Author: Deacon Jason Schalow

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Iubilatio is a podcast dedicated to communicating the truth and joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by exploring Catholic Faith and Spirituality.

As its name (Latin for joy) implies, the focus is on bringing a positive message of hope to the world. But our goal is to do this without shying away from asking difficult questions or challenging readers to look at their faith in a deeper way. Support this podcast:
5 Episodes
In this episode, we continue our exploration of Jesus and who he is in the Gospels by considering three different passages that give us insight in Jesus as prophet, teacher and wonder-worker. Through these stories, we'll gain a better insight into how the Lord approached his ministry and how we can approach our own walk as his disciples. --- Support this podcast:
In this first episode of a multi-part exploration of who Jesus is for us as disciples, we look at who the Lord is in the context of his life as a first-century Jew from Nazareth of Galilee and what that can teach us about who we are as disciples.  --- Support this podcast:
Hope and Resurrection

Hope and Resurrection


In this Easter episode of the Iubilatio podcast, we look at how the resurrection narrative in the Gospel can help us to find hope and resurrection in our own spiritual journey. --- Support this podcast:
In this special Holy Week episode of the Iubilatio pocast, we explore the place of the Holy Cross in time and eternity. What does the Jesus death on Calvary have to say about God's purpose for creation? Is it just a remote historical event or something more? What can it tell us about how to rightly order our own lives?  --- Support this podcast:
Hope in the Darkness

Hope in the Darkness


In this first episode of the Iubilatio podcast, we talk about how to be people of hope in the midst of dark times. We examine how the current pandemic is a call to live out our faith in a new Jesus calls out to us from the cross to be bearers of his mercy. We also discuss the important topic of mental health and how it affects our lives as believers, as we try to dispel some of the myth and stigmas that surround mental illness both in our society and in the Church.  --- Support this podcast:
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