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Author: Joshua Edwards

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Join me, Joshua Edwards, as I discuss the biggest topics in sports, global news and much more exciting things. Follow me on Instagram @_.joshuaedwards & Follow me on Twitter @A_JEdwardslife. For more updates Email me at
72 Episodes
A lot has happened since I last spoke to you guys. Tune into this episode to find out all of the new updates on my family and the sports world!!
Week 10 had some amazing finishes!! Tune into to see what was talked about!
Colts have fired their head coach, but hire who?! all of that and more on this episode!!
Matt Ryan is an old guy, that no longer needs to play in the National Football league, and that is okay!!! Tune into that and much more on Joshua's Proximity 
Heading into week 7!! Tune into Joshua's Proximity!!
The Matt Rhule SAGA is finally over!!!! What will the Carolina's look like now?!
First month is completed!! NFL season is exactly what we hope it to be.
Week 3 had some amazing comebacks. The Eagles are the best team currently in the NFC. All of that and more on episode 65!!
In today's league, coaches make a huge difference in wins and losses. This past week was a clear indication of coaching.
Saquon Barkley will be the best RB this season. Here is why you should draft him in every!!!Tune into Episode 63 as I talk all things football!!! The season is finally upon us!!!
We have came a long way in my parents kitchen. This is the final episode before I get married. Season 3 Episode 37 is out now! Panthers have found their guy!
It is the NBA playoffs where both previous conference champions have been eliminated before the conference finals!! Someone threw a no hitter and LOST?! Drew Brees, all-time legend, but what is he saying? All of that and more on episode 61 of Joshua's Proximity
NFL Draft has just concluded, tune in as a couple of fan favorites reappear and talk all things NFL Draft, Super Bowl Prediction & NBA playoffs! Episode 60 out now!!
The NFL Draft is back on Thursday!! Tune in as a special guess makes another appearance to talk all things NFL Draft and NBA playoffs! Episode 59 out now!
NFL draft is creeping up. My top 50 players heading into next year!
Season 3 episode 3 starts off with a banger! Joshua Proximity out now!
The NFL is open like the US Stock Exchange! This is going to be a good, superstars are getting moved around like chess pieces. Tune into season 3 as I discuss this episode of Joshua's Proximity 
Yes this is the shortest episode probably in the history of Joshua's Proximity. I do believe the Bengals will win this game and I wouldn't be surprised if they won by 10 points! It is going to be a good one!
We have witness the greatest divisional round of football ever. Aaron Rodgers this L was on you!
This is the final episode of season 2. Joshua's proximity will be better in 2022, what are some of your goals heading into the new year? let me know!!
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