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Author: Abby Hamblin & Kristy Totten

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Name Drop San Diego is a weekly podcast from The San Diego Union-Tribune celebrating people who have shaped San Diego and been shaped by it. Join hosts Abby Hamblin and Kristy Totten each Tuesday as they get to know the people who make San Diego proud.
88 Episodes
Sabrina Goosby's family moved to San Diego in the late 1800s and were among the first Black families to move to the area. In the spirit of giving back, Sabrina has been an advocate for foster children for more than 30 years.
Dr. Natalie Rodriguez is the associate director of the Student-Run Free Clinic, which treats underserved communities in the region. Dr. Rodriguez’s family emigrated from Cuba, and she’s a first generation college graduate that took a nonlinear path into medicine. In this interview, she talks about how her upbringing shaped her as a doctor and how she shares her story to show students there’s not just one way to reach your goals.
Jim and Carmen Beaubeaux have living in an Airstream trailer since 2016, traveling around the United States using the 4-3-2 model: Drive four hours, stop by 3 p.m. and stay for at least two weeks.
Working at his family’s swap meet, Anthony Pretto has come across some pretty great finds. As a kid, he collected Pokemon cards and Beanie Babies; as a newlywed, he and his wife furnished their home with antiques; and most recently, he scored two 8-foot-tall nutcracker decorations to adorn his front door at Christmastime. The price tag? A steal at $100.
Happy holidays, y'all!
Deacon Jim Vargas is the president and CEO of Father Joe's Villages. In this interview he shares his path to becoming ordained, what he's learned working with people in need and where he plans to go next.
Lisette Islas is the chief impact officer at MAAC, an anti-poverty nonprofit here in San Diego. MAAC helps locals with housing, education, upward mobility and more. Lisette is a true community champion and really believes in paying it forward.
Kaci Brown is a member of the Barona band of the Kumeyaay Nation. She's an archaeologist and a community contributor at the U-T, where she’s written about lessons we can all learn from Native culture. She has an incredible life story, beginning with a milk carton ad.
Amber is a nonbinary drag queen who incorporates social justice themes and commentaries into their art.
Ari Novy is the president and CEO of the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas. He is an expert horticulturist and a fourth generation florist.
Dr. Lisa Will is a professor of astronomy and physics at San Diego City College and she’s also the resident astronomer at the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. She oversees not one but two planetariums, and just generally loves everything related to space and sci-fi.
Chef Lan Thai AKA Chef Lando is the owner of the Enclave restaurant at JuneShine Ranch in Scripps Ranch, where she cooks farm-to-table Asian fusion cuisine.
Brian is an associate professor of film at San Diego State University and the artistic director of the San Diego Asian Film Festival, which basically means he gets to watch movies for a living.
Mayor Sotelo-Solis is the first ever Latina to hold her position. She’s a third generation resident of National City and a proud poli-sci graduate of UC San Diego. Plus, she has really amazing style. We’ll talk about that, as well as family, life philosophy and -- I totally wasn’t expecting this -- but zombie apocalypse escape plans.
Brit Bennett is the author of "The Vanishing Half," about twin sisters from the South who choose to live in two different worlds, one black and one white.
Dr. Bukata is one of only four women to hold this position in the United States.
Lisa Easterly is the CEO of the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence, which promotes innovation and excellence in the region's cyber community. We talked about jobs, diversity in the industry, and of course about Lisa.
Today's guest is Joaquin McWhinney, AKA Quino, the singer behind the 1994 hit "Baby I Love Your Way." His band, Big Mountain, formed in San Diego in the '80s and that song took them to the top of billboard charts and all around the world.
Cody Hooven is the COO of San Diego Community Power, which just inked a big deal with San Diego County to purchase its power. In general, she is a problem solver, champion of the environment and lover of the outdoors.
Joel is the CEO of PATH, also known as People Assisting the Homeless. He lives in downtown San Diego and over the past 25 years has grown a small Los Angeles transitional living home into a statewide operation serving more than 140 communities.
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