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Sean and Sasha play a game using The Feelings Wheel, a tool that helps you find words for your emotions. They use the wheel to identify how certain songs make them feel and immediately see how useful it is in helping them uncover the depth and complexity of their own emotions. Listen and play along! You can find The Feelings Wheel at and a playlist of the songs they used at Share the episode to play with a friend and let Sean and Sasha know how it went at or on IG @thisisworkandhome.
Sean and Sasha question and complicate traditional narratives around leadership. They find that the best leaders are constantly honing and developing their skills and that the range of leadership styles is as wide as the range of opportunities for leadership. Using a psychometric tool that analyzes workplace relationships and dynamics, they share their own personal leadership styles. What's your leadership style? Join the conversation on IG @ thisisworkandhome or email us at!
Sean and Sasha delve into the intricacies of self-advocacy. For them, it comes down to knowing what they want and need as well as effectively preparing for the moments they'll need to advocate for themselves. They also explore what can happen when advocacy goes wrong. What does self-advocacy mean for you?Join the conversation on IG @ thisisworkandhome or email us at!
Sean and Sasha reflect on some of their most embarrassing moments. From childhood memories to singing bloopers, they look back at how those moments made them feel and identify the lessons they've learned. What have you learned from your embarrassing moments? Join the conversation on IG @thisisworkandhome.
Sean and Sasha look at legacy through the lens of the current discourse around confederate monuments and American history, pop culture, and their own personal heroes. They surface the value of being aware of the legacy you are leaving behind and how storytellers help to shape/revise legacies. Sean shares the legacy of Claude Shannon, "the father of information theory", who paved the way for the digital age but somehow very few us know his name (especially Sasha). What legacy are you leaving behind and how are you protecting it? Join the conversation on IG @thisisworkandhome!
Sean and Sasha discuss what rest means to them and why taking time to recharge is important. They explore ways to rest beyond sleep and uncover how the relationship between our productivity and self-worth can cause us to deprioritize rest when we need it the most. What does rest mean to you? Join the conversation on IG @thisisworkandhome.
Sean and Sasha explore what it really means to level up. While Sean's more of a planner, Sasha lets her emotions guide her. However, they both agree leveling up is not as straightforward as it seems. What does leveling up mean to you? Join the conversation on instagram @thisisworkandhome!
Sean and Sasha discuss how they handle difficult conversations and share why they're worth having. While Sean pushes through awkwardness, fear, and uncertainty to find the value in difficult conversations, Sasha prefers to put them off.  Wait until you hear her story about "The Kindle"! How do you handle difficult conversations? How have they impacted your relationships? Join the conversation on instagram @thisisworkandhome!
Sean and Sasha define their spheres of influence and examine how power can broaden those spheres. No matter where we are -- at work, in our relationships, and even on social media; we all have influence but what really matters is how we use it. What are your spheres of influence? Do you use your influence responsibly in those spaces? Join the conversation on instagram @thisisworkandhome!
Sean and Sasha share their least favorite things -- their pet peeves. They examine how their pet peeves reflect their value systems and impact how they relate to others. What are your pet peeves and what do they say about you?  Follow them on Instagram @thisisworkandhome to join the conversation.
Sean and Sasha discuss their personal value systems and how they've been influenced by their upbringings and continue to evolve over the years. They also share how their value systems help them navigate the world, achieve their goals, and sustain healthy relationships. How do you define your value system? They also announce their first-ever virtual event! Be sure to follow them on Instagram @thisisworkandhome to join the conversation!
Sean and Sasha share how therapy has helped them to be their best selves through self-discovery, accountability, and self-love. They love therapy so much they've tried to befriend their therapists. Sadly, that's now quite how therapy works. They also acknowledge the barriers that can make therapy less accessible and share mental health resources. What are your thoughts on therapy? Join the conversation on social media!
Sean and Sasha share how they define and practice self-care. For Sean, breakfast time is sacred and Sasha is all about protecting her energy. They discuss how the precariousness of black life in America weighs on their mental health but ultimately find healing and restoration in the Jill Scott vs. Erykah Badu battle. How do you define and practice self care? Join the conversation on social media!
Sean and Sasha reflect on the importance of community as they examine the village that raised them and the community they’ve built as adults. Sean contemplates a Golden Girls reboot while Sasha considers taking up art to cope with anxiety. They share if they’re “Souled Out” for Hezekiah Walker or will “Show Up” for John P. Kee. 
Sean and Sasha use the Babyface vs Teddy Riley battle as a lens to discuss failure as feedback. Once again, Sasha is appalled by Sean's inability to rest on his day off. Sean questions Sasha's infatuation with Babyface and tries to get her to do calculus.In this episode Sean and Sasha tell us who they are: academic and professional backgrounds and how music brought them together.
Baby, Give Me Motivation

Baby, Give Me Motivation


Sean and Sasha unpack what it means to be motivated while working from home during the coronavirus...well sort of. Sasha discovers Serena Williams on Instagram. Sean talks about his admiration for the "chicken people".  They both see the value in taking breaks but Sasha is convinced that Sean is not napping properly.
Sean and Sasha are trying to figure out how to survive their new "normal" during the coronavirus. From setting boundaries and self-managing to wishing Beyonce would take control of Instagram hashtags, Sean and Sasha talk through everything.
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