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Join me as I chat with an old colleague and my Georgia Peach, BCBA Kelli Middleton! A total trip down memory lane! We chat about life, the road to becoming a BCBA, mental health, and of course all things SOUTHERN. Cheers to Styrofoam cups and not wearing heels to work! 
Join us as we have a free for all with a few friends! We talk Premark Principle, trashy TV, and lots of other fun stuff. Instagram information: @biltonbehaviour @comm_behavior_solutions @jessicarose_327Check out these awesome collaborators! Cheers to first then! 
Join us with Cammie from @lovesexandaba to shit talk the task list! This episode we chat about the 3rd part of section 1, measurement/data display/interpretation. Cheers to shit talking! 
ETHICS CEU EPISODE!!!Join us as we have Dr. Jamie Redding from Refocus Behavior back on the podcast to bring you an ETHICS CEU. We chat about sections 1.0 and 10.0 of the BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code. Listen for the key words and head over to (go to the professionals tab)! Make sure to check out the Code of Ethics and DM us any questions on Insta that you have about these two sections! Also, check out the article Dr.Jamie references in the episodeCheers to not being a dick (you'll understand after you listen haha)
Hey Clique. We were back with my new bestie, Cammie from Love Sex And Applied Behavior Analysis! We shit talked our way through the task list Section 1 Part 2, Concepts and Principles.  Come join us as we chat all things reinforcement, punishment, and verbal operants. Oh and so much more! Cheers to a breakthrough and finally getting what DFT means! 
Hey Clique! We have a new collab with Dr. Jamie Redding from Refocus Behavior! This series will be a Ethics CEU series! This first episode is an overview where we chat ethics as related to life. We chat Bachelorette, Presidential Campaign, Social Media & a ton in-between. Listen and catch the code word to get .5 *FREE* Ethics CEUs! Head over to Refocus Behaviors Website and enter the code under discount codes-make sure to enter your NAME, EMAIL & BACB CERT # in the special instructions box in order to get your CEU sent to you:, Check out Refocus Behavior on Insta @RefocusBehaviorKeep listening to hear the rest of the series and earn more CEU's! Cheers to Ethics, UgH.
Welcome to an amazing series where we shit talk the task list! Cammie from @lovesexaba and I shit talk the task list all the way through. Todays episode talks about Section 1- Philosophical Underpinnings! Keep up with the series to hear the wholeeee task list and a ton of our side comments. Cheers to Shit Talking! 
Join Kayla ((M)) and I as we chat with Michelle Lipinski, Founder of Northshore Recovery High School. Michelle, a literal saint, is featured in an MTV documentary series called "16 & Recovering". This is a must listen and a must watch. **SPOILER ALERT!!** Go watch the show then listen! Also, TW for topics such as suicide, mental health, self harm, addition, and recovery. Cheers to Recovery and a special thanks to Michelle!
This week we had two very special guests! Jenn (@Teachloveautism) and Sam (TheEdQueen). We talked teaching in a pandemic, collaboration between teachers and BCBA's, ABA in the classroom, and the infamous brownie debate. Check them out on insta and take advantage of their amazing resources on TPT. Cheers to all the amazing educators! 
Episode 16- Cults IRL

Episode 16- Cults IRL


In today's episode, special guest Kayla from AlldayABA (and her hubby) teach me things about CULTS! We relate the cult behavior to ABA principles and talk about some wild stuff. Check out this CULTivating conversation, haha. Cheers to spooky season!*Trigger warning- cult behavior & mention of suicide* 
Hey Clique! Join us as we review the seven dimensions of ABA, chat about going back to work in person, and go on a tangent about who knows what. Cheers to socially significant behaviors! 
We are BACKKK. Join the Clique after a brief pause for life stuff as we chat about staff training and all that comes with it. We all love our staff and think it's one of the MOST important things about what we do. Appreciate your staff, use BST and oh yeah wash your hands. Cheers to staff training! 
Join the clique in an amazing conversation about adaptive fashion with CEO & creator of Patti & Ricky, Alexandra Herold! We couldn't have had more fun chatting about adaptive and inclusive fashion. Check out and listen to the episode for more about this AMAZING lady. Cheers to including everyone!  
Join us as we basically quiz Kayla ((H)) on some commonly used acronyms. Just kidding we also talk about what they mean and all that jazz too. Cheers to figuring out what the hell it all means!
Welcome back Clique! We are so happy to be back for Season 2!We reunited IRL to record our first episode since starting the podcast, DAMN PANDEMIC.In this episode we catch up about Kayla M's new couch, going back to school in a pandemic, Kayla H's thesis, Stevie Nicks being a witch, the #FreeBritney movement, & our love for yummy cocktails. Cheers to Season 2!
You asked...We answered! This weeks episode is our FIRST ever Q&A! We answer questions from other members of the virtual clique! This is also the season one closer! We will be back and ready for SEASON 2! Thank you all so much for your amazing response to our new journey and we can't wait to record next season in person & bring you amazing content! Cheers to a great season 1! 
Episode 9-Meet Morgan!

Episode 9-Meet Morgan!


We had another guest! Meet Morgan van Diepen from ABAVisualized! She's a rad BCBA who has an amazing vision about ABA and inclusivity! Join our informative conversation and learn about how Morgan is changing how we all see ABA. Cheers to Morgan! You can learn more about Morgan & ABAVisualized here! Or Check her out on Insta @abavisualized
This weeks episode is an open conversation about how people in the field of ABA can and do their part to stop Racism. Let's do our part & continue to learn and advocate. #BLM.We welcome feedback and resources to dispense & continue to have the hard conversations until there is change. .We discuss the following article: Matsuda, K., Garcia, Y., Catagnus, R. et al. Can Behavior Analysis Help Us Understand and Reduce Racism? A review of the Current Literature. Behavior Analysis Practice (2020)
We have friends! Join the Clique as we chat with our 1st guest! Dr. Jamie Redding! Jamie   is a BCBA, doctor of behavioral health, a current professor at Purdue University Global, and a fellow aba nerd. Also, she's been quoted on previous episodes! Come listen to the laughs, the AMAZING advice, and have an overall good time :) Cheers to new relationships!
The Clique shares their thoughts on collaboration. From how to do it to why it's important. Join us as we cheers to effective collaboration! 
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