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Author: British Parking Association

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If you like to hear information straight from the source, then tune in to Beyond Parking where Joey McLaughlan and Julian O’Kelly will be providing unique insights into the parking sector. Each podcast includes interviews with experts and business leaders facing different challenges in the sector as well as light-hearted chat from our hosts. If you want a perspective of parking in the round rather than a rectangle, then this is the podcast for you!
13 Episodes
The world of automated cars –the law, the implications for the parking sector and the future we can all expect are unpacked by leading author and Barrister Alex Glassbrook. He looks toward the future of automated vehicles while giving a nod to past technological advances that also seemed to feel like they happened over night. This is a detailed and thoroughly immersive episode that is informed by Alex’s experience as a Barrister who's work significantly involves road transport . This is not one to miss! If you would like to have a read of Alex's latest book it is available here: 
Focusing on support, adding another layer of connectivity and engaging with women across the parking sector is just a few things the group is hoping to achieve. Listen to how the Women In Parking working group will work together to focus on things that will make a meaningful difference.
Open your minds to a new way of thinking! We learn from internationally renowned Keynote speaker and transformational coach Piers Thurston on how to be more enlightened in every aspect of our lives. We hear his compelling thoughts on how seeing the world from ‘inside out’ can be life changing in how we deal with everyday challenges and opportunities. In his own words ‘press pause on what you know, get curious!’. This is the final episode in our mini series interviewing speakers from our Brave New World virtual conference. If you are a member of the BPA and would like to watch Pier's Keynote follow this link: 
We speak with futurist Matt O'Neill who provides a compelling vision of how our changing work culture and innovations in virtual reality, artificial intelligence and e-commerce are paving the way for a brave new world in parking and mobility. If you are a member of the BPA and would like to watch any of the conference follow this link: 
Welcome to our Annual Conference mini-series, where we ask “How can we predict what happens next?” We hear from Holly Cooper a Vice President with Conduent about their technology and innovation projects in mobility and public safety. She has great insights into what’s happening in the US and how we’re constantly learning from each other. You can register now for the BPA’s FREE Annual Conference 
Get the big picture view on the parking sector. In the second of this two-parter UCL’s Professor Peter Jones gives a fascinating insight into a three-year research project to optimise road, kerbside and footway space in five European cities. Also find out his predictions on what will be the pressures on the kerbside and the role of dynamic parking in 2040! To find out more about his projects go to
Get the big picture view on the parking sector. In the first of this two-parter UCL’s Professor Peter Jones looks at where parking sits within transport planning, how we address congestion, and how we compare to our European counterparts in balancing the needs of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.
Connecting the Value

Connecting the Value


Car parks could be the energy, data and logistic hubs of the future. In this episode Dr Ralitsa Hiteva from the University of Sussex explores this world, providing an insight to the Connected Values and Transpark research partnerships with the BPA. You can get involved in Transpark by registering for the interactive workshop on 29 July here, and see our interactive EV Charge Point map here, ahead of our publication of the Connected Values report.
We take a journey through the world of parking with BPA Chair Nigel Williams. An architect by training, Nigel now shapes the future of parking through his roles in the BPA, EPA and a consultancy focused on opening up data to benefit operators and customers alike.
Is Automatic Number Plate Recognition king when it comes to hands-free parking management? Decide for yourself - listen to this podcast of Andie Walton, Head of Marketing at ParkingEye, who wows us with her whistle-stop tour of the surprise benefits of ANPR, how it is being used to improve customer experience, and her predictions on which bits of the parking sector will pick up over the coming months. 
Parking and cycling – not topics you’d generally put together!  But as we ease out of lockdown everyone’s talking about Active Travel, micro-mobility and how we can make our towns and cities cleaner, greener and safer places to live and travel in. In this podcast Julian Scriven, MD of Brompton Bike Hire, shares a wealth of insights and ideas borne from the success story  that is Brompton. He points to a future where the parking and cycling worlds  work more collaboratively to make getting from A to B a more positive and healthy experience for everyone. Take a listen- we guarantee  you’ll want to ride your bicycle by the end of it!
Today’s guest is Dan Hubert, CEO of Appyway, a leading player in the digitisation of the kerbside. Joey and Julian hear how his ‘parking pain’ led to establishing a company developing innovative digital solutions for parking. Dan also shares lessons from his background in advertising, thoughts on change management and collaboration, with a little horizon scanning thrown in.
P for Pandemic

P for Pandemic


COVID-19 has changed parking virtually over-night.  Joey and Julian discuss the impact of the pandemic with guests Anthony Eskinazi CEO of Just Park, Harrison Woods CEO of Your Parking Space and Ali Tooze, BPA local authority account manager.  Hear how our members formed a unique collaboration in record time to provide a free-parking website for NHS and critical care workers, what the pandemic has meant for tech businesses and what they believe will happen to the sector once lockdown has lifted.  Ali Tooze shares what Civil Enforcement Officers are experiencing despite fewer motorist on our roads.
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