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When we asked Fortune 1000 managers what skill differentiated a top performer, "a focus on what is important" was the #1 answer. The ability to identify what is most important separates strategists from analysts. Welcome to Strategy Simplified - we slice through business jargon to get to the simple heart of business strategy. Hosted by the senior leadership team of Management Consulted - ex-Bain consultant and successful tech entrepreneur Jenny Rae Le Roux, MC COO Namaan Mian, and ex-McKinsey Engagement Manager Stephanie Knight - Strategy Simplified uses case studies and conversations to apply business strategy concepts. What does Disney's cost structure tell us about Disney+? Can Uber ever be profitable? What does an iced coffee company have to do with U.S. car manufacturers? Enter the world of Strategy Simplified and find out.
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Apply for roles at Stax, Inc: APPLY NOWIn a move with major ramifications, BCG announced it will raise base salaries for junior employees by $10,000 in October 2021. Why is BCG raising salaries, and what will the response be from top competitors? Listen now to find out!This originally appeared on read the article. Additional Links8 spots left in October Case Prep Cohort: JOIN NOWResume/Cover Letter Edits: START HEREOnline Skills Building (Excel/PPT): LEARN MORESponsor an episode or advertise: Management Consulted Media Kit
Apply for roles at Stax, Inc: APPLY NOWIn this 1st episode of Season 5 of the Strategy Simplified podcast, we bring you a mock case interview, Bain-style. You'll learn how Bain interviews are run, and what to expect in the interview room. Grab a pen and paper and follow along! View the case study used in this walkthrough. Additional LinksBlack Belt, advanced case prep program: JOIN NOW View MC's MBB interview coaches: HERESponsor an episode or advertise: Management Consulted Media Kit
Apply for roles at Stax, Inc: APPLY NOWPrepping for case interview math? Then you've got to know the 4 rules of case math! In this episode, we walk through each rule, why it matters, and how you can set yourself up for success in the interview.LinksFree Math Drills: START DRILLING Black Belt interview prep program: JOIN THE PROGRAMManagement Consulted Media Kit
Is there a consulting firm out there that guarantees staffing on strategy projects 100% of the time? How about a firm that works directly with large cap, private equity-backed companies? Or a firm with an entrepreneurial feel, open culture, and limitless opportunities for professional growth? Stax Inc. checks all these boxes - and more.Learn what the buzz is all about in our conversation with two of Stax's Managing Directors, Brett Conradt and Jeremy Wall. You'll get a feel for the firm's collaborative culture, the type of work it engages in, current job opportunities, and much more!Apply for roles at Stax, Inc: APPLY NOWAdditional LinksLearn more about Stax: HERE Connect with Stax on LinkedIn: HERESponsor an episode or advertise: Management Consulted Media Kit
Apply for roles at Stax, Inc: APPLY NOWThe last question at the end of an interview is often "Why should we hire you?" - but most answer this make-or-break question incorrectly. In this episode, we unpack the most effective way to answer this nuanced question, and pass your interview.  LinksBlack Belt - case and fit interview prep program: JOIN THE PROGRAMCase Formulas Intensive: GRAB YOUR SEATManagement Consulted Media Kit
While we recommend allotting 3-6 months  for case interview prep, if you don't have the luxury of time, it is possible to get ready in just weeks. In this short but sweet episode, we outline a prep plan to help you get case interview-ready in 4 weeks or less.Follow it to ensure case interview success!LinksCase Formulas Intensive: REGISTER NOWBlack Belt Advanced Interview Prep Program: JOIN HERECase Interview Guide: FREE DOWNLOADCase Library: ACCESS 500+ CASES Management Consulted Media Kit
In this episode, we provide a framework for answering the infamous "What is your greatest weakness?" question in a fit interview. Learn what interviewers are looking for - and what they don't want to hear - when they ask this question. LinksBlack Belt interview prep program: JOIN THE PROGRAMCase Formulas Intensive: GRAB YOUR SEAT 1:1 Interview Coaching: START HEREFit Interview Bootcamp: GRAB IT NOWManagement Consulted Media Kit
In this podcast mic takeover, Matt turns the mic around and puts Stephanie in the hot seat! Learn how to get a headstart on the consulting recruiting process, how to network effectively, and what it takes to break into consulting from a non-target school.Important LinksBlack Belt case prep program - last cohort of 2021: JOIN NOW - SPOTS SELLING FASTJoin the Case Formulas Intensive: REGISTERNetwork your way into top consulting firms: READ ARTICLEVolunteer for a future mic takeover: REACH OUTManagement Consulted Media Kit
Prepping for behavioral interviews? Then you need what we refer to as "hero stories" prepared before interview day. How many should you have ready? Listen for the MC playbook! LinksBlack Belt interview prep program: SIGN UP NOW - SPOTS SELLING FASTInterview Coaching: START HEREFit Interview Bootcamp: GRAB IT NOWFree Fit Interview Guide: ACCESS NOWLinkedIn: FOLLOW MCManagement Consulted Media Kit
Enjoy this interviewer-led case study with Tomasz, a future L.E.K. consultant, and Stephanie, a former McKinsey Engagement Manager. The case involves a challenging revenue problem for a large hospital chain.  Follow along with pen and paper and see if you can solve the case alongside Tomasz! Important LinksBlack Belt accelerated case prep program: LEARN MOREJoin the Case Formulas Intensive: REGISTER NOWManagement Consulted Media Kit
90% of people answer "Why the firm" incorrectly in fit/behavioral interviews. Want to be part of the 10%? Listen to this episode for insights that will change the way you think about your answers. LinksSchool Subscription Platform: LEARN MOREInterview Prep Help: START HERE LinkedIn: FOLLOW MCEmail the MC team: team@managementconsulted.comManagement Consulted Media Kit
Abrar was an international non-target student who landed a coveted role at Strategy& - how did he do it? Listen in for his clear insights as he answers the following questions, among others:Why is networking critical in the consulting recruiting process? What set Strategy& apart from other firms for Abrar?Why does a clear resume make networking easier? Why is quality case prep 10X more effective than quantity prep? Connect with Abrar on LinkedIn: HERELinksFit Interview Intensive: SAVE YOUR SEAT - ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFTGet your resume and cover letter ready for applications: GET EDITS TODAYInterview prep for consulting: START NOW Management Consulted Media Kit
In this episode, we walk through how to answer 'Why the Job?' in an interview - and 3 ways not to answer it! Can you take your responses from Level 1 to Level 4 answers? Listen now to find out how. LinksFit Interview Intensive: REGISTERFit Interview Bootcamp: GRAB IT NOWEmail the MC team: Management Consulted Media Kit
In this fit/behavioral interview guide, we walk you through:3 types of fit questions you'll faceHow to prepWhat pitfalls to avoidAnd moreNeed additional fit help? Check out MC's fit-related resources below. We hope you'll join us for the Fit Intensive coming up!LinksFit Interview Intensive: REGISTERWritten Fit Interview Guide: ACCESS NOWBlack Belt interview prep program: LEARN MOREFit Interview Bootcamp: GRAB IT NOW MC YouTube Channel: START WATCHINGDrop us a line: team@managementconsulted.comManagement Consulted Media Kit
When an interviewer asks you the common "Walk me through your resume" question, does that mean you should go line-by-line through your CV? Definitely not. Learn how to effectively answer "Walk me through your resume" in this 7min episode of Strategy Simplified. LinksFit Interview Intensive: REGISTERFit Interview Guide: ACCESS NOW Black Belt interview prep program: LEARN MOREInterview Coaching: SEE AVAILABILITY or BUY COACHING Management Consulted Media Kit
In this mock case interview, the candidate is preparing for a first round interview with BCG. Can he solve the case like a true BCG consultant? The case involves a brick-and-mortar electronics retailer struggling to survive amidst the pressures from competitors and innovation in the industry. The company is looking for a winning retail strategy that staves off the competition and gets them back to profitability.LinksBlack Belt - join the world's most effective case prep program: JOIN NOWSchool Subscription Platform: LEARN MORECase Interview Coaching: SEE AVAILABILITYConsulting Case Library: ACCESS 500+ CASESManagement Consulted Media Kit
How are Round 2 case interviews different from round 1 interviews? Not much... and quite a bit, actually. While the actual content of the cases remains the same, there are major differences in how the interviewer runs the cases in the 2nd round. Get all the details in this short episode. LinksBlack Belt case prep program: LEARN MORECase Interview Coaching: SEE AVAILABILITYMC on LinkedIn: FOLLOW USSend us an email: CLICK HEREManagement Consulted Media Kit
The BCG Online Case (or Potential Test) is 1 step in the interview process for BCG. This computer-based screening tool is designed to weed out unqualified candidates before they get to the actual case interview.  Listen to learn how to prepare for and ace the BCG Online Case, the 3 things the BCG Online Case tests for, and what to expect in the BCG Chatbot interview.LinksBlack Belt - join the world's most effective case prep program: JOIN NOWCase Math Intensive - get the tools needed to crush the case interview: REGISTER HEREMental Math for Consulting course: LEARN MOREFeedback Survey: TAKE IT NOW Management Consulted Media Kit
Do case frameworks have to be boring? How do you make frameworks creative? Do they even need to be creative? If you've ever asked yourself these questions, this episode will change how you approach case structures. Listen now!LinksManagement Consulted Workshops for Universities: LEARN MORE Case Library: ACCESS 500+ CASESBlack Belt case prep program: LEARN MORECase Interview Coaching: SEE AVAILABILITY MC on LinkedIn: FOLLOW USManagement Consulted Media Kit
If you are looking for an ultimate case interview guide... you found it. From answering the question of "What is a case interview?" to explaining how to prepare for the case to how to create frameworks, this episode has it all. Ready to get your case interview game on?  LinksCase Math Intensive happening July 25: LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE - GRAB YOURS NOWBlack Belt case prep program - join the August cohort: LEARN MOREFree Case Prep Course: START NOWResume + Cover Letter Edits (with 48hr turnaround option): BUY NOWFree Case Frameworks Guide: DOWNLOADMC YouTube Channel: WATCH & SUBSCRIBEManagement Consulted Media Kit
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