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Author: Mir Demir Demirer

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📍 Basket Talks is a Media Organ That Only Produces Content About Basketball for Young Players and Coaches!

110 Episodes
In this episode, we are joined by Youssef Jaroudi, the assistant coach of the Alba Berlin Women's basketball team, at the Alba Berlin training facility. We discuss his advice for young aspiring players, delve into the realm of German basketball, and touch on the essentials of the game. This interview was directed by one of Europe's finest, Hasan Kuyucu. Enjoy the insights and camaraderie as you watch! ⏱️⏱️VIDEO CHAPTERS⏱️⏱️ 00:00 - Welcome 00:27 - Trainings in Alba Berlin 01:05 - Who Is Youssef Jaroudi? 01:38 - His Coaching Philosophy 02:27 - German Basketball System 03:18 - Important Things Of On And Off The Court 03:56 - Tips For Young Players 05:35 - Differences With Training Men's and Women's 07:02 - Most Challenging Part Of Working With Women's 07:48 - His Best Memories With Alba Berlin 09:21 - How to Find the Right Mentor 10:26 - His Coaching Philosophy On Player Development 11:43 - Tips For Young Coaches 13:27 - MUSTS OF BBALL 14:30 - Goodbye :/
🔥🏀 LEGEND Dorian A. Lee 🔥🏀 Dive deep into the mind of basketball genius Dorian A. Lee in our latest exclusive sit-down! From his illustrious playing days to his innovative coaching strategies, we cover it all. 🎙 Highlights: 🏆 Hear firsthand accounts of Dorian's iconic moments on the court and the challenges that shaped his legacy. 🧠 Learn about his unique coaching methodology, influenced by personal trials and triumphs. 🌍 Discover the nuances of training athletes across various countries - the challenges, rewards, and unforgettable experiences. 📈 Understand the core principles of his transformative training system and its direct influence on in-game magic. 🌟 Find out the secret challenges of mentoring young prodigies and the mistakes they often make on and off the court. 🔮 Get a glimpse into the future vision of B’Ball 101… 📘 Absorb invaluable advice for aspiring coaches and strategies to help players combat the pressures of high-stakes games. 🌐 Dorian's insights into the future of basketball development globally will leave you pondering the endless possibilities. Whether you're a basketball enthusiast, an aspiring player, coach, or just someone who loves a story of passion and perseverance, this interview is a MUST-WATCH! ⏱️⏱️VIDEO CHAPTERS⏱️⏱️ 00:00 Welcome 01:15 Update on BBALL 101 Trainings 01:55 Former Player's Career: Challenges, Milestones & Lessons 05:46 Challenges of Working with Younger Players 08:25 Principles of Training System & Impact on In-Game Performance 12:10 ''Could You Be The Reason Your Kid Is Trash'' Book 15:20 Key Skills for Young Players, Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them 18:44 CEO's Vision for the Future of B’Ball 101, LLC 22:19 MUSTS OF BASKETBALL 👉 Don't forget to SHARE & FOLLOW for more! 🏀🔥
Dive into the world of basketball with renowned Vancouver basketball coach, Jonathan Thompson! Jonathan delves deep into his journey, from being a childhood fan to a transformative figure in the sport. Explore the flourishing basketball culture in Vancouver, its post-COVID surge, and the rippling impact of the Raptors' championship win on the Canadian sports scene. Discover how the unique West Coast vibe and Jonathan's Bahamian roots mold his distinct coaching style! 🌿 Jonathan shares indispensable advice for budding coaches and players, emphasizing a 'progression mindset' and the significance of self-awareness, continuous improvement, and authenticity in this competitive industry. Watch to unlock a trove of basketball wisdom, personal insights, and motivational anecdotes! Find out how basketball is more than just a game—it’s a way of life! ⏱️⏱️CHAPTERS⏱️⏱️ 00:00 Welcome 00:47 Who is Jonathan Thompson 02:30 How do JT manage to maintain his connections and ensure that each athlete gets the attention they deserve? 03:27 Next Generation Athletes in the next 5 years 04:50 Training players as they age 06:00 Basketball In Canada 07:22 "progression mindset" 09:15 Advice for someone looking to follow in JT's footsteps 10:20 Suggestions for young players 11:40 MUSTS OF BASKETBALL 13:06 Bye bye
Welcome to a new episode of "Basket Talks: Path to Greatness," the podcast dedicated to inspiring the next generation of basketball stars. In this exciting 3-4 minute episode, we delve into a motivational story designed to fuel your passion and guide you towards achieving your NBA dreams. 🏀 Episode Highlights: Setting Goals: Learn the importance of setting specific, measurable goals and how to effectively use them to fuel your journey. Quality Practice: Discover why "practice makes perfect" is more than just a saying and how to make every session count. Overcoming Adversity: Hear about embracing challenges, learning from setbacks, and using them to strengthen your resolve. Support Systems: Understand the vital role of teammates, coaches, family, and friends in your journey to greatness. Enjoying the Journey: A reminder that basketball is a game meant to be loved, and enjoying it is as crucial as working hard. 🎧 In This Episode: [00:00] Introduction to "Basket Talks: Path to Greatness" [00:30] The journey to success in basketball [01:15] Setting and pursuing your basketball goals [02:00] The essence of quality practice [02:45] Handling setbacks and learning from them [03:15] The importance of a strong support system [03:45] Remembering to enjoy the game 👟 Closing Thoughts: Remember, your path to basketball greatness is a combination of dedication, hard work, learning, support, and enjoyment. Stay committed, stay focused, and most importantly, enjoy every moment of your basketball journey.
 📍In this interview, Coach Dan Hughes shares his remarkable basketball journey from player to one of the most successful coaches in the WNBA. He reflects on the challenges and triumphs he experienced along the way. Coach Hughes emphasizes the importance of player development and tailoring coaching to individual strengths. He believes in empowering players and allowing them to define their own game while also focusing on improving their weaknesses. He discusses his ability to adapt to new teams and environments, attributing his success to changing team culture and building strong relationships with players and staff. Coach Hughes also highlights the differences between coaching men's and women's basketball, and how understanding how players learn is crucial in both cases. He shares memorable experiences from his time with USA Basketball and provides advice for players and coaches. Additionally, he talks about his passion for broadcasting and how it allows him to continue being involved in the game he loves. He concludes by discussing the evolution of basketball and the importance of teamwork and fundamental skills in the sport. Support the showYouTube;;
📍Join us for an exclusive interview with a seasoned basketball coach as she shares her journey, experiences, and valuable insights from the world of basketball. Discover her passion for the game, the differences between coaching men's and women's basketball, the role of data analytics, and the essential elements for success on and off the court. Gain valuable advice for aspiring players and coaches, and explore the exciting world of basketball through her eyes. Don't miss out on this captivating discussion with a highly regarded basketball coach!⏱️⏱️CHAPTERS⏱️⏱️00:00 Welcome!00:48 Who is Addison Walters01:35 Journey as an NBA networker? How did she enter Summer League? Addi explain how and why she became a coach.03:45 As a former collegiate player and Minnesota Timberwolves coach with men's and women's basketball experience, differences between man's and woman's basketball05:17 What measurements are most important, and how can they ensure that your coaching staff can use them to improve player performance and team strategies?06:56 Differences between European and NBA basketball09:26 If a talented young player from another country aspires to join the Minnesota Timberwolves, what steps do she recommend they take? Is there a specific pathway or set of criteria they should be aware of?10:56 Advices for Girls who want to play top leagues11:50 Advices for new to coaching or aspiring to enter this profession12:35 "MUSTS" of the game of basketball13:34 GoodbyeSupport the showYouTube;;
📍 Join us in this enlightening podcast episode featuring a distinguished basketball coach, celebrated for leading his team to a championship victory and earning 'Coach of the Year'. We dive into his journey, discuss his coaching strategies, and the significance of fundamentals in basketball. This episode is packed with valuable insights for budding coaches, professional players, and basketball fans.Support the showYouTube;;
📍 Bu özel röportajda, çok deneyimli bir basketbol antrenörü, oyuna dair görüşlerini, antrenörlüğe olan tutkusunu ve yaklaşan saygın bir basketbol konferansına katılımını paylaşıyor. Sağlam bir temel oluşturmanın, oyunculara önem vermenin ve kişisel kazanç yerine diğerlerine yardım etmeye odaklanmanın önemini vurguluyor. Ayrıca, kolej veya profesyonel basketbol oynamayı hedefleyen genç oyuncular ve antrenörler için önemli tavsiyelerde bulunuyor. Kaçırmamanız gereken bu içgörüleri öğrenmek ve yaklaşan basketbol kampları ve daha fazlası için kendisi ve diğer antrenörleri sosyal medyada takip etmek için şimdi izleyin!📍In this interview, a highly experienced basketball coach shares his insights on the game, his passion for coaching, and his upcoming participation in a prestigious basketball conference. He emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation, caring for players, and focusing on helping others instead of personal gain. Additionally, he provides valuable advice for young players and coaches, including common mistakes to avoid and tips for those aspiring to play college or professional basketball. Don't miss out on his insider knowledge and make sure to follow him and other coaches on social media for updates on upcoming basketball camps and more. Boost your basketball skills with this must-watch interview!Support the showYouTube;;
 📍L.D. Williams, assistant player development coach for the Brooklyn Nets, was our guest on the most recent episode. We received valuable information from him regarding the strategies they employ to achieve success, the player selection process, and how to become an NBA player. In addition, we learned intriguing details about L.D. Williams' basketball career. Start viewing immediately because you won't want to miss this episode! We're talking about Just Basketball, Mir Demir Demirer...📍Yeni bölümümüzde, Brooklyn Nets'in yardımcı oyuncu geliştirme koçu L.D. Williams konuğumuz oldu. Onunla, başarıya ulaşmak için kullandıkları taktikler, bir oyuncuyu neye göre seçtikleri, nasıl NBA oyuuncusu olunacağı hakkında önemli bilgiler aldık. Ayrıca L.D. Williams'ın basketbol kariyeri hakkında da ilginç hikayeler dinledik. Kaçırmak istemeyeceğiniz bir bölüm için hemen izlemeye başlayın! Biz Sadece Basketbol hakkında kounuşmaya devam edeceğiz, Mir Demir Demirer... Support the showYouTube;;
Basket Talks InfoMore than a tournament.An unforgettable experience.📍Euro Youth Basketball Cup is considered to be one of the most prestigious youth basketball competitions in Europe!--------Bir turnuvadan daha fazlası.Unutulmaz bir deneyim.📍Euro Youth Basketball Cup, Avrupa'nın en prestijli genç basketbol müsabakalarından biri olarak kabul ediliyor!Support the showYouTube;;
📍In the 74th episode of "Basket Talks," we had the pleasure of hosting Drew Hanlen, one of the most respected NBA trainers in the world. Drew has trained top players such as Jayson Tattum, Kevin Durant, Zack Lavine and Joel Embid and is known for his expertise in basketball and business. As the CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball and a sought-after speaker. In this episode, we take a deep dive into Drew's daily practices and advice for young players and coaches. Join us as if you want to improve! We're going to talk about just basketball, Mir Demir Demirer...📍74. Bölümümüzde "Basket Talks" olarak, dünyanın en saygın NBA antrenörlerinden biri olan Drew Hanlen'i ağırlamaktan mutluluk duyduk. Drew, Jayson Tattum ve Joel Embid gibi üst düzey oyuncuları eğitmesiyle bilinir ve basketbolda ve iş dünyasında uzmanlığıyla tanınır. Pure Sweat Basketball'ın CEO'su ve aranan bir konuşmacı olarak, bu bölümde Drew'un günlük pratiklerine ve genç oyuncular ve antrenörler için tavsiyelerine derinlemesine bir bakış atıyoruz. Kendinizi geliştirmek istiyorsanız bize katılın! Biz sadece basketbol konuşmaya devam edeceğiz, Mir Demir Demirer...Support the showYouTube;;
📍In the 73rd episode of "Basket Talks," we had the honor of being joined by one of the world's first and best basketball individual trainers, a legend, mentor, and leader, Ganon Baker. We had an in-depth discussion about life and mentality, which was particularly relevant for young players and coaches. We're going to talk about just basketball, Mir Demir Demirer...📍Basket Talks'un 73. bölümünde dünyanın ilk ve en iyi basketbol bireysel antrenörlerinden biri, bir efsane, mentor, lider Ganon Baker ile birlikteydik. Genç oyuncular ve antrenörler, hayat ve mentalite hakkında derinlemesine konuştuk. Biz sadece basketbol konuşmaya devam edeceğiz, Mir Demir Demirer...Support the showYouTube;;
📍 In the 72nd episode of 'Basket Talks', we had the pleasure of chatting with Pablo del Tio, assistant coach of Joventut Badalona. We talked with the coach about ACB, youth basketball, defense in general, and zone defense. We also discussed common mistakes made by young players. It was a great conversation! We're going to talk about just basketball, Mir Demir Demirer...📍Basket Talks'un 72. bölümünde Joventut Badalona'nın yardımcı antrenörü Pablo del Tio ile birlikteydik. Koç ile ACB, Altyapı basketbolu, genel anlamı ile savunma ve Zone savunma, gençlerin yaptığı yayıgın hatalar üzerine konuştuk. Biz sadece basketbol konuşmaya devam edeceğiz, Mir Demir Demirer...Support the showYouTube;;
 📍 In this episode, we speak with the talent scout for the Miami Heat, Nico Van Den Bogaerd. We discussed everything that young athletes wonder about entering the NBA. We're going to talk about just basketball, Mir Demir Demirer...📍Bu bölümde Miami Heat'in yetenek avcısı, Nico Van Den Bogaerd ile birlikteyiz. Genç oyuncuların NBA'e gitmek ile ilgili merak ettiği her şeyi konuştuk. Biz sadece basketbol konuşmaya devam edeceğiz, Mir Demir Demirer...⏱️⏱️VIDEO CHAPTERS⏱️⏱️00:00 Opening 00:56 Who is Nico Van Den Bogaerd02:21 How Can We Show Us To You?03:17 How Can We Become A Scout?04:08 What qualities do you look for in a player as Miami Heat?05:54 Advices For Young Players08:00 The MUSTS Of Basketball09:21 Closing Support the showYouTube;;
📍 In this episode, we speak with the assistant coach of Valencia Basket, Juan Maroto. We discussed everything that most young players are concerned about. Mir Demir Demirer, we're going to talk about just basketball... 📍Bu bölümde Valencia Basket'in yardımcı antrenörü Juan Maroto ile birlikteyiz. Çoğu genç oyuncunun endişe duyduğu her şeyi konuştuk. Biz sadece basketbol konuşacağız, Mir Demir Demirer... ⏱️⏱️CHAPTERS⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:18 Euroleague / ACB01:59 Who is Juan Maroto? / Coaches Development04:25 Advice for young players05:32 How a player can play for Valencia Basket? / Criterias06:27 How can young players show themselves to you? / L´Alqueria del Basket (Young Basketball Organization) 07:58 Advice for young coaches08:45 The MUSTS Of Basketball09:15 OutroSupport the showYouTube;;
📍 In this episode, we speak with one of the best coach in the world, Founder of ''Willett Basketball Foundation'' and Manager of Partnerships ''Deuce Brand'', Bob Willett. We talked about tips for young players/coaches, training with different ages and Deuce Brand. We're going to talk about just basketball, Mir Demir Demirer... 📍Bu bölümde dünyanın en iyi koçlarından biri olan Willett Basketball Foundation'ın Kurucusu ve Deuce Brand Ortak Yöneticisi Bob Willett ile birlikteydik. Genç oyuncular/antrenörler için ipuçları, farklı yaşlardaki oyuncular antrenmanlar ve Deuce Brand hakkında konuştuk. Sadece basketbol konuşacağız Mir Demir Demirer...⏱️⏱️VIDEO CHAPTERS⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:19 Who is Bob Willett04:28 How a player can train with you?06:19 Deuce Brand Elite Camp09:27 Training Players As They Age13:21 Young Players' Common Mistakes16:52 Kyrie -  Phil Handy - The Future Of Basketball Is Female18:01 Advice for Young Coaches20:23 MUSTS Of Basketball23:16 OutroSupport the showYouTube;;
📍 In this episode, we speak with one of the best shootingcoachesh in theworld,d Mike Dunn. We discuss every aspect of the shoot, as well as "known true and known false" facts. We're going to talk about just basketball, Mir Demir Demirer... 📍Bu bölümde dünyanın en iyi şut koçlarından biri olan Mike Dunn ileydik. Şutun tüm detaylarını, "bilinen doğru ve bilinen yanlış" gerçeklerini konuştuk.. Biz sadece basketbol konuşacağız, Mir Demir Demirer...⏱️⏱️VIDEO CHAPTERS⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:19 Who is Mike Dunn?02:56 How a player train with you?04:00 'Online Shooting Program06:34 One of the best shooting drills for players of different skill levels, like beginners - amateurs - professionals08:19 Mental Game of Shooting11:40 Known true and known false shooting facts14:22 MUSTS of basketball!16:28 OutroSupport the showYouTube;;
📍In this episode, we speak with Basi Prokofyev, the Player Development & Sports Performance Coach at MBA Moscow, the VTB League, and Russia's national team. We discussed basketball for young players/coaches, as well as basketball's MUSTS. We'll talk about just basketball, Mir Demir Demirer....📍Bu bölümde MBA Moskova, VTB Ligi ve Rusya milli takımı antrenörü, Oyuncu Gelişimi ve Spor Performansı koçu Basi Prokofyev ile birlikteyiz.. Genç oyuncular/antrenörler için basketbol, basketbolun ZORUNLULUKLARI ve gençler için bazı ipuçları hakkında konuştuk. Biz sadece basketbol konuşacağız, Mir Demir Demirer....---------00:00 Intro00:19 Who is Basi Prokofyev?02:14 How a player train with you?06:37 Training young athletes as they get older10:40 Biggest mistake that most young players make14:09 Advice for Young Coaches16:52 MUSTS of basketball18:26 Advice for young players (BONUS)20:57 OutroSupport the showYouTube;;
 📍In this episode, I have a very important guest, Jeremy Hays, who is the coach of thousands of people from all over the world (including me) and the founder of Fadeawayfit. We discussed his upcoming "Fadeaway Fitness Virtual Acadmey" app, basketball trainings for all ages, and some recommendations... We'll talk about just basketball, Mir Demir Demirer....📍Bu bölümde çok önemli bir konuğum var, dünyanın her yerinden binlerce insanın (ben dahil) koçu ve Fadeawayfit'in kurucusu, Jeremy Hays. 1 Ocak'ta çıkacak olan "Fadeaway Fitness Virtual Acadmey" uygulamasını, her yaşa uygun basketbol antrenmanlarını ve bazı tavsiyeleri konuştuk... Biz sadece basketboldan konuşacağız, Mir Demir Demirer.... Support the showYouTube;;
 Daha önce hiç yaşamadığınız bir basketbol deneyimine hazır mısınız?Sadece gözünüzü kapatıp dediklerime kulak verin ve hayal dünyanıza dalın…(PodBook / 001 / Jordan Olmak) Support the showYouTube;;
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