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The JaxBusinessStrong Podcast will shine a spotlight on these local area businesses.  We will address the following;  How long they’ve been in business?  What products or services do they sell?  How are they managing and leading in this dynamic economic climate?  How are they reinventing themselves? What are they specifically doing to attract new customers?  What does their 2020 growth look like?  And, right now, what does the Jacksonville community need to know to help them grow?  
We talk with Manny Torres, partner with Rock My Image, a strategic marketing company in Jacksonville, FL.  We discuss the Customer Value Journey and how to make RAGING FANS out of your customers.  During this challenging economy, it's about being more ADAPTIVE and PLANNING for the unexpected.  Great insight and strategies for anyone running a business today.
We get behind the ropes with David Reese, President of Flordia's First Coast Of Golf.  He gives amazing insight into Golf Tourism's impact on the First Coast of Flordia.  He discusses how tourism will recover, facts on how much golf drives our local economy.  And, what it looks like as we make the TURN!  Also, some fun golf trivia! 
Coaching In A Crisis

Coaching In A Crisis


I sit down with CEO, Wendy Norfleet of Norfleet Integrated Solutions in Jacksonville, FL.  Wendy is an advocate for Jacksonville and has been instrumental in bringing the Tech Coast Conference to Jacksonville.  Her company specializes in leadership training, development and career solutions.  We discuss how leaders in this new NORMAL will have to innovate and be open to new ways of doing business.  Great insights from an expert in LEADERSHIP development.
My guest is Hunter Nelson, owner of Tortoise & Hare Software in Jacksonville, FL.  Hunter and I sit down to discuss the Digital Marketing space and how the current climate has impacted his operation.  He give great insight for any small business on how to EXPAND your digital presence during this down time.  Listen how he is pivoting to help clients and grow his business.  Tortoise & Hare Software offers personal digital solutions, web design and attribution.
Guest Scott Lara of Cruise Genius, gives his insights on the future of cruise travel and how he managing his customers.  "Staying connected" . . . is the key.  Listen in on how he is keeping engaged with his customers during these difficult times in Cruise travel.  Optimism and a positive attitude are keeping his ship sailing in the right direction.  
In this episode, we sit down with local business owner Alan Vinson from J.T. Vinson Clothiers in Jacksonville Beach, FL.   It's time for reassessment, reflection and a time-out to reevaluate your business on how to improve and pivot.  He discusses connecting with customers now more than ever and more!  He gives ideas on what he is doing to grow business and sees opportunity in this current climate. 
We're Tuk'n In JAX

We're Tuk'n In JAX


What's a TUK'N?  Listen and learn.Steph Dale, owner of Go Tuk'n speaks on her Tuk Tuk Brewery and Sightseeing Tour company in Jacksonville, Florida.  ADAPTING and REINVENTING your business is what this podcast is all about!Steph Dale, give amazing insights on how her Tourism business has been impacted during the COVID Crisis . . . but that is not holding her back from moving forward and reinventing their business and growing customers.  Steph is an advocate for Jacksonville tourism.  She remains enthusiastic, positive and is the definition of reinventing and adapting to the current economic obstacles . . . great leadership lessons.
In this episode we talk with local restaurateur Gary Park Jr. from G's Slow Smoked BBQ in Orange Park, FL.  Gary brings a real unique perspective and some timely management ideas to the "table" (pun intended) as a restaurant owner.  The take-a-ways from this podcast; optimism, taking care of employees and helping the community.  
The BizBros

The BizBros


We talk to small business owners and entrepreneurs Luis and Luis Camjeo.  Owners of  Content and Content Is Profit Podcast.  Learn how the are GROWING right now in this current economy!  The BizBros even more insights on how to help any business maneuver through this current economic climate . . . this show is positive, insightful, and full of tips to keep you going!
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