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Revival in Jesus' Way

Author: Tim Cahoe and Yingyan Qu

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A podcast about discipleship, apologetics, the authority of the believer, and the practical outworking of the Christian faith. My wife Anne and I have been engaged in discipleship ministry for years and share insights on spiritual growth. She is from China and I am from the Midwest but we try to ground every topic discussed in God's word rather than our own cultural background.
24 Episodes
Do you really believe that Jesus' character and his life can be imitated? That is the question! Key points new Christians should know about Christ in order to start a normal Kingdom life. (include church cliché: "I think Jesus will understand I am merely a human.")
Tim and Anne discuss common thinking on Heaven in contrast with the amazing picture scripture gives of Heaven
In the US alone 7,000 people die daily, of these 65% profess Christianity, and only 19-25% of those show love for God enough to be in His word regularly. That is 220000 people a year passing away with uncertainty to the eternal future. As Disciples, the reality of hell should be a driving factor that compels us to not only share the truth with the lost but to disciple those who claim the faith.Links for stats:From <> From <> <> 
As part of our foundations series, we discuss the topic of the day of God's judgment, how judgment is at the heart of the human desire for righteousness to win through in the end and how God will judge completely and fairly. Finally, how as a believer and disciple we must take our actions seriously.
Tim and Anne discuss what God is doing in the world. This topic is often misunderstood but crucial to for us to know how we should live as humans and as Chrisitians!
Tim and Anne discuss how justice is central to God's character and how God's kind of justice is often neglected today.
Tim and Anne Discuss who God is focusing on the aspect of His love. Listen in as we discuss how the love of God is so radically different than the common pictures we have of love today.
Tim and Anne delve into the modern view of human nature, how Christians today respond to this question when asked and what the Biblical view is and how we should live out this real understanding of human nature.
In this Episode Anne and Tim defend the authenticity of the Old Testament through three proofs:Faithful passing down of the scripture.Archaeological DiscoveriesFulfilled ProphecyNames of Discoveries:MERNEPTA STEELEIpuwer PapyrusTAYLOR PRISM or SYNACROMYM PRISM Assyrian Lachish ReliefsTELDAN SteeleCity of JerichoAmarna LettersKetef Hinnom Silver Amulet Scroll
Part 4 of our Foundations series and part one of a defense of the reliability of scripture. How can you show the NT gives reliable info on Jesus? Follow us through 4 steps or "bridges" From our Bible to the manuscripts to the original writing to the authors to Jesus Himself.
In this episode Anne and I discuss the elements of the Bible and four facts we should recognize before open our Bible.
Hello everyone!In this Podcast we wrestle with if it is reasonable to believe in God's action in the world, talking through logic, our own experience and common objections.
In this Episode, Tim introduces the foundation series and the need for foundations in the Christian life. Then he goes on to explain the first foundation: God's existence how we can be sure God exists and respond to the skeptics main question.
Thank God for finishing the Church Cliches series, common lies in modern churches which prevent churches carry out Jesus' Great Commission in a real sense.More behind the scene stories in the Q&A form!Email us: timothy.cahoe@navigators.orgCliche series summary post: most complete disciple-making encyclopedia;Book: "Disciples are made, not born: Helping Others Grow to Maturity in Christ", by Walter A. Henrichsen. Disciple making practical textbook.
The impact of disciple-making seems small and slow in the beginning and that's the number one reason why churches are not in the game anymore. But those who faithfully trust God's way to build the Kingdom and stick long enough will experience the great power of discipleship beyond imagination.It will blow your mind.Jesus is literally calling us to change the world with Him!However, it's not to say it's easy to stick to it. We will engage with you the hard question: why does multiplication not happen in my ministry?Also what fundamental transformation disciple-making can bring to individuals, church level and nation/world wide level?This is the last major cliche against disciple-making we try to share with you. The next episode would be a thanksgiving episode with more personal stories, to wrap up with this series.We really hope this series can serve you as a ministry tool when you make disciples or influence your church to make disciples. There is a huge mission field out there, probably right in your church where actually people need to be discipled but because of those popular church cliches they are not discipled let alone disciple others. May God use you to share truth clearly with them.And please pray for us as we write them into booklets and translate into Chinese and even other languages as God leads.
Part Two on Cliches about small groups. In this episode Anne and I talk about what critical factors can make a modern small group or church into a disciplemaking community.
An important discussion on why modern Small Groups cannot produce disciples.An important resource on this topic is the book The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman.Study Guide and talks on the book can be found here:
In this podcast we discuss why there is a need for stages when doing discipleship
In this episode we discuss the use of methods and reason in spiritual growth.Resources used in this podcast can be found here: Blog Post:
(Sorry this one is longer than normal because these next few cliches take some time to break down, thanks for listening!!)What is the goal of our Christian Life? Is there somewhere specific we are supposed to end up or is it mainly just doing what you can to get better? Listen to this latest episode to hear us work through the typical ways this topic is treated and what the Bible says about the solution.Blog Post summary Link:
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Timothy Cahoe

Out of all the ways of transforming the world, disciplemaking has the greatest and lasting effect over all other methods combined.

Aug 8th

Chris Bodiford

thanks Tim! I will pass this on! looking forward to more!

Apr 25th
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