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Hey Everybody, Welcome back to the Inner momalogue Podcast! Suzanne Hajto is a Registered Dietician and the owner of Suzannes Table which gives parents a plan to introduce solids to babies based on science and good sense. She has several group programs for each age range starting from 0-7 months and also sees parents individually. Suzanne completed her Bachelor of SCience in Food and Nutrition from the University of Prince Edward Island as well as her internship.  She is a registered dietician with the College of Dieticians of Ontario and a mom to the cutest and sweetest toddler! Having a daughter with anaphylaxis food allergies has also given her the life experience needed to help parents introduce food allergens to their baby or to navigate a new food allergy diagnosis.We chatted about everything we need to know about babies and getting them started on solids -- tune in for a great conversation all about feeding your kids!Want to connect with Suzanne?Website: www.suzannestable.caInstagram: @suzannes.tableFollow Us On Instagram!@InnerMomaloguePodacast@ThatTorontoMom@InnerMomalogueMama@StrollinForLattesFor guest inquiries, email us at
Welcome Back to The Inner Momalogue Podcast! We have a really interesting episode with Ashley Baylen, owner of Meet Your Mutt.  The world’s first human and dog matchmaking service. Ashely is a certified dog trainer and behaviour consultant.  She offers private in home training and behavioral assessments, unique walk & train program, boarding, board & train’s, virtual training support, online training boot camps and more recently-  the Pups n’ Tots program for parents and children with dogs!We chat about how to introduce your pets to your kids and how to ensure your kids are safe when approaching/interacting with animals. Establishing boundaries and teaching your children empathy with animals is a major take away from this conversation!Want to connect with Ashley?Instagram: @meetyourmuttWebsite: www.meetyourmutt.comFollow Us On Instagram:@InnerMomaloguePodcast@ThatTorontoMom@InnerMomalogueMama@StrollinForLattesWant to be a guest on the podcast? Email us at
Welcome back to The Inner Momalogue Podcast! This week is a great conversation about RMT and Chiropody with Charlene McMann, owner and RMT of Balance Health Studio in Schomberg, ON.Her clinic offers RMT, Chiropody services as well as offering Custom made orthotics and custom ordered compression stockings. We talk about the benefits and contraindications of RMT for pre and post natal, as well as just for non-pregnant health.  Wondering what chiropody is? Well, so were we, and we took a look into this fascinating area of her clinic as well!Join us for some hilarious stories and great information!Want to connect with Charlene or book an appointment?Instagram: @balancehealthstudioWebsite: www.balanceschomberg.comFollow Us On Instagram:@InnerMomaloguePodcast@ThatTorontoMom@InnerMomalogueMama@StrollinForLattesWant to be a guest on the podcast? Email us at
Welcome back to The Inner Momalogue Podcast! This week we have on Cherelle Mukoko, newcomer to Canada, mama to be, former Miss Jamaica UK and a beauty and travel writer!We are talking about what it has been like coming to Canada right before the quarantine while pregnant! Cherelle talks openly about her experience as well as her time in the Beauty Pageant world.  We talk about body image and confidence and what it means for future generations of beauty queens and our little girls.Follow Cherelle on Instagram @iamkokocherelleFollow Us:@InnerMomaloguePodcast@ThatTorontoMom@InnerMomalogueMama@StrollinForLattesFor Guest Inquiries, please email us at:
Welcome back to The Inner Momalogue Podcast everyone! This week we have on Jamie Kalynuik, Owner of Yoga Mamas! If you have never been to Yoga Mamas, then you are definitely missing out. Jamie has created a beautiful community of wellness, movement, education and professional trainings.  Her studio includes everything from yoga, pilates and barre, to RMT, Chiropractic, Counseling and doula services..and so much more. We talk about community, prenatal and post partum care and share some of our own thoughts on what balance actually is for working moms. Want to know more about Yoga Mamas?Website: Www.yogamamas.coInstagram: @yogamamas.coFollow us on Instagram!@InnerMomaloguePodcast@ThatTorontoMom@InnerMomalogueMama@StrollinForLattesFor guest inquiries, please email us at
Welcome back to The Inner Momalogue Podcast!This week we are talking all about nutrition with Angela Wallace, Registered Dietician and the founder of Eat Right, Feel Right. Angela is a Registered Dietician with the College of Dieticians in Ontario and holds a Bachelors degree in food and nutrition and a Master’s degree in applied human nutrition.  She has extensive training in motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural therapy for weight management.  Angela is also certified personal trainer who has additional barre, TRX, pilates, pre and postnatal fitness and pilates. And on top of all of that, she is also a part time professor at Humber College teaching sports and nutrition and a new mom! Join us as we talk about nutrition for women: fertility, pregnancy and post partum care, what the deal with detoxes is, body image and our new mom bods. We also asked YOUR questions, so listen to see what she had to say!Want to Connect with Angela?www.eatrightfeelright.caInstagram: @eatright_rdFollow Us on Instagram:@InnerMomaloguePodcast@ThatTorontoMom@InnerMomalogueMama@StrollinForLattesFor guest inquiries, please email innermomaloguepodcast@gmail.comxoxo,Amanda + Amanda
Welcome back to The Inner Momalogue Podcast! This week we have the powerhouse duo from The Parent Map!Kat + Adrian Kremblewski are the founders of this ground-breaking (and fun!) family coaching program that empowers parents to powerfully lead their children to incredibly happy & successful futures, while mastering the day-to-day challenges that can often make you want to pull out your hair. This week, we talk all about limiting beliefs, modifying our expectations in parenting, triggers, parenting styles and how to keep it all together while raising good, kinds humans.  We hope you love this week's episode as much as we do!Want to know more about The Parent Map? Check out their links below:The Parent Map: www.theparentmap.comInstagram FacebookThings We Mentioned During This Episode:Books: Unselfie (on kindle)Books: Unselfie (hard copy)Follow Us on Instagram:@innermomaloguepodcast@thattorontomom@innermomaloguemama@strollinforlattesFor guest inquiries, please email
Welcome Back to The Inner Momalogue Podcast! We have been looking forward to this recording with Amanda Jewson from Baby's Best Sleep since we started this podcast.  Amanda is a Professional Sleep Consultant and a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants and has completed extensive and rigorous training in 1 of only 5 pediatric programs recognized by the APSC.  Her programs are rooted in the latest child and infant research and sleep science so you can rest assured your baby is working within not only a gentle program but a scientifically proven one.We dive into sleep conversations about babies, toddlers and even touch on what can affect your sleep during stress, quarantine and not sleeping because your baby isn't sleeping! Enjoy the episode and don't forget to subscribe, rate and review! Thank you!Amanda's Recommendations:Janet Lansbury PodcastWant to connect with Amanda Jewson? Baby's Best Sleep www.babysbestsleep.comSlumber Party Podcast: on all social channelsFollow Us On Instagram:@innermomaloguepodcast@thattorontomom@innermomaloguemama@strollinforlattesFor guest inquiries, please email 
Welcome back to The Inner Momalogue Podcast! This week we are digging deep into motherhood, mental health and how to not kill your partner while in a pandemic.  We are so excited for you all to meet Patricia Smith, Clinical Social Worker and Relationship Expert, as well as the author of The Vow Factor.  Have questions for Patricia, or want to know more about her practice or her book, click HERE.Follow us on Instagram!@innermomaloguepodcast@thattorontomom@innermomaloguemama@strollinforlattesFor guest inquiries, please email us
Welcome Back to the Inner Momalogue Podcast! In this episode we chat with the Co-owner of Toronto Family Doulas, Meaghan Grant.  She is a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Infant Feeding Specialist, and Car seat Passenger Safety Technician. She has a passion for childbirth education, believing that preparing for birth and parenting doesn’t have to be scary.We cover prenatal care, share our own birth stories, what you can do for prenatal and postnatal support during Covid-19 and tips for new parents!Things we mentioned:The Essential Hospital Bag List (with free downloadable pdf)Ina May's Guide to Childbirth10 Ft Charging Cable Contact Toronto Family Doulas:Toronto Family Doulaswww.torontofamilydoulas.com416-834-9958FB: @toronto_family_doulasHamilton Family Doulaswww.hamiltonfamilydoulas.com289-426-5170FB: @hamilton_family_doulasFamily Doulas of Ottawawww.familydoulasofottawa.comFB: @familydoulasofottawaFollow us on Instagram:@innermomaloguepodcast@thattorontomom@innermomaloguemama@strollinforlattesFor guest inquiries, please email
Welcome Back to The Inner Momalogue Podcast! Today, we are talking everything Covid-19/Coronavirus...We're digging deep on how we're coping, what self care we're putting in place and our experience in self-isolation so far. We're giving an honest look into how we're dealing with 3 kids under 3! Follow us:@InnerMomaloguePodcast@ThatTorontoMom@StrollinForLattesIf you want to be a guest or have a question, please email
Welcome to the Inner Momalogue Podcast with Amanda Casinha and Amanda Leach! We're SO excited about this intro episode to help you understand who we are and what you can expect from our weekly episodes!Follow us on Instagram:@InnerMomaloguePodcast@ThatTorontoMom@StrollinForLattesTo be a guest on the podcast, please email 
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