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Welcome to The Wonder Dome. On this podcast, I explore the question “what is your fiercest hope for humanity?” through conversations with an incredible array of practitioners from across disciplines, including coaches, artists, entrepreneurs, healers, scientists, philosophers, psychologists, and organizational leaders. All of these people are working at the edge of what’s possible for humanity, striving to help us all become more resilient, adaptive, creative, and compassionate.
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Dorie Clark is seemingly unstoppable. She's been named one of the top 50 business thinkers in the world. She's been recognized as the number one communication coach in the world. She's a consultant, a keynote speaker. She teaches Exec Ed at Duke University and Columbia Business School. She's authored multiple books, including Entrepreneurial You (which, in part, inspired this podcast, thanks to her wisdom and insight on the power of making a commitment over time).If you’re at all like me, you might read all of that and think something like "Dang, how could I ever accomplish all THAT?"Well, her latest book, The Long Game, is all about the often invisible work that goes into producing the “overnight success.” Because every overnight success is (at least!) 10 years in the making. We don’t often get to see that invisible work, which is why we often overestimate what we can do in a year, but underestimate what we can do in 10.In addition to Dorie's effervescent brilliance, I want you to touch into the recognition that if there's some seemingly unreachable dream you’re holding out hope for, you can give yourself permission to imagine it as a 10+ year commitment. Not something that needs to happen now, but something that could happen by virtue of the small, achievable choices that you could make right here at this moment. Get Connected:The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook dorieclark.comRead The Long Game: Read Entrepreneurial You: out more of Dorie's writing:
My guest today is the wise, generous, courageous soul, Parker Palmer.  You'll hear him touch into his sense of how he was born into the world and how that shaped him moving through life. And how, at age 82, he continues to reckon with the big questions of who we are as a people and what it is to take a stand for what you believe in. As he says in his most recent book, “Old is just another word for nothing left to lose. A time to take bigger risks on behalf of the common good.” What can those risks look like, both big and small?  What is it to invest ourselves, our bodies, our livelihood into ‘those things that we can't not do?’ To listen to this conversation is to take a small drink from a deep well of wisdom. May it nourish and sustain you as we all journey together towards the future.Get Connected:The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook out Parker's latest book: onthebrinkofeverything.comFind all of his books on Amazon,, and IndieboundLearn about the Center for Courage and Renewal: couragerenewal.orgListen to The Growing Edge podcast: with Parker:
Elizabeth Segran is a senior staff writer at Fast Company, and her work has appeared in a broad range of publications, including The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Salon. We focus the bulk of our conversation on her fantastic book, The Rocket Years, which explores the impact that choices we make in our 20s have through the rest of our life. Having grown up traveling around the world with parents from different cultural backgrounds, Liz stands for what's possible when we begin to relate to culture as a fluid, dynamic, movable thing. In the same way, our identity can be fluid, dynamic, and movable. At the same time, by paying attention to where and how that fluidity moves and shapes us, we can discover things that are foundational, true, and consistent across our lives. By conventional measures, Liz’s journey has not been a “sensible” one. But if you look deeper, it makes beautiful sense. For instance, her studies of traditional Indian poetry during her Ph.D. program mirrors the cultural investigations that enabled her to write The Rocket Years and now, in her current work as a journalist, make her uniquely attuned to the questions that other people miss. She embodies the power of following the threads - the through lines - that point us towards something essential about ourselves and our unique gifts. Get Connected:The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook more of Liz's work at ElizabethSegran.comRead The Rocket Years:
I feel really lucky that Schuyler Brown and I found our way to each other through some beautiful synergies. She is a dear friend of David Sauvage (Episode #52), and she co-facilitated a sacred ceremony for one of my dear friends, Elizabeth, daughter of Azima Jackson (Episode #67). Realizing this, we touched on the power of synergies and paying attention to what’s emerging in each moment to shape our path through life.Schuyler brings a fierce commitment to our future as a species and to what might be possible for us if we're willing to face and meet the truths of reality that we might otherwise numb ourselves to. Her work is deeply trauma-informed and it is also deeply informed by nature. As a result, she brings a wonderfully clear-eyed, open-hearted, grounded approach to spirituality and identity.The title of this episode is drawn from a beautiful Rumi poem that Schuyler reads during our conversation, which speaks to the power of waking up to life. So if you are sitting with this question of what it means to enliven yourself rather than numb yourself - or even if you have a sense that something's off with life, but you're not sure what - then the space that Schuyler helps create is a space for you. p.s. stick around towards the end, Schuyler leads us in a powerful meditation that connects body, heart, and mind to the earth and to future possibilities.Get Connected:The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook Schuyler's work: artofemergence.comRead Schuyler's writing: ”The Breeze at Dawn” by Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī (translated by Coleman Barks):
I found my way to Azima Jackson through a dear friend of mine, Elizabeth, who reached out and said, Hey, I love what you're doing with the podcast. You've got to talk to my mom. And she was right!Her mom, Azima, is a remarkable soul who has evolved into an elder committed to questions of identity and purpose. She is an interfaith minister who explores the pains that life brings us and the ways in which we often attempt to run from them. But instead of running from these pains, what if we viewed them as invitations towards deeper self-knowing and deeper possibility? This is at the root of Azima’s work with spirituality, music, and healing.She serves as a reminder of what might become possible if we remember to honor and pay attention to the gifts of life and old age, and the ways those gifts can travel forward to those younger among us. Stick around to the end of the conversation for a private musical performance from Azima. She refers to music as a kind of life force for her, and I know from my own experience, that music has been a life force for me too.Get Connected:The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook with
Dr. Irle Goldman is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who has been teaching students at Lesley University and Cambridge College for 50+ years. He brings to his work - and to this conversation - a gift of loving presence. This gift of being curious about what's arising in the moment in a way that allows all of us to see new possibilities in our lives.But what was really fun today was to hear him start to unpack his own emerging theory about what's actually happening in psychotherapy. In that relationship between the person who's seeking healing and the person who's offering healing, and how much really exists in the relationship between the two.This is a wide-ranging, playful, expansive, oceanic conversation. It exists with the possibility that we are all connected and making waves in each other's lives. The more that we can swim into that and get curious about that - as opposed to trying to control it or repress it - the more we open up to a world of possibility that is diverse and beautiful, and allows for the widest range of human joy that is available to us.Get Connected:The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook The Gloria Tapes Rogers Perls Ellis
As a Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University's School of Medicine, Dr. Brian Dias seeks to understand how our neurobiology, physiology, and our psyches are impacted by stress and trauma, and how parental legacies of stress and trauma influence future generations. Today, we focus on the research that Brian and his team are doing around the remarkable field of epigenetics, the process by which genes in our DNA turn “on'“ or “off,” and the triggers that cause them to do so. What’s amazing to me is that before we were even a gleam in the metaphorical eye of our parents, things that happened to them can show up in our DNA. These impacts, which can be both beneficial and traumatic, are carried forward through the sperm and egg cells that eventually come to make the embryo that becomes the multicellular complexity that is you and I.Brian is very careful not to jump to any outsize conclusions about what the research might tell us, but he's also open to exploring what might be possible for us as a species if we begin to understand these legacies of both intergenerational trauma and intergenerational gifts. He uses the metaphor of ‘The Book of Life’ to point towards the incredibly rich depth and complexity encoded in this intergenerational story.By understanding and interpreting our own individual chapters in this infinite book, and by seeing the greater story we are all a part of, we can begin to heal from and let go of the traumas that no longer belong to us. From there, we can begin to embrace the greatest and best of who we are.Get Connected:The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook The Sins of the Father:'Memories' pass between generations: 10 Most Important Discoveries of 2014: more at
Elizabeth Markle is the co-founder and executive director of Open Source Wellness, bringing the ethos of ‘community as medicine’ into the modern healthcare system. She's a licensed psychologist, Ph.D., and researcher who's devoted her attention to understanding what makes communities thrive. She is also a teacher at the California Institute of Integral Studies, focusing on community mental health.In addition to all this, Liz is a member of and proponent of community living, co-housing, and cohabitation, which may remind you of my previous guest, Chris Herndon. This is a wonderful part two to my conversation with Chris around what it actually means for us to come together in ways that allow us to live together and learn from each other.Liz has a wonderful firsthand perspective as someone who lives in co-housing and secondhand as someone who researches and teaches others to connect with each other in the name of healing and growth. This is a powerful, fun, enriching conversation in that spirit.Get Connected:The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook with Liz:Open Source to my conversation on community living with Chris Herndon:
Richard Barrett is a provocateur of human potential. He has committed his life to helping the human species evolve. And, if I’m honest with myself, I expected him to be a solemn elder espousing wisdom from up on high. But he surprised me by bringing a lovely joie de vivre to our conversation, spiced with a dash of "the devil may care" attitude. As I reflect back, it’s clear to me that this energy serves as a wonderful complement to the deep work he's doing in the world. The work of advancing the evolution of human consciousness on a global scale. I suppose you have to be pretty damn playful if you're working at that level :-)Through the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values and the Humanity Awareness Initiative, Richard explores what it means for our individual and collective consciousness to continue to evolve as we meet the realities of today and envision beautiful futures for tomorrow. His aim is to help more people reach the level of consciousness where we’re aware of ourselves as one human species, making choices that will ripple across nations and ultimately into our collective civilization and biosphere.As you listen, I hope you get a taste of what it is to relate to yourself and your place in the world with this level of dynamism and complexity. A truer sense of what it is to be alive at this moment on Earth, and of what we're all capable of if we commit ourselves to the lifelong journey of growth and evolution.Get Connected:The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook with
My conversation with Netaly Ophir Flint was an exciting meeting of multiple worlds. She and I have worked together as part of a leadership development organization called KONU that she helps to lead. She's an amazing consultant, coach, teacher, and entrepreneur, and she also has an incredible personal journey.Our conversation centers around our shared passion for adaptive leadership, a revolutionary approach to leadership that's rooted in a deeper understanding of how change actually happens. It was pioneered by Ron Heifetz at the Harvard Kennedy School and has been taken up by an incredible number of amazing practitioners around the world. And it's a core piece of the work that we do together at KONU.To get there, we explore Netaly’s purposeful, personal journey into her identity as a leader who builds bridges between worlds, helping Jewish people around the world imagine and live into a common history and identity. As both Israeli-Jew and an American-Jew, Netaly has developed a unique ability to bridge diverse worlds as she works to build this vibrant global network.If you've been sitting with the changes that this year has forced, and you've been wondering where and how to go next, this conversation has something for you.Get Connected:The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook HeifetzCenter for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy SchoolConnect with Netaly on LinkedIn
My guest today is the singular Raj Sisodia, a founding member of the Conscious Capitalism movement and co-author of the book by the same name, along with Whole Foods founder John Mackey. Raj is a prolific author who has written a number of books, but his most recent one, The Healing Organization, is the centerpiece for our conversation.Raj makes a powerful case for a deeper orientation in our global economic systems. An orientation towards people, purpose, and impact, where profit might follow as a wonderful bonus, but is not the name of the game. He asks what it is to be an organization that's not only doing good in the world but is actually healing the world? As an individual modeling change from within for himself, Raj is pointing us towards a path of collective change from within the systems we've already built. To build something new inside of something old. To do business in a way that actually heals ourselves and the world.Get Connected:The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook Mentioned in this Episode:Conscious Capitalism: Healing Organization: Leadership: with
Wesley Morris is a pastor, facilitator, and mentor. He extends an invitation for all of us to walk towards the parts of life that cause us the most fear or uncertainty. Towards the deeper, emergent truth waiting for us in the so-called “darkness.”Wesley is the director of programs and strategy for the Southern Vision Alliance, working with on-the-ground activists who are facing systemic racism all over the South. These are people working with the question, How do we evolve our society so that we can move past systemic racism and truly reach a place of freedom for all people?Together, we explore the question of what it is for us to face the “darkness” of our life. To face those places we think we know so that we can, in fact, step in the direction of the unknown in service of our best self. In service of wonder. In service of connection with each other. All of this rests on the possibility of becoming ever more aware that we are not in control of life. We are life. The more we allow life to express, the more that possibility for healing, growth, for change, for what Wesley calls “unconditional love,  belief, and identity” can emerge.The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook southernvision.orgWesley's Facebook Wesley's LinkedIn
Brad Rowe is doing incredible work at the forefront of cannabis policy and research. He is committed to making this emerging domain of entrepreneurship a space where people who have faced the worst injustices of the war on drugs have access to the entrepreneurial upsides of the legalization of cannabis.In addition to his own venture, Brad is a lecturer in Public Policy at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. He has also worked for over a decade with homeless populations and homeless job seekers, teaching them courses in stress management, goal setting, and relapse prevention. Before all of this, Brad had a remarkable, multifaceted career in Hollywood, including the GLAAD Media Award-winning film Shelter.We explore all of that together, and the ways in which his early work as an actor and his current work as a policymaker actually weave together into a greater coherent whole.By hearing Brad’s story, I hope you’ll tune into the beautiful reality that life will never be a linear journey. If you listen to your curiosity, follow the questions that are waiting for you, and pay deep attention to the lives of everyone around you - especially those lives that culture might tell you to ignore - the possibility for discovering your own path can truly emerge.The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook rowepolicymedia.comConnect with Brad
Ashley Munday is the director of Thrive by SweetRush. SweetRush Inc. is a global training and development firm where Ashley leads the Thrive team of culture and leadership consultants. She leads an expert team of culture and leadership consultants. She and her amazing team help guide clients to create human-centered cultures where authentic purpose becomes the beating heart of whatever else that organization does in the world.As you'll hear in this conversation, Ashley is a deeply dynamic, life-loving person who has spent her life's work deepening into the questions of what it means to thrive in the world, and how purpose can help serve as an anchor for our thriving.She stands for the power of asking the questions that most of us simply aren't given permission - or the invitation - to ask. For the deep, foundational relevance of exploring purpose and meaning in a world often more concerned with fitting in. For the beauty of music, arts, and culture to reframe our everyday experience. Above all, for the power of falling in love with life. The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook Culture in Larger Organizations: by SweetRush: Academy for the Advancement of Human Values: barrettacademy.comConnect with Ashley
Hana Ramat has a fascinating background in psychology, psychotherapy, mindfulness, and human development. Over the past 10+ years, she's worked with folks of all ages and backgrounds; from adults with severe and persistent mental illness at Bellevue Hospital in New York to children at Albert Einstein's College of Medicine’s early childhood center, and many in between.Most recently, she’s shifted her attention to work with women who are struggling through life and are navigating a journey to self-actualization. She helps them reckon with and move through the unique challenges that women face as they navigate a patriarchal culture that prizes dominance, relentless competition, and emotional repression. At the root of her work is the invitation for women (and, really, for all of us) to step into their bodies and into the pleasure and power that comes with being alive, without shame. The pleasure of love, romance, and sex. The power of being a leader and claiming space in the world. The way pleasure and power work together to allow for healing, wholeness, and resilient inner strength.If you care at all about a world where women thrive, and a world where all of us - men, women, and everyone else along the gender spectrum - have access to more of the innate feminine energy and the capacities and sensitivities that come with that, then this conversation is for you.The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook more about Hana: 
My guest today is Amer Jandali, an energizing, creative human being who brings together a variety of different disciplines to imagine a world where a true human future is possible. A world in which we have not only tackled the challenge of climate change, but actually built a beautiful, more inclusive, more energizing - both metaphorically, but literally in the sense of where we get our energy, our fuel, our food - world where everyone can thrive.He's the founder of a new social design firm called Future Meets Present, and they're doing incredible work to help us see what's possible on the other side of the climate crisis that we're facing right now. He brings a natural optimism and enthusiasm to these questions of existence, survival, and thriving, and he's also just a wonderfully heartfelt human being who has dedicated his life to bring people together.The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook
Dr. Jeffrey Hull has been something of a “mentor at-a-distance” for me. His book, Flex: The Art and Science of Leadership in a Changing World, provided a framework for leadership that I had an intuitive sense for but didn’t quite know how to describe. Reading his book was an ‘a-ha!’ moment for me. I hadn't heard anyone else put into words in the way that he did. So having him on the show and exploring with him first-hand was a real privilege.His book explores the distinction between alpha leadership and beta leadership. Beta leadership is a way of leading that allows for more flexibility, inclusivity, warmth, and perspective-taking. Jeff compels leaders who are limited by an ‘alpha-only’ approach to take a wider stance, to develop the emotional and intellectual agility to either lead from beta, or step back so that beta leaders can step forward when they’re most needed.However, even the binary between alpha and beta is a kind of constraint. Jeff named that binary limitation in our conversation, and we started to dive more deeply into the question of what it is to be a meta leader. A meta leader is someone who is neither alpha nor beta. Someone who draws from all of the different perspectives available so that they can show up in a way that is in service of the greatest good.If you care at all about leadership, human development, about what it is to meet the current moment with agility, grace, new perspectives, and a deeper sense of what's possible for our collective future, then this conversation is for you.The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook more of Jeff's work at JeffreyHull.comCheck out his book, Flex
Brooke Lavelle is the co-founder and president of the Courage of Care Coalition, a nonprofit that helps people from across cultures, backgrounds, and identities work together at the intersection of compassionate inquiry, self-discovery, mindfulness, and spirituality.Our conversation today dives into the question of what it is for us to be together, not in spite of our differences, but rather, as a direct extension of and integration of our differences. Coming together in a way that allows each of us to be who we uniquely are, while also being in true community with other people who have their own story, journey, and identities.The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook
Liz Moyer Benferhat is a healer with a big question and a big dream: How do we heal ourselves collectively in the face of the damage and change that our entire planet is facing as our climate and culture shifts? How do we take care of each other and care for the world that we are a part of? Her dream is that we find a way to answer those questions through our individual journeys of healing, which can become our collective journey.Liz draws from an incredibly rich and deep set of practices and disciplines. She has a background in systems design, applied research, and international sustainable development. She also has deep lived experience facilitating community-based approaches to emotional healing and relational consciousness. From psychology to spirituality to the human body, Liz brings together all of these elements to create spaces where people can come together, grieve for what they've lost, and find a way forward in the face of all that we still have to reckon with.This conversation is a beautiful inquiry into what collective healing is. You'll hear us working with that edge because it's something that has never been done on a global scale before and that's how big Liz's dream is.The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook​EPISODE #53 NOTES Circle Training: Mini Training: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
David Sauvage is an empath, deeply attuned to the emotional states of people around him. He's best known for his performance art doing intuitive readings in front of audiences. His journey towards embracing his abilities - not only to understand other people's emotions but also to help them understand their own - is a remarkable one, fraught with challenges, struggle, loss. And, ultimately, a humble embrace of all the things he thought he was meant to run from.This resonates deeply with me. Whenever I find myself trying to repress or distance myself from my emotions, the outcomes are never good. David's invitation in this conversation is to confront that which we're most afraid of, or that which causes us the most pain. In a world so committed to comfort, convenience, and surface harmony, this deeply counter-cultural stance has the power to transform who we are.If you care at all about expressing yourself fully and helping others do the same, this conversation is for you. I can't wait for you to get a taste of what becomes possible as David and I enter the church of what wants to happen.The Wonder Dome Newsletter​Follow Andy on Twitter​Like us on Facebook​EPISODE #52 NOTESDavid featured in The GuardianHealing Heals the Healer Too by David SauvageEmpath
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