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Author: Jasmine Partida

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Speak Truth. Break Barriers. Join us as we explore the societal and economic structures that hold women back from using their voice, and speaking their truth. It is past time we come together to tear down the walls holding us back, and hold space for each other's stories.

Host Jasmine Partida speaks with women leaders about what holds women back, what walls do they consistently see women hit, and what are ways we can come together and breakthrough. Join Jasmine as she explores, inspires, and empowers women to find their voice and speak their truth.
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How do we use this watershed moment to demand equity and inclusivity in our educational space? President of the nonprofit “See MY Child”, Twiana Armstrong discusses what it looks like to create a learning environment that allows Black Students to thrive. Connect with Twiana at --- Support this podcast:
Lourie Abadia discusses the internal struggles that hold women back from truly living their potential in their careers, and what it means to LEAD: unapologetically, on purpose. Lourie Close-Abadia is the Founder of Living Up Close; an organization helping women and men to get confident in their own voice. She loves nothing more than helping others get truly excited in designing their own lives and opportunities. Through years of research, focused effort, and the cultivation of varied and practical methods, Lourie has worked through her own narrative to transform her life from poverty and abuse to success, compassion, and agency. When she isn't working you'll find her either finishing up her upcoming book, ‘Showing Up’ due to launch this summer, painting, or exploring one of the beaches or redwood trails of Northern California. Connect with Lourie! Website: Facebook: Living Up CloseLinkedIn:  --- Support this podcast:
Carmen Rosas is an attorney, single mama, author, speaker, and international legacy coach. She is globally known for her work with ambitious women who want more out of life.  Listen in as Carmen lays the roadmap for building your financial freedom. Carmen founded EmpowHer Yourself in 2016 in hopes of creating a community for women to feel supported so they can step up and create more fulfilling lives. She has worked with women who are at a crossroads in their lives- showing them how to heal underlying limiting beliefs, get clear on what they want, and craft a plan to help them get there. Carmen is committed to teaching women how to create a meaningful and fulfilling life without having to sacrifice their true selves. As a coach, Carmen is known for blending transformational inner work with practical and powerful results.  What sets her apart is the combination of her legal education and her path of transformational coaching work and spiritual studies. This gives her a unique ability to work with high-achieving women and quickly see the patterns and inner blocks holding them back from their greatness and shift them at their root. With her fiery mix of Mexican, French and Italian roots and Californian upbringing, Carmen's no-nonsense, action-oriented approach to creating change helps clients shift their long-standing patterns and get unstuck and into action quickly to propel women into their next level of life.   Connect with Carmen! Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Podcast "Raising Queens" --- Support this podcast:
Licensed mental health therapist Nia Ridgle speaks on how to break past cycles of abuse, generational trauma, and why your own mental health should be a central piece of your parenting. Nia's life story is one like many others, where we find ourselves professionally successful but struggling internally. After many failed attempts of using coping mechanisms Nia found to be self-defeating, self-sacrificing, and mostly outdated she realized she did not have the proper channels, tools, support, or knowledge of where to go for help. Nia was left with the feeling that she was stifling her own healing and growth. She committed to embarking on a wonderful, intense journey to self-love. Nia found the tools to live better with the help of a professional. Now that she has the tools, skills, and mindset to help others her mission is to support and empower others while instilling foundational principles to help break unhealthy habits and repeating cycles when supporting her clients and educating the public about mental health stigmas. Nia finds "When you reveal you, you heal."    Connect with Nia Ridgle   Quotes from the episode"Children need to be seen in three ways - seen, heard, and affirmed." "Mental health does not see color, it does not see gender, it does not see wealth." "It's not enough to KNOW - the key is action. Now that you know you have these blocks, what are you going to do about it?" "Either you speak against abuse and separate from it, or you don't speak against it and it becomes part of your being." --- Support this podcast:
Julie Neale is a life and leadership coach, community builder, writer, and mom to two high energy boys who challenge her to grow into her best self. Motherhood transformed her and set her on a course to live a truly E.P.I.C. life. Now, as the founder of Mother’s Quest, Julie is also on a mission to use her gifts to help moms live theirs. Join Julie's Mother's Quest Manifesto Challenge at You can listen to Julie's Mother's Quest Podcast episode on how you can support children at the border at Website: Women Podcasters in Solidarity:   Julie Neale is on a mission to live a truly E.P.I.C. life and, through her example, inspire her children to do the same. Her “for-purpose” venture, Mother’s Quest, provides inspiration, coaching, and relationship-building so that mothers, and those who work with young people, can connect to support and resources, fulfill their unique purpose, and live their E.P.I.C. lives. After a 20-year career as a leader in youth-serving non-profit organizations, Julie turned her focus to coaching, training at the Coaches Training Institute, and facilitating a process known as “reflection” for youth development professionals. Through this and her parenting experience, she realized that mothers need an opportunity to reflect on their own growth, dreams, and plans and created Mother’s Quest to champion them. With calm and care, Julie taps into her own curiosity and intuition, to help her clients slow down from the busyness of life and work, reflect on what matters, clarify a future vision, and move into action. Julie writes about the transformative experience of parenting in her own life at and in the Mother’s Quest Facebook community. She hosts the Mother’s Quest Podcast, which launched in December 2016 and recently released its 59th episode in season four that began in April 2019. She brings the same curiosity and presence she taps into with her coaching clients to empowering conversations with her podcast guests. In the fall of 2017, Julie founded the Women Podcasters in Solidarity Initiative, to raise awareness and dollars for social justice issues through the power of podcasting. The first season focused on anti-racism and police accountability. The episodes of those who contributed, including three from Mother’s Quest, can be found at A fall 2018 season focused on gun safety culminated with an episode with Sybrina Fulton. Julie received her Masters in City Planning, Community Development from UC Berkeley, and a BA in Communication Studies from UCLA, where she met her husband. She currently lives with her husband and two boys in the San Francisco Bay Area. When she’s not wrestling with her first-grader or driving her teen to basketball practice, you can find her squeezing in ten minutes of yoga and meditation (believing something is better than nothing!) and staying up way too late to watch Handmaid’s Tale and Super Soul Sunday.   --- Support this podcast:
Barbara Hoard is the Founder of I Am This Woman, a show on Facebook interviewing women on their stories, dreams, and passions. It is evolving to a platform with a commitment to building up the lives and careers of women, with blogs, shows, classes and so much more. Alongside this role, she also currently serves as an Executive Director of the non-profit organization, A Prom To Remember, which works to help teen cancer patients have the most magical nights of their lives. With an obvious dedication to helping others, Barbara utilizes years of experience in doing all she can to make a positive impact on her community. Whether she is making dreams come true for those who battle cancer or developing comprehensive women’s empowerment workshops that provide women with safe environments to share their fears, doubts, and dreams as they connect with one another, Barbara remains undaunted in her mission to guide others in realizing their essence as they accomplish each of their goals. Connect with Barbara on Facebook:   --- Support this podcast:
I have invited Jennifer Rillamas on the show to talk with me on how women can support each other in toxic work environments.  Jennifer Rillamas holds a MA in Counseling Psychology. Clinical Supervisor and Therapist for an ABA agency. She is an entrepreneur, mindset coach, mental health advocate, and motivational speaker. You can connect with Jennifer on Facebook at --- Support this podcast:
International Speaker, Podcaster, and Women Empowerment Advocate Nicole Walker is a determined leader on a mission to empower businesses and inspire Women of Color around the globe.  As a former teen parent, Nicole had to face many hurdles, yet her relentless drive and ambition led her to not only finish high school but to also earn a Master's degree as well as certifications in business analysis, training, instructional development/design, and project management. Equipped with this array of valuable knowledge, Nicole’s main focus is on helping others understand the importance of effective leadership and having a healthy mindset for optimal performance. This is an area she struggled with for many years, so she is adamant about lessening the time others need to understand the concepts she now knows and the strategies she now uses to succeed. On March 1, 2018, Nicole Walker launched She Leads Podcast: Leadership Empowerment for Women of Color. Nicole uses this platform to showcase leading WOC Entrepreneurs, as a representation for the under-represented and to promote collaboration as opposed to the competition she experienced among many of the women she encountered. She Leads Podcast focuses on topics such as Self-Discovery, Self Leadership, Mindset, Self-Care, Productivity, and Success Strategies. Since the creation of She Leads Podcast, it has become a highly acclaimed and well-respected platform. Over the last two years, She Leads Podcast has gained a global presence receiving downloads in 80 countries, and counting, around the world. Player FM deemed She Leads Podcast as one of the Best Women of Color Podcasts around in 2019 and 2020. While Feedspot Blog ranked She Leads Podcast number 5 out of the Top 20 Women Leadership Podcasts You Must Follow in 2019 and 2020. She Leads Podcast was also referenced in a research paper focusing on the impacts of empowering podcasts for women of color, presented at the 2019 National Pop-Culture Association in Washington, D.C. Nicole is a grateful and proud mother of two children: a twenty-year-old daughter who is currently a junior in college at UNO in New Orleans, LA and a 6-year-old son who is a genius ready to take over the world. When Nicole is not working diligently to change the minds of the people she encounters, Nicole enjoys decorating, event planning, scrap-booking, and most importantly, going on adventures with her family and friends. Follow She Leads Podcast at and --- Support this podcast:
Join me as I talk with best selling author Chandra Brooks about what it means to be a leader in your community, and how to be a powerhouse despite the naysayers. Chandra Brooks is a Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur, and founder of The Powerhouse Academy. The Powerhouse Academy is a program that turns women leaders with a message into Influential Women in their industry. She’s been named one of the Most Influential Women in Silicon Valley from Silicon Valley Business Journal and received the Latina with Vision Award from New York Life. You can connect with Chandra through Chandra’s website --- Support this podcast:
Ellie Anne Dote shares her story on finding her voice as a transgender woman. Ellie is a dreamer, storyteller, Christian woman in transition, and Founder & Owner of Ellie Girl Creations. Darryl Dote was born and raised in Southern California, where he found an early place in music ministry within the Catholic Church.  What he didn’t know at the time was that he was using his identity as a “church musician” as a way to hide from the real battle over her identity.  When adolescence began to set in, he quickly learned that his role in music ministry wasn’t as authentic as he needed it to be - and so he left the Catholic Church in search of something deeper - and found it in Evangelical Christianity, where he went to Bible College and pursued a career in full-time ministry.  After getting married and starting a family, Darryl continued on this path - until he couldn’t hide it anymore. In 2016, after receiving the devastating news that he was HIV positive, Darryl was left to face the questions surrounding his identity head-on - and shortly after that, it was discovered that Darryl wasn’t the 40-year-old cisgender heterosexual male that he had grown up as - he was really Ellie, a young woman that had been fighting to be seen for her entire life. In early 2017, Ellie began taking her first steps, and 2019 found her divorced, living back in Southern California, and a single mom to her youngest child.  Her journey and experience in ministry have allowed her to have conversations with various church leaders about the LGBTQ+ community and inclusion.  She is currently working (slowly) on a memoir, and regularly shares her thoughts on the intersection of her trans identity, the LGBTQ+ community, and her faith as a Christian on her blog,   Ellie's Blog: Ellie Girl Creations:  --- Support this podcast:
What does it mean to have intentional leadership, and how do you leverage your voice and your knowledge at work to level up? Connect with Leena! Website LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Leena Mendoza is a thought leader who leads with intention, influence, and impact. She is highly sought out after for her ability to foster and cultivate inspired action. She teaches the importance of character, communication, and connection. She is a keynote speaker for universities, non-profits, and businesses. Her dynamic stage presence inspires others to make a hard pivot towards their goals and achieve their dreams more than they could imagine.  When leading a team with vision, she shares the importance of aligning your purpose, setting goals, strategic planning, and developing collaborative partnerships. She has a successful track record of helping others reach their full potential. Through education, empowerment, and engagement, you will see how Intentional Leadership will have in your transformation and growth. The most important role she holds is being a mom. She believes that being a hero in her home first is where leadership begins. Leena Mendoza is committed to developing leaders of excellence and integrity by providing the training necessary for personal, professional, and purposeful growth. Leena Mendoza is the Founder of Intentional Leadership.  After 22 years of experience working in nonprofit, government, private sector, and higher education, she became an entrepreneur motivating thousands of people to take charge of their life and live intentionally. Her educational background includes a Masters of Science in Counseling, Bachelors of Science in Health Science and a minor in Gerontology and Criminology. ​ Motto: Patience + Sacrifice = Success --- Support this podcast:
Welcome in. This is a mini-episode to introduce myself and the podcast to you, I am only including a quick overview here. This podcast will dig deep, ask the hard questions, and speak the hard truths as we come together to pull apart the structures, the struggles, the fears, that hold us back as women.  What would happen if we all spoke up at once? I'm your host, Jasmine Partida. Apply to be a guest speaker on my website: --- Support this podcast:
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