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An intelligent and funny podcast about comedy and crime. Hosted by comedian and former criminal lawyer Andrew Paskin. Featuring interviews with comedians, lawyers, judges, criminals, academics, journalists, law enforcement, social workers and many others about their lives and experiences with crime.
16 Episodes
We are joined by funny comedian, author and investment banker Matt Balaker to speak about a subject extremely dear to my heart, the brilliant comedian Greg Giraldo. We discuss Matt's amazing book 'Greg Giraldo: A Comedian's Story', the unbreakable legacy of 'Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn', the Comedy Cellar, Greg Giraldo the man, the curse of addiction, Greg's family, Matt's life and career, Bernie Madoff, the process of writing a book and much, much more!
Joining the APP is legendary KGB spymaster and acclaimed author Colonel Mikhail Lyubimov. A key figure in some of the most pivotal espionage events of the cold war, Colonel Lyubimov tells a raucous story about a CIA honeytrap gone awry, discusses the Cambridge Five and Kim Philby at length, relives having his cover blown when infiltrating the highest levels of British society, as well as the personal and ideological betrayal at the hands of Oleg Gordievsky and much, much more!
A story from The Rugby League Digest (part 1 of Chapter 26 of 'The Super League War' ep titled '100-nil'). Next week is the first real episode back with former KGB spymaster Col. Mikhail Lyubimov!
Joining the A.P.P for a brutally honest and heart-warming story of personal transformation, is career gangster turned prison reform expert and youth advocate Mr. Terry Ellis. Terry takes us through his devastating childhood, undiagnosed dyslexia, rise through the London underworld, prison terms, sobriety, high profile armed robberies, including the legendary ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ robbery, transforming his mindset within a therapy gaol among some of the world’s worst offenders, and coming out the other side as an accomplished author, family man, advocate and entrepreneur. Tune in for one of the most incredible life stories ever! Terry’s books: - ‘Living amongst the beasts: The rise & fall of the Grendon experiment’ - ‘The Final Countdown to my Freedom: Resettlement Diaries’ - - ‘HMP - Help me prepare: An inmates guide to prison’ - - ‘Grendon's Therapy - The Inside Story’ - And for UK listeners – Top quality nutrition fuelling your body  
This is part two of a wonderful interview with US-Australian promoter and author Donte D'One, we discuss Donte's appearance on Q and A, racism within the entertainment industry, US vs Australian racism, minority representation on TV, acting auditions, reparations, affirmative action, working on the Matrix films, racism on the street, how Donte runs his clubs and much, much more! Donte's books on stand up comedy and DJ ing are available now at 
This week the APP welcomes charismatic Las Vegas born Australian promoter Donte D’One. In part one of a wonderful chat we discuss Donte’s childhood in Las Vegas, his barrier-breaking parents, family tragedy, mafia controlled casinos, Vegas celebrity encounters including Liberace and Muhammad Ali, Donte’s rise into entrepreneurship, the evolution of DJ-ing and his momentous move to Australia. Look out for part 2 where we discuss racism within Australia and the entertainment business!  
Entrepreneur Valerie Khoo joins us to discuss her successful artistic and business life, as well as her Puberty Blues style upbringing in the Shire. Classified as an entrepreneur for the A.P.P, Valerie is in fact a polymath. We speak about her passion for feature writing, economics background, writing for teen magazines, freelance writing, founding the amazing Australian Writers' Centre, true crime, crime writing, her passion for surface design, her other artistic endeavours, multiple podcasts and curating the brilliant Sydney Lunar Festival. Impossibly charming and refreshingly down to earth, this is a wonderful conversation! 
Part two of a wonderful conversation with boxing expert and filmmaker Ben Damon. We discuss the paternal nature of boxing, commentary techniques, punditry, Teddy Atlas, Political Science and Philosophy, TV news, fake experts, Floyd Mayweather, Connor McGregor, the Cleo Bachelor of the Year competition, and hosting Middle East racing coverage to an audience of 750 million people!   
Australian filmmaker and boxing commentator Ben Damon visits the APP to discuss his short films, upcoming feature documentary on boxer Sakio Bika, greyhound racing, working with Mike Tyson, Boxing's negatives and positives, boxing vs MMA, his upbringing, being trained by Johnny Lewis, Jeff 'The Hitman' Harding, Jeff Fenech, Anthony 'Choc' Mundine, Daniel 'Real Deal' Geale, Nice guys vs heels, Paul 'Hurricane' Briggs, boxing pageantry, bare-knuckle boxing and much, much more! 
We are joined by hilarious Australian comedian Katie Burch to talk about her time in a US religious cult, her move into stand up comedy and living a happy and authentic life. The stories are incredible, funny, and quite poignant at times. We discuss Katie's meteoric rise in comedy, finding her voice, international missions, swat teams, livestock, firearms, Wendy's burgers and much, much more!
A world-renowned expert on the JFK assassination and Political Science Professor at Marquette University, John McAdams joins us to discuss how to think about conspiracy theories, the so-called "mysterious" deaths, the psychology of a conspiracy theorist, Professor McAdam's amazing website and book, the brilliant ABC documentary 'Beyond Conspiracy', G. Robert Blakely and the House Select Committee on Assassinations, dodgy dictaphone evidence, the science behind "back and to the left",  witness testimony, Oliver Stone's 'JFK' film and the convoluted theories of Jim Garrison, Eladio del Valle, Perry Russo's troublesome testimony, Professor McAdam's Supreme Court victory over his employer, the infiltration of left-wing extremism into US colleges and much more!
In this episode of the APP we are joined by acclaimed journalist, author and preeminent mafia expert Mr. George Anastasia. We discuss George's books, YouTube channel, upbringing and the working class essence of Philadelphia, the immigrant experience and the American Dream, Nicky Scarfo's reign of terror, "Crazy" Phil Leonetti, Tommy DelGiorno, Nick "The Crow" Carramundi, Joey Merlino and the new generation mobsters, George being the target of assassination himself, his career at the Philadelphia Inquirer, the decline of modern journalism and the impact of technology on organised crime.
In this episode, legendary Australian comedian and intellectual Austen Tayshus brings the biggest crime of all to the A.P.P, we discuss the horrific impact of the holocaust on Austen's father and family, Austen's career beginnings under the tutelage of the equally legendary Rodney Rude, his adoration of Barry Humphries, love and respect for Billy Birmingham and much, much more! 
In this episode, hilarious and brutally honest comedian David Boyle joins us to discuss his incredibly raw podcast 'I'm Quitting Alcohol', we trash Australian comedy, lament the demon drink, hear some wild South American cocaine escapades, and analyse a blessed Australian court result. 
In this episode, we have a beautifully honest conversation with comedian Sean Woodland, we discuss competitive victimhood, mental health, history of suicide as a crime in Australia, living a contented life, the genesis and evolution of Sean's comedy career, the scariest heckler ever, authoring novels and much more! 
This is an introductory teaser for an intelligent podcast about comedy and crime. Hosted by comedian and former criminal lawyer Andrew Paskin. Featuring interviews with comedians, lawyers, judges, criminals, academics, journalists, law enforcement, social workers and many others about their lives and experiences with crime. 
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