biggest companies in the USA.
Marcos talks to Nick Capozzi, one of his mentors and a sales expert about the key skills to develop in order to become a master salesperson. They also dig into how much video can help you close that next deal and how to incorporate it into your sales strategy. Tips, tricks, and a couple of funny stories in the newest episode of Incoming Chat.
What goes behind building a recognizable and popular brand and how to find the right voice for your company.Join Marcos Bravo and Tim Soulo unboxing the journey of Tim as a CMO of one of the top SEO companies in the world. Ahrefs.- How to strategize your marketing- How to find the voice behind your brand- Getting into video marketing- The road to becoming a CMOThis and much more in this special edition of Incoming Chat.
With massive online competition, finding the right price for your products can make a big difference for customers choosing your store or the next one. It goes beyond cheap vs. expensive. Companies have to catch up and monitor what the brand next door is offering. Burc Tanir, CEO of Prisync, tells the story behind his business and how price monitoring should be part of your ecommerce strategy.
How customer data should shape everything from your UVP and copy, through the way your team will speak to your customers?A great chat with Helen Peatfield.Here are some of the resources she mentioned:Justin Blackman: Klettke's newsletter: Stages of Awareness (overview for people who can't get hold of Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz): Helen on:
How about some more traffic to your website, online store or blog? Marcos talks with Matthew Woodward about what are the things you can do right away to improve your SEO results and how to implement the right strategy fast and easy.
What are the key steps for building a sales team, and how can you lead it successfully? How challenging is it to work in a different country than the rest of the team? Get all the details in this LIVE episode of Incoming Chat with Alex Wilson from LiveChat
Marcos and Kaia discuss video strategies for companies, how to become a video storyteller, and all the challenges that it brings. If you and your company are trying to do video, do not miss this live episode of Incoming Chat.Watch the video at
Marcos and Piotr talk about how one of the best-funded healthtech startups from Poland found their way and what's in the future for telemedicine.
Marcos and Erik discuss the evolution of content and its relevance to marketing and business today. AI, best practices, and the journey of a content writer and editor.
Marketing an expensive piece of equipment is not easy, especially when the market is saturated. Bartek tells us how Zmorph figures out ways to stand out from the crowd.
Marcos and Jakub discuss the downsides of ignoring marketing data and how it can affect your growth
In another insightful episode, Marcos makes the marketing funnel seem simple and explains what the best way is to distribute your content across the customer journey.
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