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Journaling is an incredible self-improvement practice that will help you cultivate the introspection and self-awareness you need to become your best self. Each week on this podcast, we explore tried-and-tested techniques along with journaling prompts and interviews with passionate journalers, to help you dig deeper into yourself. With the help of this podcast, you can unlock your unique wisdom within to achieve your biggest goals and create your best life. Let's start writing 💕
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What happens when you get into a funk? How do you navigate that sinking feeling of demotivation and procrastination? How can you move through the heaviness and frustration that comes with feeling stuck and unfocused so you can emerge the other side with a sense of clarity and focus? I have answers to all of these questions and more inside this powerful episode 🙌So if you're ready to reignite your fire and tap back into a reliable source of motivation and inspiration, this episode if for you. Tune in now to discover: Three powerful steps that will help you journal motivation. The importance of acknowledging your feelings - even if they're challenging.The power of duality and contrasts. Why you need to journal to the root cause of your demotivation. Five common causes of demotivation that slow us down and drain energy. A sure-fire strategy to overcome boredom that also sparks a motivational boost. Challenging the perceived difficulties that steal your inspiration. Navigating your experience when you feel a lack of purpose. Tips for reclaiming a sense of control over your life. Walking with your fears so you can move forward with courage, confidence, and clarity. And more!If you're ready to move powerfully through your life - regardless of external circumstances - this episode is chock-full of tips and techniques designed to help you show up and step up as the very best version of you. You've got this â˜șRESOURCES: Download this week's journaling prompt right HERE! If you want to unlock your WHY, check out this episode. Support the show (
For a lot of us, 2020 hasn't turned out as we imagined. The good news is there are things you can do to get back into the driver's seat of your life so you can continue writing your way to your best self.This week, I'm sharing a powerful journaling exercise that will help you plan your next steps powerfully and effectively. Check out this episode to discover:The power of looking at challenges through the lens of positivity and optimism.How you can use questions for innovation, fresh thinking, and creative solutions.Techniques for fueling self-discovery and self-awareness.Six deep-dive discovery questions and what they can unlock for yourself and your life.How to discover the right goals for you? A prompt to help you get back into the driver's seat of your life.The baby step way to move the needle in the direction you want to go. And more...With the help of this episode, you're about to discover SIX powerful questions that will unlock a ton of clarity and focus. In turn, you'll feel more empowered and inspired to be your best self - whatever that means to you. LINKS TO RESOURCES:Download the SIX questions I reveal in this episode as a journaling prompt HERE. Link to get your Self Journal.Support the show (
Do you have a desire to create more from your life? Whether you want to improve your relationship, learn a new skill, be more successful in your job or transform your finances, journaling is a tool and technique that's here to help you. In this episode, I show you why. Tune in now to discover:How to nurture THE most important relationship you'll ever have in your lifeWhat does it mean about you if you want more?How journaling creates confidence, choice, and clarity. Journaling to distinguish the truth of who you are. One of the secret needs of humans. The reason journaling reveals parts of you that you're yet to explore and own. How journaling shifts your perspective over time. And more...The path to your best self is a journey that starts with a desire to transform something in your life. Now you can walk that path with more clarity, confidence, and commitment if you allow journaling to support your journey. You've got this 💕P.S. Remember to download and explore this week's journaling prompt. It's a powerful one! CLICK HERE. Support the show (
In this episode, we're asking a question that I see a lot... What is the best way to journal? Tune into this episode not only do I answer this common question, but we also explore: The importance of relaxing into your journaling.How to blend techniques to find your own style. Five journaling techniques to get you started today. A simple suggestion to deepen a gratitude journaling practice. The power of writing from different perspectives. And more..."All you've got to do is start somewhere... then see where the words want to take you, in that moment, at that time - guided by whatever is present in your life." What's your best way to journal? You can let us know by tagging us @BestSelfCo. Finally, here's a journaling prompt to help you get to writing. Download your copy HERE. Support the show (
In this episode, I'm super excited to introduce you to Lamia Pardo, the CEO and co-founder of  - an audio journaling & burnout tracking app. After noticing an increase in burnout, Lamia decided to do something about it. So after extensive research, she created an audio journaling tool to help more people integrate mental wellbeing into their daily lives. In this powerful episode, Lamia shares the findings from her research into the benefits of journaling as well as her own stories of how journaling has enhanced her life."It's all about letting your thoughts out without any restriction."  Check out this episode to discover: How Lamia discovered the power of audio journaling. The social reasons that have normalised stress and anxiety and why this inspired Lamia to create solutions.Real-talk. The importance of sharing the entire entrepreneurial journey, not just the curated version.  The three journaling aha moments that Lamia discovered through her research. The powerful ways that Lamia's relationship with fear changed through her journaling. Why introspection and self-discovery can lead a magical life."Half of millennials quit their job in 2019 due to a mental health reason." How journaling helps you write your own identity through a process of personal evolution.Weaving audio journaling into your everyday life to track how you change and transform over time.The self-expression benefits of audio journaling. How to use trigger-based journaling to navigate your emotions and avoid making decisions you'll later regret. How Lamia has been journaling her way through COVID-19 for a women's history project. And more..."As you clear out the thoughts in your brain, you can connect the dots a lot better." Download Lamia's journaling prompts HERE. Connect with Lamia: Follow Lamia @journifycoCheck out the Journify app at resources: Watch the journaling masterclass that Lamia and I co-hosted HERE. Support the show (
Have you ever looked at someone's progress in business and life and wondered how they were able to progress so quick? Raj Jana is one of those humans. He built his coffee company to 7-figures while working a full-time job in less than a year - and his life and business have gone from strength-to-strength after he hit that milestone. Raj's impressive journey has been built on hard work, commitment, resilience, and a desire to learn and grow and evolve. None of it was accidental. Instead, Raj has been able to cultivate a series of practices and mindsets that have empowered him to achieve "Accelerated Actualization".And journaling is one of the techniques that helped him to do this 🙌Thanks to this episode, you can discover Raj's journaling secrets. So tune in now and discover how Raj uses this powerful practice to compress time and achieve faster. "Journaling is free therapy." In this awesome interview, Raj and I explore: How a lack of purpose inspired Raj to discover the magic of journalingHow gratitude allows you to connect dots and transform your perspective of time and the pastHow to dive deeper into your emotions through your journaling practiceAn in-depth look at Raj's daily, weekly, monthly, and annual journaling practiceThe importance of capturing the highs and the lows in your journalLeveraging journaling as a catalyst for extraordinary living that compresses timeWhy present moment awareness is a powerhouse of learningHow to turn moments of insecurity into huge learning opportunitiesWhy active appreciation is one of the most powerful tools you can cultivateHow to embody the lessons your journal teaches youHow to build an operating philosophy through your journal reflectionsThe beautiful way that journaling unlocks insights and wisdom that your ego can’t explainHow journaling for presence allows alchemy to flood outAnd more! “I design my life so I can’t miss what I’m learning.” - Raj JanaRaj is proof that journaling can create magic in your life. I can't wait to hear what you take away from this powerful episode. Download Raj's journaling prompts:The one for your business is HEREThe one for connecting with yourself is HERE. Connect with Raj:Check out Raj's Stay Grounded Podcast. Discover more about Raj's passion for Extraordinary Living HERE.Follow Raj on Instagram Explore JavaPresse Coffee HERE. Support the show (
One of the best things about journaling is the fact it's a personal practice. There is no right or wrong way to explore yourself through the blank pages of your notebook. Instead, there's the right way for YOU. As a result, journaling is a creative process for self-expression and self-discovery. You get to dive into the opportunities to see what does it for you. That said, it can be helpful to see how other people journal [it's one of the reasons we launched our interview series]. Other people's techniques can inspire you to find your own... And in this episode, you get to discover my personal journaling practice. Take a listen now to hear about: The two different journals I use for my inner workHow I met the Self Journal in a London boxing ring with Gary Vee and Dan Meredith! My trigger for daily stream of consciousness writingAll the ways I use the Self Journal's daily pagesWhy my gratitude practice helps me smell the roses and enjoy the journeyHow I use the Self Journal to track my moodPlanning for productivity in your Self JournalA proactive prompt for getting the most out of your dayI love the way I can connect with myself and have a daily conversation in the safety and privacy of my journal. I hope this episode inspires you to commit to a journaling practice too 💛Your FREE Journaling promptDownload the prompt I mention in the episode HERE. Some additional resources: Download the 101 Small Things To Be Grateful For PDF HERE. Listen to Heather Vickery's episode about how gratitude journaling can make you braver HERE. Invest in your own Self Journal HERE. PLUS save 10% on your Self Journal when you checkout with code WRITE10.Support the show (
Want to turn your journaling into a tool that can help you get smarter? If so, this episode is for you 💛This time, we're discussing: ✅ What does it mean to be smart in today's world?✅ What Steve Jobs said about smartness.✅ How to leverage the 'generation' and 'teaching' effects in your journal to get smarter.✅ Enhancing your memory by supporting the encoding process with journaling. ✅ Using a journal as an 'external brain'. "By journaling around a situation or an event, you can come to a conclusion. You can come to a consensus, create closure, and distil life events and situations into a story that can serve you."✅ Your head as a ball of wool and how you can free up bandwidth and headspace through writing. ✅ Leveraging the power of an examined life. ✅ Unlocking the unique wisdom that only you hold because you are YOU 💛.✅ Why self-awareness unlocks your personal power and inspires you to become your best self.✅ And more! "The wisdom that's inside of you that's uniquely yours is the best thing in the world 💛"Magical things happen when you dive into your journal and deeper into your life. I explore your inner self as though it's THE most beautiful, exciting, precious thing in the world - because it is :-)  Let this episode inspire you to embrace your journaling at the next level - it's a practice that truly can transform your life. As always, I've got a free journaling prompt for you to solve so you can get to writing after this episode. Grab it HERE. Please rate and review the show as it helps others discover this podcast. Finally, feel free to tag us @bestselfCo with your journaling stories. We LOVE hearing about them. See you super soon for another episode and in the meantime, get to writing :-) Support the show (
The journey of your best self is guaranteed to take you out of your comfort zone - because many of the things you want to BE, HAVE, and DO, lie beyond what you can currently hold. Your best self is calling you to put courage over comfort so you can face your fears and be brave. But what does that entail in practice? I LOVED interviewing success and leadership coach, Heather Vickery, from Vickery and Co. Heather is an incredible advocate for cultivating bravery and I'm super grateful I got to dissect some of her strategies and processes in this episode. And now you get to hear them too 🙌"We cannot change anyone but ourselves; but when we change ourselves, we change the people around us." Check out this episode and you'll discover: What does it mean to be brave? Heather's B.R.A.V.E acronym. How bravery can start with boundary setting.The role of self-love and self-compassion in becoming brave. Heather's 360-degree journaling strategy that blew my mind! [Timestamp 20:20] "Having a regular gratitude practice is the number #1 thing that will increase your happiness and your overall well-being." Why your Truth List is a foolproof method for eliminating negative thoughts. Why scheduling your day creates space for creativity and freedom. Heather's journaling strategies for becoming braver and happier. A simply strategy that transforms your experience through your words. What Oprah Winfrey taught Heather about intentionality. How gratitude journaling can make you braverAnd more...When you're ready to put Heather's journaling strategies into practice, you can download this week's FREE journaling prompt [trust me, you're going to have a LOT of fun with this one]. Personally, I took so much from this episode. Since recording this interview, I've tried a number of Heather's practices and they've been so powerful. So my recommendation to you is to dive fully into the episode and extract as much wisdom as you can.I promise you'll feel braver if you do 💕How you can connect with Heather: Website: Podcast: The Brave FilesInstagram & Facebook Heather's gratitude journaling books are available on Amazon: Shift Your FocusGrow GratefulSupport the show (
Do you frequently have more tasks than time? Do you struggle to make decisions because overwhelm fogs your mind? Do you get frustrated with yourself because you know you could do so much more if only you could calm the inner noise and chatter? If so, this week's episode is for you 🙌Tune in now to discover powerful journaling strategies that free up bandwidth, alleviate mental tension, and empower you to be decisive - so your best self can thrive. "Your journal is like a parking lot - it’s a place where you can store ‘stuff’ for later - allowing you to come back and deal with it when the time is right."In this episode, we're exploring: How to journal to clear your plate and boost your productivityWhy journalling helps to empty your head so you can feel in control of your mind and your day Leveraging external brains to free up bandwidthEmbracing the flow state that emerges when you move through mental clutterThe reason stream of consciousness journaling dislodges unhelpful clutter to lubricate your creativityThe single most powerful question to ask yourself when you're lost in indecisionFinally, I walk you through a visualization practice [timestamp: 09:12] that will help you extract your unique wisdom with ease. As always, here's your journaling prompt - DOWNLOAD NOW. Support the show (
Do you want to be wealthier? Are you ready to unlock more happiness, freedom, and abundance for your life? If so, this episode is for you 🙌I'm super excited to have the creator of Financially Happy - Finnian Kelly - in the hot seat. Finnian is the creator of the Financially Happy movement, a world-renown keynote speaker, and an Intentional Living Guide. He’s appeared on Sky Business, on ABC as a political commentator, and on Ten’s morning shows as a financial expert. As a guest writer, Finnian has published articles on Money Management, Smart Company, Business Insider, and more. He was also an Undercover Angel in the popular National Geographic series.In this incredible episode, Finnian is here to reveal: The THREE journaling practices that Finnian starts his day with.Finnian's 'flow checkout', which guarantees a powerful end to the working day. The journaling questions that Finnian asks himself at the end of the day.How to tap into source energy and the wisdom of your heart through your journaling. Why heart-guided journaling helps you stick to YOUR own path, instead of being distracted by someone else's. Why journaling guides you to connect with the NOW [which is THE most powerful moment of time]. "The more we listen, the more the heart will open up and the more we get into this beautiful intuitive wisdom that's there - then you become stronger, more powerful and more beautiful to be around." How to build your relationship with your heart so you can confidently trust your intuitive wisdom. Why your heart is the real source of intelligence [and how science is beginning to back up this truth]. The social reasons we're disconnected from the now. Tips for building a relationship with your ego so you can commit to significant change. "When you're in the now, everything shows up. When you're in the NOW you have to truly face yourself - and that can be scary. We haven't got to know ourselves... a lot of the time we're not living authentically and we're not aligned to our purpose and values." Finnian's response when ego shows up in his journal.How to navigate the economical reasons that stop you from setting the goals your heart wants to achieve. How you can become a more abundant person through journaling. Why abundance follows feelings NOT things. Finnian's definition of intentionality and how you can use this process to feed abundant thoughts and behaviors. And more!"Everything that comes up for you is a gift." This conversation with Finnian left me feeling so energized and empowered and I'm sure it will have a similar impact on you. FREE JOURNALING PROMPT:Put Finnian's journaling insights into action with your FREE journaling prompt. Download yours HERE. HOW TO CONTACT FINNIAN: Check out Finnian's work as an Intentional Living Guide at Learn more about becoming Financially Happy at Follow Finnian on Instagram. Support the show (
2020 has brought a whole pile of stresses and strains that we couldn't have predicted. It's been a challenge to recalibrate and carve out a new normal as we navigate the huge changes that were thrust upon us all. With everything that's been happening, it's no surprise that stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues are on the rise. And while I'm not suggesting for a second that journaling is the answer to everything, I'd like to share some practices and techniques that could help you navigate these tougher times. So if you'd like to discover how journaling can help strengthen your mental and emotional well-being, this episode is for your 🙌Here's a taste of what we're exploring:Why journaling can be a supportive self-care practiceThe power of journaling as an emotional outlet to get off the anxiety 'rocking chair'Journaling to make confident decisionsHow to navigate worst-case-scenario thinking The value of a 'written scream'Reflective techniques to navigate and unpack your reactions and feelingsThe quickest way to transform your mood and guide your thoughts down more positive linesAnd more! When you're ready to put theory into practice, download your FREE journaling prompt HERE. And if you need a hand to make confident decisions, I strongly recommend that you check out BestSelf Co.'s Decision Deck. Designed for those times when you don't want to rely on instinct or a hunch, this comprehensive framework guides you to think through any dilemma from virtually every angle. Order your Decision Deck HERE. And save 10% when you check out with code WRITE10.  It's an exclusive discount code for Writing Your Best Self listeners 💕Support the show (
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose" - Robert BurnsUnlocking your purpose is a powerful way to set aligned goals, ramp up motivation, and feel more fulfilled in life. With your purpose to guide you, it’s easier to make decisions and distinguish between the opportunities which are right for you - and those which aren't.Finding your purpose can be challenging because it requires soul-searching and deep thought, BUT the effort is so worth it.Get clarity over your purpose, and life feels effortlessly more meaningful and fulfilling. Good news! Your journal is here to help you unlock your purpose and this episode is can help you do the inner work required with THREE techniques to try. So tune in and get ready to answer one of life's biggest and most profound questions.Check out this episode to discover: Three journaling techniques that will help you find your purposeWhy purpose can help you navigate life with more grace and easeThe link between purpose and writing your best selfThe purpose clues locked away inside your passionsWhat your childhood can reveal about your purposeHow you can be so close to your purpose that you struggle to see itWhat is your why and how to find itWhy the gems are hidden in the depthsAnd more...As always, I have a FREE journaling prompt for you to dive into - you can access your download right HERE.  If you enjoyed this episode, remember to share with your friends or leave a review on iTunes. Share your journaling insights too by tagging us @BestSelfCo or using the hashtag #BestSelfCo. Now get to writing! Support the show (
Self-improvement is all about our inherent desire to grow and expand. It's a lifelong journey that can empower you to discover more of who you are and expand into your best self. Through the process of personal growth, you can reclaim parts of yourself that you didn't realise was there - and step into your fullest potential. If you're ready to walk a self-improvement path so you can create a fuller life, this week's episode is for you 🙌Check it out now and discover: What self-improvement is - and isn'tHow to use your journal to accelerate and deepen your self-improvement journeyWhy you need to know your WHY and what role this question plays in your journey of self-growthWhy your WHY will almost certainly change over timeThe mental reflex that ensures deep-dive questions accelerate your pathThe surprising reason that self-improvement helps you to get out of your own wayThe potent questions I'm asking myself right nowHow to journal through your stucks to expand your comfort zoneWhat my 'mountain goat' son teaches me about personal growthAnd more 💕Ready to put theory into practice? If so, here's a free journaling prompt for you to print out and use right HERE. A commitment to sef-improvement is an easy way to inspire you to get the most out of your life. So open up your journal and get writing your way to your best self. You've got this 💕P.S. If you've found this episode useful please share using the hashtag #BestSelf or tagging us @BestSelfCo. Alternative, leave us a review to help us spread the word about the power journaling can have in all areas of your life. Support the show (
We've heard about the many benefits of journaling, but what happens if think you're 'terrible' at this practice? This belief is more common than you think and I blame those well-intentioned English teachers! If writing isn't your thing it's all too easy to fall into the trap of believing your writing isn't quite good enough. Then, when we're hard on ourselves, we get in our own way and stop our ideas and insights flowing. GOOD NEWS 🙌You don't have to be an A-grade writer to get insane value from journaling. All you need to be able to do is extract insight and capture your wisdom on the blank page. So if you're looking for some sure-fire ideas to defeat the blank page and 'get to writing', this episode is for you. Check it out and discover: What journaling is - and what it most definitely isn't. Why 'terrible' is a disempowering label for journaling [and in life].Three tips that overcome 'terrible' and get you writing. How to ditch the 'terrible' belief once and for all. What becomes possible when you 'lower the bar' [and why this is a very good strategy to enhance your practice]. How to use the instinctive elaboration mental reflect to enhance your journaling practice. How to turn your journaling practice into the extraction of your inner wisdom. As always, I've got a free journaling prompt to help you put theory into practice. I carefully craft and select these questions to crack you open so that you can unlock the deeper stories and insights within. To unlock this weeks' prompt, simply CLICK HERE.As always, please share your key takeaways by tagging us @BestSelfCo or by using the hashtag #WritingYourBestSelf. If you got value from this episode please head over to iTunes [or wherever you're listening to this podcast] and leave us a review as that helps other people discover this podcast so they can get to journaling. Now get to writing :-) Support the show (
Ready to get even more value from the blank page? If so, this episode is for you! Journaling is an incredible self-improvement practice that increases self-awareness so you can know yourself on deeper and deeper levels. But what are the best things to write about? In this episode, we're exploring FIVE life-enhancing themes designed to help you extract maximum value from your journaling time. So tune in now and discover: The easy daily practice that switches on positivity like a tap through the pages of your journal. Why turning around and leveraging the gap can pick you up when you're feeling down. How to use a journal to mastermind your life plan. The reason your journal can be the birthplace of ideas that could transform your life.The power of regular musing over a thought-provoking question. And more! As always, if you're ready to put the ideas from this episode into practice, download your FREE journaling prompt right HERE. Even better, remember to share your biggest takeaways by tagging us @BestSelfCo or using the hashtag #WritingYourBestSelf.Now get to writing! Additional resources: Free PDF download - 101 Small Things To Be Grateful For. Self Journal - 13-week goal-setting tool. Support the show (
Do you ever get in the way of achieving your goals and desires? Does your inner critic trip you up and hold you back from going after the things you want? Aare you playing smaller than you know you have the potential to play? If so, this episode is for you 🙌It's frustrating when you know you're the one who's in the way. Fortunately, there IS a way to move through self-sabotaging thoughts and do more of what you love. This episode is going to show you how. Tune in now and discover: Why your beliefs shape EVERYTHINGWhy success is won and lost before you've even got out of the starting blocks. Why self-awareness is the first step to transformation. And more!As always, here's a weekly journaling prompt for you to dive into. Get ready to meet with your self-sabotage on paper 💕Support the show (
Ever wondered why journaling is a powerful habit to weave into your life? If so, this episode has you covered! That's because I'm going to share SIX surprising reasons why journaling can help you discover the truth of who you are - so you can become your best self. In this episode, you'll discover how journaling can help you to: Unlock a completely different life by clearing out your thoughts.Identify your default patterns and behaviours by unlocking the messages of your emotions to increase your emotional intelligence. Discover the truth of who you really are and kick-start rapid self-growth. Set the right goals.Get off the hamster wheel and stop living the same things over and over again. Stay more centred in your life. And more!  As always, I have a journaling prompt for you to dive into. You can download it right HERE. If you got some value from this episode, please consider sharing with your friends. You can also leave a review on iTunes 💕Support the show (
Whether you're just starting out or you're a journaling pro, this episode has something for you! Check out this episode, and discover five top tips - some of them advanced - to help you get more out of the blank pages of your journal.In this episode, you'll discover: The old-school tool that ensures your journaling offers you the freedom to express inside a 100% distraction-free space. The mindset that empowers you to overcome any limiting beliefs you have about writing. How to move through one of the biggest excuses that keep you from your journaling practice.Why journaling can become a powerful, personal development practice.How to overcome writer's block so you can turn a page of nothingness into a sea of awesomeness.The inspiring reason journaling becomes the tool that unlocks the truth of who you are - so you can create the life you want. And more! Recommended tools: Scribe Notebook from BestSelf Co.    WordSmith Deck of Journaling prompts. Plus, download your FREE 'Tap Turner' journaling prompt right HERE. As always, feel free to share your takeaways tagging us @BestSelfCo or using the hashtag #WritingYourBestSelf. Support the show (
So much of who you are and what you do takes place in your subconscious awareness. And there's a lot of value in that... When you can do a big chunk of stuff without having to think or choose consciously, you free up a ton of bandwidth and creative energy. But sometimes, automatic doesn't serve you. Instead, your autopilot reactions leave you feeling frustrated, irritated, angry, or embarrassed. Enter your triggers! Those external factors that spark an instinctive reaction inside of you that doesn't draw out your best self.In this week's episode, I share how you can use your journal to identify these triggers - and transform your instinctive responses into reactions that serve.  Check out this episode to hear about: How to use your journal to bring triggers to conscious awarenessThe power of detailed reflectionsThe importance of being brutally honest with yourselfWhy transformation is in the detailHow to turn your reactions into triggers into moments that empower youWhy childhood holds the clues to our current day triggered responsesAnd more!As always, here's a journaling prompt, which you can use to put this theory into practice. Download HERE. If you enjoyed this episode, please share with other journalers that you know. Feel free to tag us @bestselfCo or share your insights using the hashtag #WritingYourBestSelf. Let's get to writing 💕Support the show (
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