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Author: Drew Zagorski

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Stories from the Drew Zagorski Files - Conversations with or about interesting people and topics you should know about. Interesting stories, opinions or wisdom that help, inspire or amuse.
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Having survived the Holocaust and escaped the yoke of Communism, Les and Eva Aigner's history provides insights and perspective on what we’re witnessing today and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Their son Rob Aigner, host of the podcast Clear Choices, shares his parent’s history and discusses how it shaped him, and enabled him to see resilience in others who have been faced with challenging choices. LinksClear Choices Podcast Clear Choices on Facebook Holocaust Presentation by Les and Eva Aigner United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Oral history interview with Leslie and Eva AignerKTVZ News - Gov Brown signs bill requiring Holocaust educationChoiceless ChoicesEli Weizel - The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, DaySubmit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Squarespace (SAVE 10% on your first website subscription when you enter PARTNER10 at checkout!)  -  Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW  - Constant Contact
Remote learning requires a parent-child partnership.As we muddle through this pandemic, parents are faced with the issue of keeping kids engaged in their schoolwork. What was once an entertainment device, is now a tool for learning. So how to keep your child engaged in a remote learning environment? Get physical. Nicole Drieske, Executive Director of the International Children’s Media Center talks about how parents can help their kids more screen smart, literate and emotionally intelligent through digital devices.LinksThe International Children’s Media Center The Upside of Digital Devices: How to Make Your Child More Screen Smart, Literate, and Emotionally Intelligent by Nicole DreiskeRemote Learning Techniques – Co-Viewing for COVID…and just for fun, kids sing Teach Your Children to Graham NashSubmit Your Story Idea! 
Picture yourself waiting to board a plane. Then, suddenly, you’re being escorted to a cell, informed that you’re wanted by Interpol. That’s exactly what happened to Marek Zmysłowski, a high-tech entrepreneur who was on his way back to Nigeria, where his business was. Marek found himself in the crosshairs of a nasty guy who was an investor in his company. This week, we’ll hear his story about launching businesses, being locked up, and then returning to Nigeria to lift the lives of marginalized young women through the MaYa Foundation. LinksChasing Black Unicorns - How Building the Amazon of Africa Put Me on Interpol's Most Wanted ListMarek Zmysłowski Web SiteMarek Zmysłowski TED Talk - How building Africa`s Amazon made me Interpol most wanted criminalMaYa FoundationFeed for Life FoundationSubmit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Squarespace (FREE 14 day trial!) -  Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW
The cavepeople had it right.Volumetrics, Keto, Paleo, Flexitarian, Raw Food, Intermittent Fasting… there are more fad diets than you can shake a stick at. And every time we turn around somebody is pushing a new “miracle” way to shed pounds. But it’s almost inevitable that after doing one of these diets, we gain back all the pounds, and more often than not, even more. So how do we lose weight? Ditch those diets and just listen to your body. It’s intuitive eating. It’s nothing new and has been around since we first crawled out of the primordial ooze. Marisa Michael a registered dietician and nutritionist is breaking it down for us. LinksOctober 2020 Live Course: Ditch the Diet Cycle with Intuitive Eating  Real Nutrition, LLC Intuitive Eating by Evelyn TriboleAnti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating by Christy HarrisonHealth At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight by Linda BaconSubmit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Squarespace (SAVE 10% on your first website subscription when you enter PARTNER10 at checkout!) -  Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW 
Looking at our world today can leave you feeling hopeless… so where can you find hope for the future?There’s so much out there to make us believe we live in hopeless times. But hope is out there. It really is. We just need to look harder to get past everything that’s happening to see it. For me and my guest, David Fields, our faith informs how we breakthrough to finding hope. And regardless of your faith, or non-faith, the same ideas that we go to for finding hope apply for just about anyone. And that hope lives in and around each one of us. It’s time to take a breath and dial into it.LinksVolunteerMatchBibleProjectSubmit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW – Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow
About 19 million people in the U.S. live more than a mile from a grocery store.These areas have been called food deserts by the folks who create names for such things. But more recently they’re being referred to as areas of food inequality, and some are beginning to call this condition, food apartheid. It’s a big problem. Fortunately, there are a lot of organizations out there working to solve it. One of my favorite Netflix shows is Somebody Feed Phil. He highlighted a fantastic program and a remarkable woman from my hometown, Chicago. The Organization is called Urban Growers Collective, and the woman is Erika Allen, its Co-Founder and CEO. And Erika has partnered with a guy named Jason Feldman from Green Era Sustainability to create the Green Era Renewable Energy and Urban Farming Campus, a sustainable project that will yield renewable energy and long-term economic growth for the area it serves.Urban Growers CollectiveGreen Era Sustainability, LLCChiFresh Kitchen Trina Davila Community CenterSubmit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing  -  Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW
Here are the facts on the things we heard from both voters…Mary and Mark had a lot to say, respectively, about Joe Biden and President Trump. In this episode we dig into their comments on all the topics we covered and have presented a fact check on their information. Whatever your political stripe, I hope that what both guests had to say and the information in this episode will help to inform your vote. And maybe, more importantly, I hope that it allowed you to hear a different perspective than that which we all tend to hear over and over in our own bubbles and social media silos of like-mindedness. We cannot move our country ahead if we aren’t even willing to hear one another out, and yes, compromise to reach goals that will benefit all of us. Get out there and vote!LinksRegister to VoteTrump 2020 CampaignBiden 2020 CampaignFact Check Media SourcesRatings for the sources below, if available, were collected from for bias / media bias chart analysis and reliabilityWall Street Journal News – Center / HighNPR – Center / HighAP – Center / Very HighPolitico – Skews Left – MediumBusiness Insider – Center / HighReuters – Center / Very HighCNN – Skews Left / HighNew York Times – Shews Left / HighUSA Today – Center / HighBrookings Institution – Center / Very HighForbes – Center – MediumABC News – Skews Left / HighThe Atlantic – Skews Left / MediumThe Hill – Center / HighBBC News – Center / MediumFortune – Center / HighSubmit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW – Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow
Hear from two fellow citizens on why Joe Biden is wrong and right for our country.In our last episode, we peeled back the layers on President Trump. Today we’re giving Joe Biden the once over. As in the last episode, we’ll begin with our guest Mark on why he’s not the guy to move our country forward. Then we’ll give the floor to Mary to hear the reasons why Biden is the right person at the right time. I hope you’ll listen to this and the Trump episode (if you haven’t) in full. There’s a lot there, and from people who are just like you… every day citizens trying to make it through a pandemic while providing for themselves and their families.In our next episode, I’ll be picking things apart with a fact check on both episodes, so tune in for that… LinksBiden 2020 CampaignTrump 2020 CampaignSubmit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW – Nest Bedding Cool Pillow - Adjustable 
Hear from two fellow citizens on why Trump is wrong and right for our country.We hear it every four years… “this is the most consequential election in our lives/history.” My personal opinion is that the 2020 election might be just that. Our political discourse is more divisive than ever. When people hear beliefs or opinions about politics or social issues counter to their own, they cover their ears and start with the “la-la-la” that you do when your parents talk about their sex lives. Or things devolve into a shouting match/food fight if one side or the other doesn’t just flat-out hang up or walk away because they can’t handle it. And, for most of us, that other person is typically only a butter knife away. We need to start listening to one another, regardless. In this and the next episode, I’m talking with two people - everyday citizens - about who they’re voting for and why. So my ask is that you listen, in full, to both this and the next episode (we’ll also do a third episode delivering a fact check), and push past how some comments may make you feel – don’t go to the “la-la-la” or hang up. Instead, hang in. Never has it been more important to begin to try and truly hear one another and, at the very least, gain an understanding of where we each are coming from. This week, we’re talking about President Trump. Next week, we’ll cover Vice-President Biden. LinksTrump 2020 CampaignBiden 2020 CampaignSubmit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW – Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow
In difficult times, the simplest steps can feel like the hardest steps.There’s no questioning the fact that we live in divisive times. People are becoming increasingly hard-wired to reject ideas that run contrary to their own. So much so, that even beginning a dialogue can feel next to impossible. But once you make a habit of opening yourself up to and studying contrary ideas you’ll be better able to engage with others on them and creating the change you desire. Nicole Vick, an adjunct professor of Urban and Environmental Policy, and a public health specialist in the city of Los Angeles, shares her thoughts on how we can open ourselves up, and the five steps we can all take to help heal our country.LinksPushing Through: Finding the Light in Every Lesson Paperback, by Nicole D VickAuthor Nicole Vick: 5 Steps That Each of Us Can Take To Proactively Help Heal Our Country, medium.comTogether, You Can Redeem the Soul of Our Nation, John Lews, New York Times Opinion, July 30, 2020Submit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW – LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing - Buzzsprout 
The risks in beginning the 2020 fall term aren’t limited to contracting COVID.As schools start the fall 2020 semester during a pandemic there’s no consistent plan on how to get the year rolling without risk to both teachers and students. And that’s not just in terms of contracting COVID-19. Younger students will certainly suffer in terms of their ongoing education, but also from the psychological impact that comes with being separated from classmates and social interaction. Teachers, who already work tirelessly, will need to up their game to keep students on track. Tracy Stedry, with a background in psychology and a recently retired 20-year veteran of elementary school classrooms, shares her insights about what might and might not work so well, the impact on child development, and the inequities and shortcomings of remote learning. LinksThe great broadband divide: Living without high-speed internet accessKids' mental health can struggle during online school. Here's how teachers are planning ahead.Submit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW – LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing 
In a stressful world, any advice on how to find some calm is a welcome thing. So where to turn to for that advice? Plants, of course! That’s right. When we tune into plants, their music – yes, they are musical - and connectedness can help us find our center and get our feet back on the ground. Tigrilla Gardenia (Masters in Futuro Vegetale, Univ. of Florence) explains how plants connect, communicate, thrive under the harshest conditions and how we can listen to and learn from them. LinksTigrilla Gardenia WebsiteTigrilla Gardenia on SoundcloudFuturo VegetaleShining Light on the Impossible, by Dayna BaumeisterSubmit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW –Constant Contact - Buzzsprout
Most folks are familiar with the character Forrest Gump. A guy who lived a remarkable life that intersected with Presidents, legendary coaches, international affairs and so much more. Sounds like a pretty good story, and it was. But there are folks out there who aren’t that far off the Forrest Gump mark. David Mucci is just such a person. His Gumpian life has ranged from politics to rock music to seeing the world through a colorful, 3D lens. We’re talking with him about his life, which has been anything but beige. Submit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Buzzsprout  -  Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NWLinksThe Trevor ProjectParents & Friends for Lesbians and GaysNarcotics AnonymousC-Dependents AnonymousNational Institute of Mental HealthThe Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
If you’ve ever been through or alongside someone in a fight with cancer, you know how brutal that battle is, and how much a support circle can make a difference. So many people face that fight alone and many of them may not have the resources – medical, financial, family – to help them navigate the journey. Dianne Danowski-Smith, Founder of Answer2Cancer, had all of those resources as she faced her fight. When she came through it, a sense of gratitude and the realization that others didn’t have the support she had, motivated her to create a community of survivorship. Dianne tells the story of her fight and the work she’s doing to help Cancer Advocacy ConnectorSubmit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW –Constant Contact
We are living in unprecedented times. How do the leaders of our cities cope with what’s happening while continuing with the programs and initiatives that were underway prior to the pandemic and the cries for social justice and racial equality? And then, in an election year, how do those leaders keep their campaign moving ahead? Why not ask someone who is doing it, right?Denny Doyle is the Mayor of a big little city, Beaverton, Oregon. He’s done a lot right in his years as Mayor. So, in this episode we’re tapping into that. We’re talking about how a city moves forward through turbulent waters. Along the way Denny shares insights about leadership, dealing with economic turmoil, working to build racial equity, wisdom for the next generation, and providing for the citizens of the city he leads.  Submit Your Story Idea! Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW – Buzzsprout  -  Caerus Insurance 
Ep. 15 - Must Love Dogs

Ep. 15 - Must Love Dogs


I’ve been a dog lover my whole life. In fact, I can think of only maybe 2 or 3 years that I didn’t have a furry pal in my life. Can’t image life without one. If you’re like me and always want a dog as part of your family, a rescue agency is a good way to go, provided they’re doing it right. Must Love Dogs NW is a rescue/fostering agency that absolutely is. Courtney Givens, the agencies President shares her own story of pet love, and talks about how Must Love Dogs approaches what they do. Her story and how Must Love Dogs does what they do is something you’ll want to use as a measuring stick if you’re considering a rescue in your area. Submit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW - LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing – Constant Contact
As we celebrate Independence Day and look at the state of affairs in our country, we may struggle to see much of a reason to celebrate. Certainly, we don’t appear to have realized the self-evident truths that the Declaration of Independence refers to. Taking a read of it will help to bring us back to the reasons for the founding of our country. And in that light, the Declaration is more relevant than ever. As we read it, we can see more than one parallel to the events going on around us today. The best way to celebrate our country this year, in my opinion, is to read the Declaration and the Constitution and to reach out to family, friends, and neighbors who may have a different perspective and talk with them to understand one another… and then activate within your community by becoming an informed voter and stepping up to serve yourself or to seek out people to support who are willing to. Links:Declaration of Independence Transcription The United States Constitution The Declaration Of Independence, United States Constitution, Bill Of Rights & Amendments – Get Your Copy Submit Your Story Idea! Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Must Love Dogs NW
Mass shootings, unfortunately, have become normalized in our country. They can happen anywhere, anytime – on a crowded street, at work, in a store, in schools at every level, even in places of worship. There’s no place that any of us is truly safe as we go about our lives. So, what should you expect from first responders and what should you do, if, God forbid, you find yourself confronted with a live shooter?Jeff Cholewinski, a retired police officer, S.W.A.T. operator and WMD response team leader, shares details on the evolution of how police respond to shooter incidents. He also discusses habits and strategies you can use that might save your life and those around you if you’re ever faced with this horrible situation.Link – Gun Violence Archive Submit Your Story Idea! This Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing
Our Declaration of Independence doesn’t bury the lead. It starts with the core element of what this country is supposed to be about: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Unfortunately, that statement has become only a lofty aspiration and not a reality. Now, we have made some progress in terms of achieving equality. But nowhere near enough. As a country we’ve talked a good game. Then you turn on the news and you see what happens. You look at our more recent history and its full of stories of segregation, voter suppression, prejudice and discrimination – and not just of people of color. And it’s always been there. So… how do we break through and break out of this cycle? I’m talking with James Parker, and we’re talking about his story, where we are today, and what we both experienced throughout our lives. Our hope is that you’ll listen to our conversation and that it can make you think, and maybe be the catalyst for how you can reach out to others to start your own conversations.This Episode Sponsored by: Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  -  Constant ContactSubmit Your Story Idea! 8 – Memorial Day – Korea – Jess Brown & Tom Hudner 1619 - A podcast from The New York TimesBlack America Since MLK: And Still I RiseThe New Jim CrowNetflix: When They See Us  -  13th  -  LA9212 Years a Slave:  Book  :  FilmThe Wretched of the Earth , Frantz FanonFebruary One: The Story of the Greensboro FourI Am Not Your Negro
A story of life on the road and the guy who helps to make it pay off.Think about the last time you went to the grocery store. There are fruit and veggies in the produce section. The are plenty of meat and deli products. And the shelves are well stocked. That doesn’t magically happen. There’s a whole string of people who work to get these products to your local grocery store. That string begins and ends with the person driving the truck, often, cross-country through every type of weather, to deliver it… and it’s not unusual that the same person who does all that driving is responsible for loading and unloading their truck. This is a tough way to make a living. And getting paid when that load is delivered can be just as tough.But there’s a guy who gets it. Mike Worthy of WW Payment Systems came to the freight game later in life, from a banking background. He studied the problem. He talked with drivers and trucking company owners about it and went on the road himself. After that, he came up with a solution for getting these essential people to their payday in the simplest fastest way possible. It makes a world of difference for truckers, and for you and I. Because this guy figured it out when we go to buy some groceries… or clothes, or pretty much anything else, whether in a brick and mortar store or online, we’ll be able to find what we need. Sponsored by: WW Payment Systems  l  Theresa Springer, Movement Mortgage  l  buzzsproutSubmit Your Story Idea!
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