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In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Kasia Hanson, who is Global IoT Video Sales Director at Intel, focusing on Safety & Security, Safe Cities and Venues. She is tasked with developing a global ecosystem to accelerate adoption of AI, computer vision, and deep learning technologies in physical security and public safety with Intel’s edge AI, software tools, and security features. She’s also a board member on Women of the Channel and Chair of the Women in Security Forum.
To see what’s cooking in the world of 3D food printing, the IoT Integrator Wire editors checked in with an expert in the technology and design of 3D printed foods, Kyle von Hasseln, CEO and founder of CURRANT™ 3D. His company has built a formidable library of 3D food content and workflows that it uses to produce thousands of printed products in a commercial retail kitchen in Los Angeles called the Sugar Lab. Hear Hasseln’s insights on the technology he uses to creates intricate food designs and how 3D food printing might be a more sustainable way to design and create ingredients and edibles than traditional food manufacturing.
In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Rob Risany, Director of Edge AI Solutions Architecture at Intel Corporation. Rob is a visionary technology evangelist. He has more than 20 years of experience working with companies, partners, and integrators in a variety of industries who are creating smart, connected IoT and edge solutions. Rob talks about the biggest growth areas for IoT innovation. He also discusses the "buy vs. build" question for integrators launching edge computing projects and the driving forces in the market that are creating the need for repeatable solutions.
In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Erin Barrett, Chief Revenue Officer at Eigen Innovations, an industrial software provider focused on helping manufacturers redefine how they extract value from machine vision solutions in the factory. Erin’s focus is on scaling the business through expansion and new customer acquisition and accelerating Eigen’s partnership strategy. She talks about the newest machine vision and AI solutions in manufacturing that are disrupting the status quo and helping manufacturers move from defect detection to defect prevention.
A staffing shortage in hospitality has opened the door for more automation and intelligence to fill in for desperately needed service staff. Rolling into that void is a new generation of service robots who can deliver food, towels, and coffee to hotel guests. Listen to our podcast as the IoT editors talk with Steve Cousins, Founder and CEO of Savioke, a San Jose, California-based company that is creating autonomous robotic technology to help people in the services industry. Steve describes the value robots can have, including two guest-pleasing features: they don’t sneeze on anyone, and they don’t need tips.
Mastering IoT Data

Mastering IoT Data


In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Tina Rosario, Data Innovator and Chief Data Officer at SAP. Tina leads enterprise initiatives such as advanced analytics, data governance and management, simplified operations, and end-to-end process excellence. SAP is known for taking data in different formats and different platforms, combining the data, and making it meaningful for business. Tina describes how organizations are using their IoT data and combining it with their business data to make more informed decisions. She also talks about the biggest growth areas right now in the IoT ecosystem. And she describes how companies are tapping into IoT data to inform and direct their sustainability-related decisions.
In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Sunnie Weber, IoT Ecosystem Strategy Leader at Intel. Sunnie’s role at Intel is focused on simplifying the complexity of connectivity in the IoT Ecosystem by building bridges for scalable growth. Sunnie talks about the astounding growth happening in IoT solution development and what types of applications are in high demand right now. She also shares how the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the rollout of IoT projects. She outlines Intel’s IoT matchmaking process and talks about the types of partnerships and relationships that are needed for solution integrators to succeed in the IoT ecosystem.
What's Ahead for IoT?

What's Ahead for IoT?


In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Mike Trojecki, who is a Director of Edge and AI Scale at Intel. Mike is an IoT solutions expert and has more than 20 years of experience in designing solutions and managing partnerships around emerging digital technologies. He is also the former host of the IoT Trojectory podcast series. Mike talks about the IoT deployments in retail and healthcare that really made a difference in all our lives during the pandemic. He shares his thoughts on the current state of artificial intelligence and predicts what he sees as the four biggest growth areas for IoT in 2022. 
In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Dave Austin, Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation. Dave holds a patent for development of a method for manufacturing a semiconductor component, and he is also Intel’s only Kaggle Grandmaster. Dave talks about how he earned that distinction and his winning ships vs. icebergs image classification project. He also talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of data automation and machine learning, and he offers insights into practical ways that solution integrators can put data to work.  
In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Luis Alvarez, President and CEO of Alvarez Technology Group, a solution integrator based in Monterey County, California that focuses on business information technology services for small- and mid-sized businesses. Luis discusses how new IoT technology such as thermal imaging, room capacity sensors, and smart building platforms are helping businesses in Northern California thrive as the pandemic lingers. Luis describes how an orchid grower and other ag industries are using IoT to maintain healthy plant growth and manage water during California's severe drought.   
In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Richard Kerslake, General manager of Industrial Controls and Robotics in Intel’s IoT Group, and co-chair of the FIDO Alliance’s IoT Technical Working Group. The Alliance recently released the new FIDO Device Onboard protocol, which has the potential to significantly decrease the time required to onboard IoT devices. Richard describes how the standard will help solution integrators and how it can close the security gap in IoT devices. 
In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Drew Mongoven, Solution Development Consultant, Internet of Things and Data Solutions at Tech Data.  Recently, Tech Data launched its own Analytics and IoT Solutions Factory, which contains 30+ market-ready solutions that partners can use to speed up emerging technology deployments. Drew describes which areas are hot right now and the momentum that Tech Data is seeing with IoT technology in multiple markets, including education, industrial, healthcare, smart cities, and retail. 
In this episode, IoT Integrator editors talk with Rob Rastovich, CTO of ThingLogix. Rob is the chief architect behind the company’s groundbreaking IoT platform that eliminates the need for code.  He talks in-depth about how AI-driven applications can take advantage of IoT, AI at the edge, and Natural Language Processing to power the next ideas for industry. Rob discusses the company's innovative WorkWatch automation solution that was launched during the pandemic to improve workplace safety. He also talks about how he has beefed up his own ranch in Oregon with IoT, using sensors on his cattle to determine the optimal time to take them to market.  
Robo-taxis, contactless payment, transit-on-demand, and the death of the bus stop. In this episode, IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Yovav Meydad, Chief Growth and Marketing Officer at Moovit. An Intel company, Moovit is an Israel-based mobility as a service provider and maker of a journey planner app. The company uses both crowdsourced and official public transit data to provide route planning to users as well as transit data APIs to smart cities and transit agencies.  Yovav shares interesting nuggets from Moovit's Global Public Transport report that chronicles the severe impact COVID-19 had on public transit. He also describes when we can expect to see autonomous shuttles and other innovations in urban transit systems of the future. 
Manufacturers of all sizes are constantly searching for ways to become more efficient, turning to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology and machine-to-human communication solutions to accelerate and automate processes. IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with expert Jonathan Kim, division manager for industrial IoT solutions at Amada America, a Buena Park, California-based company that specializes in building intelligent machine tools for fabrication in smart factories. Jonathan describes how AI and IIoT at the edge will lead to the fully automated, intelligent super-factory of the future.  
The COVID-19 pandemic has jolted the healthcare industry, causing widespread change in the health technology ecosystem. IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with expert Stacey Shulman, Vice President of the Internet of Things Group and GM of Health, Life Sciences, and Emerging Technologies at Intel Corporation. Stacey describes the explosive innovation happening in healthcare tech, with helper robots, telemedicine platforms, and smart wearables all playing a role. Hear how AI and IoT became the dynamic duo of vaccine development and cold chain deployment and listen to her cautionary tale of what needs to happen next for AI to reach its potential. 
From gathering intelligence to providing predictive maintenance and other valuable business insights, IoT at the edge solutions are making an enormous impact in Industry 4.0. In this episode, IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Lisa Groeneveld, Co-Founder and Chair of the Board at OnLogic, a Vermont-based company that specializes in rugged, industrial computers and end-to-end IoT solutions. Lisa shares insights on what’s needed to create a successful IoT project (spoiler alert: you can’t do it alone). She also describes how her company enabled one client to rapidly pivot to help build ventilators during the initial COVID-19 outbreak, and how OnLogic has reimagined its own operations in a world changed by this pandemic. 
As more businesses and retail stores start to bring back workers from the COVID-19 lockdown, social distancing is becoming an important consideration of workplace safety. In this episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Dave Lister, Managing Director of IAconnects in the UK. Dave talks about the new generation of IoT smart building solutions and sensors that help organizations monitor cleanliness, manage workspace occupancy, and prevent overcrowding in communal areas.
The COVID-19 pandemic has created a surge in innovation in healthcare technology, as the industry has shown its resilience in dealing with everything from medical device and ventilator shortages to turbo-speed drug development to a shift to telehealth. In this episode, IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with expert Dave Ryan, general manager of Health and Life Sciences at Intel Corporation. Dave describes how IoT, robotics, intelligent devices, and data are making a difference, not only in the search for vaccines and treatments, but in research, health worker safety, and care delivery. He also discusses how deep learning and AI-based solutions are already becoming indispensable in diagnostics and precision care.
From artificial intelligence to predictive maintenance to collaborative robotics, or co-bots, IoT solutions are having an enormous impact in manufacturing. In this episode, IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Eric Thompson, senior consultant in the IoT specialized solution practice at Tech Data Corporation. Eric shares insights on what constitutes a smart factory, looking at automation and intelligence ranging from temperature sensors on machinery to M2M protocols to digital twin technology. He describes how smart factories are tapping into automation, learning how to merge the data silos of OT and IT, and re-imagining workforce safety and operations in a world changed by this pandemic.  
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