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The Heart Of Show Business With Alexia Melocchi

Author: Alexia Melocchi

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Information is power. From Mindset to Tactics to Implement- this is a deep dive into how Hollywood truly works with inspirational and empowering interviews of Business Leaders and Creators around the world. Get to know global creative and thought leaders from Hollywood and beyond as they share their knowledge and engage in unique conversations led by a successful Hollywood insider on navigating Show Business and making an impact in all areas of life. Explore the journeys that made a difference in the path to success of accomplished creatives around the world.

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How do you define yourself in 28 words or less?In today’s very competitive business world, and in Hollywood, you get one shot- to stand out, to make a difference, to get ahead.And if you have a clear knowledge of your personal brand, you have 10x your chances of getting to the finish line.There are always people who say it’s vital to define Who do you help? And how do you help them? But also it can be translated as what do you do and why? And if there's somebody who really has mastered that ability to showcase it perfectly is my guest Dhomonique Murphy. She is a three-time Emmy Award-winning television personality, a mom, a serial entrepreneur, and the owner of several media companies who went from beauty queen to Clubhouse queen, as she inspires millions to leverage their personal brand for expansion always and in ALL WAYS. You do not want to miss her personal journey to success and her amazing tips that you can use RIGHT NOW to shine your Brand light so the world can notice!Connect with Dhomonique Murphy:InstagramClubHouseMedia Mastery NowLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMERCHANDISE GIVEAWAY
What if we looked at life’s challenges with the lens of curiosity instead of resistance?DeDee Pfeiffer has been doing just that in this new phase of her existence. You all know her from her last name, being the sister of Michelle Pfeiffer, but also for having carved her own path of a very prolific acting career with her most recent starring role in David E. Kelley’s hit show Big Sky.She is back after a 10-year hiatus from Hollywood, where she focused on her well-being, overcoming addiction, and studying psychology to be a social worker. She is very passionate about speaking of the effect of mental health on the homeless population and beyond. During a fun conversation, interrupted by her singing cockatoo while on location in New Mexico, we touched upon the deeper meanings of being an artist and, most of all, human. Faults and all.And in between, we laughed and celebrated our past and the little things that make life so precious.Connect with Dedee Pfeiffer:IMDbInstagramBig SkyLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMERCHANDISE GIVEAWAY
Is it possible to sell many scripts and actually see the words on a page turned into movies and shows? Yes, it is.My guest, Kraig Wenman, is the poster child of a busy and prolific writer. He has sold 63 scripts and has  27 produced film credits. And he is also one of those lovely Canadians, eh.His psychological thriller Secret obsession scored 40 million views in 28 days putting in the top 10 most-watched Netflix originals ever. You do not want to miss this conversation. We discuss his early days as a starving scribe, to selling his first script, to recently working on set with Mel Gibson and a lot of great tips about pitching, overcoming writers’ block, being collaborative when needing to do rewrites, and how he has become Steve Carell’s doppelganger.Connect with Kraig Wenman:IMDbInstagramTwitterSecret Obsession Let’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMERCHANDISE GIVEAWAY
As kids, we all dream of what we can become when we grow up. But not always follow through on that dream. Eva La Rue did. An Emmy winning actress for an outstanding guest performance on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and known for her sassy role of Detective Natalia Boa Vista in CSI MIAMI and many years on ALL MY CHILDREN, plus multiple leading parts in films, this Latina is the complete package: mother, actress, entrepreneur and a good human who wants to make a difference in the world. In an intimate soul-centered conversation, we discuss God’s plan and how we can surrender to our destiny as long as we maintain focus and passion for all that we want to accomplish in life because every moment does truly matter. Get to know Eva as a woman who struggled to make ends meet but took a leap regardless without a net to pursue her Hollywood dreams.  A strong connection to God helped her through a family tragedy and truly understanding the meaning of forgiveness. A believer that “charity should always be a constant,” she has used her voice to champion several non -profits and causes such as the MONA FOUNDATION and EL FARO,  all the while raising her daughter, traveling the world, and continuing her spiritual path through the BAHAI faith. Make sure you stay with us till the very end for some incredible tips for overcoming imposter syndrome.Connect with Eva LaRue:WebsiteInstagramTwitterLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedIn
Billy Gallo is an accomplished actor, producer, and the owner of one of the most sought-after Acting Studios in LA. Having discovered the love of performing at a young age, destiny knocked on his door when acting was no longer an option but a real calling. Having lived in the mean streets of NYC, he packed his bags one day to pursue his Hollywood dream. And he did so much more with that dream. He took chances. And they paid off. But it did not come easy for  Billy. You do not want to miss this inspired conversation about creating your own opportunities, paying attention to signs, battling demons, creating a safe space for performers, and finding purpose in helping his fellow Thespians navigate the sometimes brutal Entertainment Industry.Connect with Billy Gallo:IMDbHollywood Dream Maker PodcastManhattan Actor StudioLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
There is so many badass female entrepreneurs out there in la la land that deserve to be acknowledged and brought on to listen to their journey and their stories. My guest in this episode is Amanda Tony from Stage 32, which I call the largest social media platform for creatives in the world. I was actually one of the first people who signed up. And I shared the stage with them at the Cannes Film Festival two years ago.The two things that I believe in the most that make you successful in your career are: One is information is power. And two is the power of networking with like-minded people. Amanda will share the journey of joining forces with RB Botto, its founder, and hear how she became an accomplished producer. Some of the things we talk about:Crowdsourcing. What is it?What is the meaning behind Stage 32.The intersection between Entertainment and Technology.The benefits of joining Stage 32 – and it’s free!Amanda’s next project- a TV Show- and how she leveraged networking to make it happen.The loyalty factor.Connect with Amanda Toney:TwitterStage 32Crowdsourcing for FilmmakersLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
Can you win Sundance, become a magician and use mind-reading to master a business meeting?Apparently YES. Producer, Director and ex Studio Executive Susan Dynner certainly mastered the above.From band photographer to working with Studio directors such as Richard Donner and Wolfgang Peterson, Nick Cassavettes, scouting content on their behalf, Susan is one of the nice ones.Standing in her truth, she championed the project BRICK which went on to win Sundance. She also directed a documentary on Punk Music which was celebrated by critics at Festivals around the world.Join me in a conversation about magic, becoming a mentalist, and performing at the Magic Castle- and the emotional impact the Little Prince made on Susan’s life purpose, how she proudly holds space for “the nice ones” because in Hollywood you can have success being nice, in spite of apparenciesWe also talk about our mutual love for music, my run-in with Spandau Ballet, and her run-in with David Bowie.And of course, as all my guests give from their heart, the wisdom gems are a can’t miss!Connect with Gilles Marini:IMDbInstagram TwitterLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
You know him as a sexy French man who seduces Samantha in the blockbuster movie Sex and the City and from being an incredible dancer one step away from winning the mirror ball trophy on the show Dancing with the Stars. But the meteoric rise of international movie star Gilles Marini allowed his Fans to continue seeing him in a multitude of films on the big and small screen.  Our chat today is about the Cannes Film Festival taking place near his hometown, the rise of international content and talent because of the vision of Netflix, and the power of perseverance that is an essential element to make it in Show Business. We also freestyle to so many more fun topics such as how Gilles met his wife, his latest film Venus as a boy, why he never got rid of his accent and the long-term effects of the pandemic with young people.  Make sure you perk up your ears at the end for an inspiring message about the insidious effects of bullying, the need for clearer communication between people, and the importance of free-thinking.Connect with Gilles Marini:InstagramIMDbLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
HOW DO YOU MARKET YOURSELF AND YOUR TALENTS DURING A PANDEMIC? You become an in-demand moderator in the latest networking app, CLUBHOUSE.My Guest, Canadian actor and producer Bobby Del Rio took a chance with it and it paid off. Big TimeWith a 25 year career in Toronto, Canada as one of the most established actors, writers, directors, producers in the country, Bobby saw an opportunity to take on networking to the next level and he did not even need a one-way ticket to  Hollywood.Today, he runs some of the biggest stages aka Clubhouse room in the film space.Sit down, grab a coffee or tea, get cozy and tune in to some crazy good insider tips from the man who leverage Clubhouse to skyrocket his own career, but most we discuss the “heart” of his mission, which is to help others use the power of community to breed friendships and true artistic collaborations.Connect with Bobby Del Rio:InstagramClubhouseLinkedInLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
What’s God, family values, and work ethic got to do with it?A lot – according to my guest, Tony nominee, Emmy Winner, actor, director, producer Blair Underwood.This episode is not just about Show Business, it’s about Life.Let’s dive in with this incredibly inspiring, heart-centered conversation with an artist that lives and breathes connection to himself, his purpose, and society as a whole.Blair will candidly discuss his journey as an actor, his passion for the Theatre, the importance of family, how his Faith has helped him through rough times, giving back, and the wonderful projects he has lined up for himself as an actor, director, and producer in 2021 and beyond.You will also love hearing about his relationship with acting and directing legends like Cicely Tyson, Ava DuVernay, and how inclusion has changed the landscape of storytelling.Our conversation extends to being present for our loved ones, dealing with the finality of life,  and Blair’s principles to finding meaning and personal and professional success.Connect with Blair Underwood:IMDbTwitterInstagramSarah Silverman To Star With Blair Underwood In Indie Drama ‘Viral’Berlin: Blair Underwood to Star In Cuban Missile Crisis ThrillerLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
Does an artist need to hone the skills of self-promotion and branding? Absolutely!Today my guest, Nicole Hansen, from Ebrandgelize Digital will tell you all about it.  Nicole Hansen is a film and television actress turned CEO of a successful brand awareness and consulting company and a true advocate for women in Business and in the Arts.Dive in with me as we discuss how she produced and marketed a PSA that her 10-year-old son made about global warming.  Hear the fun backstory of her starring in a Billy Idol music video while impersonating Marylin Monroe!And get inspired by this true Boss Lady,  who has lent her branding experience and acumen to work on the social media campaign for female DGA directors for Awards SeasonAnd of course, we have to talk about how she also pivoted during the pandemic, launching her quarantine quizine group to share recipes for stay-at-home cooking. Nicole will also give you some tips to get eyeballs on your personal brand and movie projects and explain why all women should embrace their age, personal journey, in front of the camera,  on social media, and in business.Connect with Nicole Hansen:eBrandgelize WebsiteLinkedInInstagram Quarantine Quizine Let’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
How does one make an Award-winning film? How important is the role of the film director in choosing stories that lift our hearts and makes us feel connected?My discussion with internationally recognized award-winning director Sergio Navaretta is all about meaningful storytelling. Sergio is fiercely passionate about bringing meaningful content that focuses on the exploration of the human condition, which is why he is at the heart of the showbusiness podcast. He is currently promoting his latest film, the Cubans starring Oscar winner Louis Gossett, Jr., and a plethora of seasoned actors. He's also an executive producer on the biopic of Lamborghini, starring Alec Baldwin and Antonio Banderas,  has executive produced Arctic Dogs now on Netflix, with Jeremy Renner, James Franco, Angelica, Houston, Alec Baldwin. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy an inspired conversation about the journey taken to see Sergio’s latest movie THE CUBAN produced and released. You will love hearing about the unique casting process that Sergio uses in all his movies and the work ethic of Oscar-winning actors.  As a heart-centered director, Sergio has also put on the hat of the producer on multiple occasions and is a fierce advocate of being the master of your own destiny by backing your own vision in any way you can, including using your own credit cards. COVID did change the landscape of  Hollywood and allowed storytellers who want to make films about social issues to transform the pandemic from curse to blessing.  And Sergio is ready to fall in love with the stories that celebrate humanity.Sergio, like all of us, had his share of dark moments and has experienced fear and anxiety, onset and out. Listen to how he switched mindset by embracing his inner journey and why he found his calling to mentor emerging filmmakers in between movies. Of course, having shared many Cannes film festivals together, we can’t help but dish on the Celebrities that have crossed our paths and the experience of glitz and glamour of being in the French Riviera meeting film legends. You will have to listen all the way to the end to know who!Connect with Sergio Navarretta:IMDbThe CubanWebsite Let’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
Enter the world of global productions with my special Guest Kayvan Mashayekh. Kayvan is a man of many talents, filmmaker, writer, producer but he is known for his incredible work bringing global producers together as the Chairman of the International Committee of the Producers Guild of America.He is also a super-connector and has created insightful content with his vlog CANNES- TASTIC during the Cannes Film Festival as well informative panels on Producing Without Borders.Join me in this inspired conversation about storytelling, how COVID has affected international productions and shooting, the 3 Ps to succeed as a film or tv producer, and the power of serendipity when absorbed like a sponge how to navigate the Business through Spielberg’s producing partner for Shindler’s List, Branko Lustig.Stick around all through the end, as we reveal the magic of making heart-centered connections and how it can massively benefit the realization of your goals.Connect with Kayvan Mashayekh:IMDbPower Of ConnectivityProducers GuildLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
Let’s do a deep dive on the collaborative journey of making an animated hit movie. Today’s guest comes all the way from Down Under! Warren Coleman is the co-writer and co-director of the unforgettable Happy Feet.  In this fun conversation, we reveal some true “insider” gems about the casting of Robbie Williams as the Penguin Ramon, and what inspired Prince to write the hit song THE VOICE OF THE HEART.Warren shares his journey as an actor, director, writer, doing theatre, collaborating with George Miller, the healing power of music, comedy, and song, and his two cents on how to keep our creative dreams alive.Connect with Warren Coleman:IMDbHappy FeetLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
My special Guest today is Frank Clark.  I am sure many of you think that show business is just about being an artist and being creative, which it is, of course, that's a lot of it. And a  lot of it is also trusting your heart. But even in creative work, there is a business element to it. So in order for you to succeed beyond relying on your own talents, you also have to have the mindset and a little bit of a business perspective on whatever it is you're trying to do. Frank Clark is a businessman who has made many, many millions of dollars and has bought, sold, and started companies. He is also a top Business coach and has a podcast on peak performance at work called Orange Crushing It.  Listen in for some great advice on how to use business skills to make your artistic goals profitable and how he got his nickname MR. ORANGE.Connect with Frank Clark:FacebookPodcastLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
In this episode, I have a chat with the mistress of the modern Moulin Rouge, Ariana Savalas, who has just debuted her latest album THE DEAD DANCE. Ariana Savalas, went from a Catholic schoolgirl to going all the way to London to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. She gained international fame as one of the founding members of the vintage phenomenon, Postmodern Jukebox. Her performances with them on YouTube reached number one on the iTunes stores and this ensemble of talented musicians and singers performed in venues from Vienna to Singapore, in places like Radio City Music Hall and the Greek theatre. Fasten your seat belts for a naughty and nice ride on the progression of Ariana’s musical career but also her personal journey as a woman embracing her sensuality and finding her own unique sound and life groove. The daughter of sex symbol and celebrated actor Telly Savalas, aka Kojak, Ariana has carved her own path to stardom. We discuss the roots of cabaret and the burlesque, her acting career, her love for the standards, the inspiration that gives life to her own songs, and the meaning of the latest album, that she chose to release during the Pandemic after her residency in Berlin was canceled. To top it all off we have to talk about that famous ukulele and her father’s wisdom passed on to her– rules do not apply and that it’s never too late to go for your dreams.Connect with Ariana Savalas:YoutubeInstagramWebsiteLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
Actor Philip Boyd is a true Southern man and a gentleman He is known for playing the role of Oscar in Tyler Perry's “The Haves and Have nots”  and has worked with incredible directors at Forest Whitaker, Damien Chazelle, and played the lead in several Christmas movies and romance movies.  We worked together in the first film I ever produced, THE DRONE VIRUS, so this was a reunion chat with so much insight on taking chances in Hollywood.  In this Episode, Philip discusses his love for performing, packing up his car to move to LA from Atlanta, and how he landed an agent and acting jobs back in the days of headshot mailing and beepers. We also talk about the power of human connection and how that belief paired with a little bit of magical serendipity got him cast in a Tyler Perry series.This soul full actor also goes deep into how important it is to help your peers in Hollywood and coping with the sudden loss of his brother, with whom he owned a Sports Bar with. Stay all the way through the end, for some incredible wisdom about the times we live in, the challenges of isolation, and a personal mantra that keeps him centered.Connect with Philip Boyd:IMDbInstagramPhilip's PodcastLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInMONTHLY MERCHANDISE RAFFLE!
Hadeel Reda has been 25 years in film and TV development, distribution and financing. She's a visionary film executive who has overseen marketing campaigns for the Lion King and Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. She also oversaw the international sales efforts of over 30 movies for Winchester films owned by my good friend, Gary Smith. And I actually remember one of their movies Heartbreakers with Sigourney Weaver that I actually have bought the DVD for.She just released THE RIDE  starring Ludacris that is so timely and inspirational and I highly recommend it. In this episode we get real on the job of a producer, and why there is an art to being a good one. You will hear about riding the tide of change in how content is made,  and why she believed so much in the message and story of THE RIDE.We shared our common views on the power of storytelling and the heartbreak of not going to the cinemas for most of 2020. But truly, at the core of it all, what emerges is seeking authenticity in our everyday life and through film and tv.Connect with Hadeel Reda: The Ride - Amazon PrimeIMDbLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedIn
My Hollywood Journey

My Hollywood Journey


It all started with a Diary entry at age 14, where it said: BIGGEST DREAM- TO GO TO AMERICA FOREVER.Dreams do come true. In my first solo episode, get to know me and hear my journey about moving to America to pursue my show business dreams and the synchronicities and mindset that paved the way.⠀⠀LET'S CONNECT:LinkedinIMDBInstagramWork with me Merch Store  
My special guest today is Harvard graduate cinematographer Akis Kostantakopoulos. Akis has lensed more than 25 films and over 100 scripted and unscripted projects, spanning 20 states, eight countries, and 30 cities. He's a graduate of the American Film Institute. One of his most recent credits is Running from Grace, starring Matt Dillon, and Jim Caviezel. We discuss how he chooses the projects he gets behind, working during the pandemic, on set etiquette, and his advice on always saying yes to jobs when starting out in the Entertainment Industry.Connect with Akis Kostantakopoulos:WebsiteIMDbLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedIn See for privacy and opt-out information.
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