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Author: Bianca and Gianna Martucci-Fink

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Each week sisters Bianca (MA in art history) and Gianna (BFA in studio art) Martucci-Fink lead a conversation comparing juicy art history to today’s pop-culture and current events. They’ll tell you why and how visual culture continues to inform our daily lives, while keeping you up to date on the latest global art news. Join them every Tuesday for an art-pop talk! Follow them @ArtpopTalk, and click here ( for updates, videos, museum visits, and more. Visit for each episode’s resources.
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We are wrapping up June with friend of APT and Printmaker, Jennifer Johnson— an artist who focuses on queer and figurative abstraction AND is currently teaching and pursuing a MFA in Printmaking at Indiana University. Don’t forget that we are taking the month of July off, to work on some exciting projects we have in store at APTHQ! Listen to this episode for a lilllte bit of homework while enjoying your hot girl summer.For more of Jenn's work, click HERE.For all of Artpop Talk's resources, click HERE. 
This week we are joined by Onyx Montes— A museum educator and cultural worker to talk about her project, Salary Transparency! Onyx shares her insights and research on how museums and artistic environments can become salary transparent, the wage gap in creative fields, and “the fear” that enables us to share our salaries and advocate for higher pay!See more of Onyx's work HERE!!For all of Artpop Talk's resources, click HERE.For more on Kimberly Drew, click HERE.For Her First 100K and the Financial Feminist podcast, click HERE.
Get ready for your Tuesday to be a little brighter with one of the Artpop Tart’s favorite segments, Josh Thoughts! Josh and Gianna discuss the themes and musicality behind Dischordia's upcoming album “Triptych.” Gianna then shares a lillltle landscape theory, tied to historic narratives rooted in spirituality, religion, and nature when creating the cover art for the band! For all of Artpop Talk's resources, click HERE. For Dischordia's site and upcoming shows, click HERE.
This week's Artpop BARK comes with a very esteemed guest, Dr. Elisabeth Green! Dr. Green is a veterinarian working in emergency medicine, and happens to be Bianca’s bestie. Elisa sits down with Bianca to discuss all things animal! We look at the history of animal portraiture, and how the pop-visual culture of animals impacts those working in a scientific field. We also recap the Friends reunion, and play a little game of “guess the painting in my Animal Crossing museum.” For all of Artpop Talk's resources, click HERE.
This week, we're talking “Performative Pride!” While LGBTQ+ programming in museums is essential, sometimes artistic spaces fall into the same trap of performative Pride--similar to what we see in many commercial Pride campaigns. We play a little game inspired by a TikTok that critiques this year’s pride merch and then discuss museums’ role in Pride.For all of Artpop Talk's resources, click HERE.
Howdy Y’all! This week we have an Artpop Talk with artist Dan Lynh Pham! Join us as we discuss Pham’s work, which focuses on her ongoing fascination with her identity, socialization, and the construction of culture. She aims to redefine what it means to be an Asian American woman. In art news this week we also talk about the two-year closure of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and the firing of of 27 employees from the National Gallery. For all of Artpop Talk's resources, click HERE.For Dan Lynh Pham's Instagram, click HERE. And you can visit her store at the PBS documentary, Asian Americans, click HERE.
This artpop talk features a blind reaction to fragrance commercials between Bianca and APT cousin and fashion expert, Giuliana Porro. They discuss the aesthetics, visual narratives, and formulas of fragrance commercials that Gianna has picked out for them. Head over to our YouTube channel to watch their video!To watch the blind react video on our YouTube channel, click HERE.For all of Artpop Talk's resources, click HERE.
This Episode is Monumental!

This Episode is Monumental!


In this week's episode, we take some specific examples of monuments and considering their purpose. We also look at the differences between memorials, public art, and earth art. For all of this week's resources, click HERE.For Timory's Instagram, click HERE.
Bathrooms or BathRUDES?

Bathrooms or BathRUDES?


In this episode of Artpop Talk we are recapping Bianca’s experience, visiting the Public Washrooms at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. The intention of the Washrooms have been long standing in showcasing artistic exploration and collaboration between art and industrial design within the manufacturing company. However, considering two of their Washrooms “The Women’s Room” and “The Social History of Architecture,” we flush out our thoughts on the power and identity concepts that perpetuate highly constructed gendered, exclusive, and cliché spaces by the institution and the artists. For all of Artpop Talk's resources, click HERE. 
In this week's episode we are not only recapping the 93rd Academy Awards, but we are also celebrating one year of ARTPOP TALK! This week's art news covers the latest announcement for the hopeful 2021 Met Gala and Roxane Gay's new interest in collecting art. Get all of Artpop Talk's resources HERE. 
Today we are joined by THREE special guests— The Spotlight Artists for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's Momentum 2021 exhibition. Momentum annually features Oklahoma artists ages 30 years and younger, working in diverse media. The exhibition presents a diversified look at young artistic talent across the state of Oklahoma. Get ready to meet Marium Rana, Amber L. DuBoise-Shepherd, and Andrea Duran-Cason for a discussion about their experience creating new work for the show.For the Momentum website, click HERE.For all of Artpop Talk's resources and more from today's episode, click HERE.
In this Artpop Talk with Anna Blake, a freelance arts writer and account holder of but_is_it_art on TikTok, we discuss a video of Anna's that went viral, stirring confusion on why Pablo Picasso is considered "overrated" between feminist and fascists. Anna elaborates on her TikTok by discussing the Die Ausstellung “Entartete Kunst” or Degenerate Art as called by the nazi party and we dive into a larger conversation about "accountability" and Cancel Culture within the arts.Follow Anna's TikTok account HERE!
This week we’re breaking down and sharing art historical references that we thought of while watching Lil Nas X's music video for his new single MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name). In the second half, we are also diving into the 666 shoes which were launched in tandem with the new single and what they mean for creative production. For the Comments By Celebs podcast mentioned, click HERE.For the Art History Babes podcast mentioned, click HERE.
In this week's episode we sit down with two certified nerds to talk about all things nerd culture, and how that ties into art history. We ask them what it means for "nerdy things" to enter mainstream spaces, what does cancel culture look like in nerdy content, and what does character design mean for promoting a certain type of visual trope? You can listen to their podcast here! Find them at Wooper and Nebula's Nerdtastic Galaxy. 
This week we discuss the history of comic books and their influence on the art historical canon. In the second half, we are sitting down with boy of APT Andrew James for a discussion about DisneyPlus'  WandaVision.
Great Women Artists

Great Women Artists


Happy International Women’s Day! In this week's episode, we are highlighting and celebrating five iconic women that we haven’t talked about on the pod yet: Shirin Neshat, Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie, Juliana Huxtable, Empress Theodora, and Rokudenashiko. Check out this episode of the Great Women Artists podcast where Katy Hessel interviews Shirin Neshat. 
In today's episode, we are recapping the 2021 Golden Globes. We're working through some thoughts on the latest award ceremony, talking less about analyzing skits and celebrity cameos...and more about the corruption within the organization that gives the Golden Globe awards and what that means for film and art history. We also go over a lot of pop and art news, from Emmanuel Acho hosting the Bachelor's After the Final Rose to a new inscription found on Edvard Munch’s famous Scream.  For a link to Rachel Lindsay's podcast click HERE.
An Artpop Talk with ARTXBLM

An Artpop Talk with ARTXBLM


This week we talk with Safiyyah Nawaz, the founder of ARTXBLM, and Shirleen Bredée, an operations and social media member, for an amazing conversation about their collective! ARTXBLM aims to encourage and facilitate a collaborative exchange of art to raise money for anti-racist action. Visit their site and purchase artworks at Featured creatives in this episode include: XOXOKJoy HoulderUrban Medley DesignShilpa Kancharla
Could Your Kid Do That?

Could Your Kid Do That?


This week,  we are asking the question “could your kid do that?” in the hopes of challenging the phrase... “my kid could do that.” Gianna offers her perspective as a museum educator as to why this comment persists within a misunderstood art world and how it can be detrimental when trying to foster creativity and artful engagement for our young people. We discuss the perpetuated stigma around this well-known comment when it comes to works from the ab-ex, dada, and minimalist movements and use this topic to critique the public’s suspicion behind North West’s landscape painting.For the mentioned episode from the Comments By Celebs podcast, click HERE. For the mentioned episode from the Keep It podcast, click HERE. 
This episode is all about Valentine’s Day! We discuss the history and the icons behind this holiday through both Pagan and Christian images, all while learning about how v-day’s signature  kitschy ascetics came to be!Check out all of our resources here! 
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