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Author: The Boys From Back Home

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This is a podcast where the boys start conversations. The conversations we start are very funny! We have many good talks about the Hockey world. We will have guests every week!!!!
21 Episodes
New and improved name to the podcast. Tonight we announced we have another co-host in Nate O'Donnell, he will be on next podcast. Tonight we hosted my buddy Ethan Wagner. Just messing around talking about various subjects. Thank You for listening
May 11th is a big day that will be going down in the History books. Listen to find out what is going on. You guys enjoy listening to a bunch of guys rant about things, you have came to the right place. Follow to hear to some stupid stories. Give the boys a follow on instagram @theboysfrombackhome. DM any business inquiries!
Tonight Logan and James had some serious/funny conversations. Listen to find out what happened
Nate just called out EDP. Today we were joined by Brenden Sanderson and Nate O'Donnell. Talked about the big news about the stock market. Everyone had their fair share of chirps, everyone was going back and forth, Listen to hear a bunch of losers yell at each other
The boys tonight were joined by Ivan Ricketts and Andy Hodge. James and I have released a shirt with James face on it. More information coming!! Thank you guys for listening. Shoot me an email @ to possibly become a guest.
Today we had Liam Thompson and Riley Mastro join in as guests. March 15th, 2021 will be a huge day. Big boxing match with hopefully some fans! The boys also talked about stuff going on in our lives right now, shared some funny stories, and had a good conversation about what is going on in both American and Canadian Politics. Thank you boys and girls for listening, tune into the next podcast 11am EST Wednesday!
Today we had our boys Jackson Melvin come on as a guest. Jackson talked about his workouts. Very good conversation about sports, hockey in general. Thank you guys for listening. Tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am EST for all season 2 podcasts. 3 times a week, Lets go boys and girls. Thank you
The Boys are back for season 2, year 1 we were getting into it!! The Boys were joined by one of our good buddies David Zarins. Shoot us an email to learn more and possibly become a guest one night!!Intro Song: Burn it down, Linkin Park
Tonight Logan and Ethan talked about some American Politics, we also expressed our opinions on current social issues. We think the ps5 is better than the New Xbox. Thank you for listening
Tonight we talked about American Politics, we talked about the big protests and riots about to come to the country. Listen to this to learn our opinions on the political issues in not only the USA but also in Canada
Tonight Logan and James announced the return of the boys from back home podcast. Tonight we talked about the return of all sports!!. We also talked about our personal lives. THE BOYS ARE BACK BABY
The Boys tonight talked about what we thought about Pro sports slowly starting to make a return. We also talked about a bunch of school memories, had some very funny moments in this podcast. We also announced that we have made some layoffs of some of our old co-hosts, we had too many people on the podcast at once and they just did other things while being on the podcast. Thank You guys for listening
Tonight the boys were talking about the Covid-19 crisis, it might cancel all sports for possibly A YEAR. The boys also brought up talk about the NHL and the UFC. The big topic of this one is the possibility of sports being cancelled for a very long time! Thank You for listening to the podcast. Stay Tuned for Sundays big podcast!!!
Tonight the boys talked about the MLB and possible return scenarios for all 4 major North American sport leagues. Talked about parties and slamming dirties. We talked about the big coronavirus topic!!! Thank You Nate and Cam for coming on tonight!!! Thank you guys for listening! Stay Tuned for Episode 9 airing Wednesday May 20th.
Tonight the boys brought up some FUNNY ass hockey memoires. We had some good conversations about the Hockey World. Lots of chirping. We had some talk about the NHL and when it's going to return and about the upcoming NHL draft. Thank You Logan, Roenick and Liam for joining tonight. If you would like to become a guest one time please send us a DM on Instagram @ballslickapodcast or email us Thank you all for listening!!!
The Boys today were joined by Cameron Ross and Riley Broderick. We had some good conversations about Soccer in Europe Compared to North America. We talked a little bit about work in general. Talked a little bit about the NHL and the other big 4 leagues in North America, We also talked a little bit about the Coronavirus and politics. Tonight was a funny podcast. Thank You Cameron and Riley for joining tonight. Go follow Cameron on Instagram @_cameronross and go follow Riley @_rileybroderick. Thank You guys for listening today. Email us to become a guest for an upcoming podcast!!
The boys tonight had some very good conversations about the MLB and the NHL. We had a little talk about the Coronavirus and when sports will return to action. Had some good conversations about just life in general tonight. Had MANY funny moments during this hour podcast. Big Thank you to Jackson Melvin and Ryan Novello for coming on the podcast for a second time! Go follow Ryan on Instagram @nonovello and go follow Jackson on Instagram @jacksonmelvin. Email us if you would like to come on the podcast one time! Thank You guys for listening!
The Boys had a huge guest on tonight with 70,000 tiktok followers we had Ethan Bangs. We had a good discussion about some off ice hockey things, listen so you know what we were talking about. Boys were also talking about parties and had a little of politics in there. Little bit of a short podcast today we promise the one that will be up on Wednesday Morning will be a banger. Go follow Ethan Bangs on tiktok @ethanbangswho and on Instagram @ethan.bangs. We will make sure to have Ethan on again for another podcast! Also give us a follow on Instagram @ballslickapodcast. Thank You for listening. Stay Tuned for the next banger of a podcast
Hockey Time Episode 3.

Hockey Time Episode 3.


Had a very good conversation about the NHL and other leagues. We talked about what we think about the NHL draft coming up and what we thought about previous NHL drafts. We had a short talk about the upcoming UFC event. We also talked a little bit about politics. Big Thank you to Sam and Ben for going on air with us. Go follow Sam and Ben on Instagram @samlaginski & @ben.banfield19. Thank you for tuning in!
Tonight the boys had Ryan Novello and Jackson Melvin on the cast. Ryan and Jackson are Boston Bruins fans, had a good chat about what is going on in the NHL as of April 25th 2020. Chats got a little of topic as we heard some very funny stories from Ryan and Jackson! Go follow Ryan on Instagram @nonovello. Big Thank you to Ryan and Jackson for going on air with the boys!
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