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Author: Ed Bank

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I'm a law student at Rutgers  Camden and this is my forum to talk things related to legal issues, the law school lifestyle, and general areas of interest cause, aye, it's my show, ya know?

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Last month, U.S. Senators Booker, Moran, and Blumenthal published a discussion of draft of legislation that would create a regime to govern name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals college athletes enter with third parties.But there is so much more to it. Colleges and its athletic departments will serve a key role in facilitating awareness among its student athletes of their rights under what's now titled the College Athletes Protection and Compensation Act (CAPCA).Here, I analyze the draft and ...
I live to say I finished my second year of law school! Here I'll go into the triumphs and tragedies of this year and the lessons I learned along the way.I also share what I'm up to this summer as well as what I may be looking forward to next year.Finally, I share some reflections on my law school experience for those heading into their 1L years soon.
Greenwashing has become the focus of many legal complaints in the last few years and a concern among executives as they try to go about E.S.G. initiatives.Here, I describe what greenwashing is and why it's a problem. Then I explore its prevalence particularly in the fashion industry before offering what some governments and regulatory agencies are doing to cut back on greenwashing cases. I conclude with my own suggestions on how the U.S. should address the issue here and offer to consumers re...
Earlier this week, President Joe Biden issued his first veto on legislation that passed Congress that would nullify a rule adopted by the Department of Labor to permit retirement fiduciaries to consider environmental, social, governance (E.S.G.) factors in investment decisions.Here, I explain what that rule is but more so what E.S.G.s are and why investors are using them.I then survey the pushback on E.S.G. use to show that conservatives are not only skeptical but so are more progressive memb...
I'm through my 2L fall semester which marks the halfway point through law school. It was challenging and tested my endurance but I live to tell the tale.Here I talk through how I prepared for finals, my thoughts on the courses I took this past semester, how finals season pretty much just sucker punched me, and a little side plot involving GrubHub and my dinner delivery.As always, enjoy, you're welcome.
The 2L year is still ... yes. But here I indicate a sign of life to say things are well and how I've been balancing the load from school with my personal life and interests.
The Terrible Twos

The Terrible Twos


I'm about a month into my 2L year at Rutgers Law Camden and the dynamic is certainly a bit different from the 1L year but it has its perks. Here's a little unsolicited life update on how we're chugging along.
Well it happened, my first year as a law student came and went and came and went it did. Here, I just share whatever thoughts come across my mind in trying to answer exactly what is was like and what I can take away from it.
Fresh off my torts final, the facts and allegations facing Alec Baldwin, the studio of "Rust," and the multiple other defendants named are all too similar a textbook survey of torts fact pattern.Here, to the best of my knowledge coming from someone who is almost 1/6th of a lawyer, I'll go through the general negligence elements and the specials that apply to the emotional harm alleged by the plaintiffs in addition to considering whether they fall into a particular class of cases whose classif...
Roughly three months into law school it's starting now to hit me just how much my way of thinking, analyzing, and understanding information has changed.It seems almost as if the world operates in rules, and rules do not show emotion, accordingly I've found myself thinking somewhat in similar ways. It's like this law school stuff is brain washing me but who knows?On this show I'll get into how I've changed in this respect over the last three months and what, in particular, presented me with th...
Now that I'm halfway through my first semester of my first year in law school, I'll share some of the differences between law school and college as well as the strategies I've adopted into not only completing my assignments on time and preparing for class while not going absolutely concerning berserk.
We're here... we're finally here... law school is real and it's happening but how and why I ended up here is the topic for the first show of this rebranded podcast
This March, Amazon workers at the warehouse in Bessemer, AL will vote by mail whether or not to organize a union.But Alabama is not a unique setting in the American Labor story.For over a century, the Yellowhammer State has hosted its fair share of turning points in American Labor History and we'll survey a few of them here.
Did you notice the Bruce Springsteen-Jeep commercial from the Super Bowl? Well, there is perhaps a deeper, more philosophical meaning behind it that we're going discuss and how it stems to one German philosopher from the late to early 17 and 1800s.



Wall Street hedge funds were hoping to make another profit off failing companies ... until millions of users on Reddit and their Robinhood account put a stop to that.I'll share thoughts on what transpired and why and what it may mean for the future outlook on how we view the stock market.
Right before Thanksgiving, Barack Obama's first installment of his memoir A Promised Land hit the shelves in bookstores everywhere.Here, Obama covers his upbringing, personal life, hardships, early organizing career, political aspirations, and the first two years of his presidency in roughly 700 pages.I'll summarize briefly the timelines of each part before going into a critique of the book focusing on audience, structure, and composition and then closing with my top 10 takeaways that I got o...
Tayshia's search for quarantine love goes on where we get into some arts and crafts, musicals, animal intestine smoothies, and wedding photos. It's a whole Frisbee of fun here on The Bachelorette!
Here I'm just catching up on life: what I'm doing to keep busy, what I'm reading, what I'm working -- that kind of thing.Also, I'll share thoughts on current events -- the two biggest being COVID cases on the rise and the aftermath of the Presidential election.
Weeks 5 and 6 are the first of the AD era (after Dale). With it now being Tayshia's season, the guys adjust their approach from Clare to Tayshia. This transition is easier for some more than others and it becomes evident that the ghost of Clare may never part from the resort.Nonetheless, the mood within the resort changes with Tayshia's presence and her quest for love powers through -- whether the men are prepared for it or not.
In my defense, I'm out of other TV shows to watch and stream and reading books only does so much so here we are Bachelor Nation!On this show I'll be recapping The Bachelorette weeks 1-4 with my take on what happened and even what I would've done if I were on the show.Welcome to the only podcast where you can learn about why a universal income could replace entitlement spending and then analyze Clare and Dale getting engaged after weeks of knowing each other!