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Author: Leneai Stuart

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Collective Balance is a podcast dedicated to sharing our stories of creating balance. Based on the idea that happy life comes from internal and external balance; discovering what it means and how to create it. Topics range from health and wellness, journaling, and work productivity; to relationships, self-care, and lifestyle. Creating balance collectively - letting our experiences guide us.
2 Episodes
The very first episode of Collective Balance Podcast! I am incredibly excited to bring this idea to life and share with you all what has helped me to find balance and create a life I enjoy living. It's definitely a journey, one I'll be on for the rest of my life. Not every day is easy or perfect. The first step is accepting that, and then working to create a "toolbox" to help you along the way. Here's episode 1, introducing some of the tools I use everyday to keep myself productive while also getting to do the things I like and want to do. I talk about planners, prioritizing, and creating routine with free time in mind. Balancing productivity with relaxation and space to be yourself, free from the high standards we all set for ourselves.Thank you for being here!Follow @CollectiveBalancePodcast on Instagram
Short and sweet introduction into Collective Balance and what you can expect here. I believe everyone can benefit from balance in their lives in both small and large ways. Stick around for stories from myself and others on how we've found balance in our lives and how you can find it in yours.
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