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Is It Just Me? with Jess and Luke

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A weekly Formula 1 show hosted by Jess McFadyen and Luke Smith. Each week we take a deep dive into motorsport's burning issues with the conversation firmly driven by the fans.
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It's our last episode of 2020 and there's lots to review. Join Jess and Luke as they dive deep into a remarkable year and discuss whether this year's F1 season will be one for the ages.



After hearing the sweat sound of the old V10 Renault engine at Abu Dhabi, we want it back ... or do we? Jess and Luke debate the sound and spectacle of Formula 1.
So many topics. So many questions. So, it's time for Jess and Luke to get chatting about a frantic week of Formula 1 action
A huge week in F1 is unfolding, and Jess and Luke look at all of the (literally) hot topics
The time is right to knight Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton, says Jess and Luke in the latest episode of Is it Just Me?
Jess and Luke get stuck into the great debate of whether a dominate F1 car takes away from a dominant F1 driver's achievements ... stand-by for some heated debate!
Is it just me, or are there too many races on the 2021 calendar? That's the topic for Jess and Luke as they take a deep dive into the pros and cons of next year's giant Formula 1 calendar.
The gears have been ground to dust and it’s time to vent! Jessica McFadyen and Luke Smith discuss the Hulk Hype, poor George and on-the-outer Albon.
Is Lewis Hamilton the greatest? Should Portugal retain a place on the F1 calendar? Does anyone else dislike the Russian Grand Prix? Nothing is off the table for Director of Digital Strategy Jessica McFadyen and F1 reporter Luke Smith in Episode 2, Season 2 of Is It Just Me?
On this show we take a look at the F1 headlines that have everyone talking, tweeting and debating. Then throw in some spice with your hot takes on F1's hot topics. Silly season this year is crazy, it's sillier than normal. It seems even though everything got sorted in May, it's now October and we still don't know where so many other drivers on the grid going to be. The perfect topic for us to get into and get some spicy takes.
After Gasly's epic 2020 Italian GP win, Jess and Luke discuss your opinions, and the pros and cons of Pierre Gasly potenitally returning to the senior Red Bull F1 team.
2020 has been a rough season for Ferrari so far...and with both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel way off the points at the Belgian Grand Prix, Twitter has started to call for Mattia Binotto to step down. But does Ferrari need a change at the top level? Or is the issue not with the leadership, but somewhere else in the team? Jess and Luke discuss your opinions.
The 2020 F1 calendar will feature brand new tracks like Mugello, Portimao and the Bahrain outer oval, as well as returning classic tracks like Istanbul, Imola and Nurburgring - but will the racing be any good? In this weeks episode, Jess and Luke discuss if the racing will live up to the hype.
The 2020 Spanish GP was another dull affair, but what makes the racing so boring? Is it the circuit layout or is it the 2020 cars? Luke and Jess discuss in this week's episode.
Jess McFadyen is joined by Luke Smith ahead of the 2020 Spanish GP this weekend. After the switch up of tyre compounds that made the 70th Anniversary GP come alive and see Max Verstappen secure his first win of the season, this week we ask: Should F1 Introduce Mandatory 2-stop Races? Jess and Luke go through what you think. FOLLOW us online: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
Jess McFadyen is joined by Luke Smith via video call, who is now inside the Formula 1 Silverstone bubble and wasn't allowed to come into the studio. This week we ask: should F1 get rid of Friday practice?
Racing Point has proven that copying the fastest car on track gives you a competitive boost over your rivals, so are the complaints from Renault etc. founded? Or are they just mad they didn't think to do it first? Jess and Luke discuss your opinions. FOLLOW us online: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
2020 isn't looking like a competitive season for Ferrari, and with McLaren looking strong after the first two rounds, should Sainz be regretting his move to the Scuderia? Or is he playing a long game that (hopefully) pays off? Jess and Luke discuss *your* takes.
The 2020 season opener in Austria saw just 11 cars make it to the end of the Grand Prix and even had a dominant looking Mercedes fearing an "instant kill" scenario for both cars. So was it the reliability issues that gave us such good racing? Jess and Luke go through what you think. Follow Jess on Twitter @JessMcF1 Follow Luke on Twitter @LukeSmithF1 All episodes are available to watch on YouTube, and will also be available to listen and download on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and all podcast apps.
It's a record most drivers would be proud of - 45 podiums, 7 victories and 140 grand prix raced. But given the machinery Valtteri Bottas has driven since he joined Mercedes, will he always be remembered as a 'nearly man' if he doesn't win the title in 2020?
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