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This week it's just Dave and Cam. Thomas is still in New York. The guys talk about the OAK Collection that is on exhibit at the Design Museum in London (soon to be making the global rounds). The overall conclusion being that they appreciate it for what it is, even if it may not be for them. Enjoy! Cam's wrist check Dave's wrist check Talking Watches with Patrick Getreide The Design Museum London A full breakdown of the collection
This week Dave catches up With Mike Pearson of Zodiac watches to cover the second half of the conversation that was lost in Episode 104. Before that, Dave and Cam have a catch up and general watch update for the week. Thomas is in New York this week with better things to spend his time with instead of talking watches. Enjoy! Dave's wrist check Cam's wrist check Zodiac Watches
This week we're back with just Dave, Thomas and Cam. It becomes a meandering conversation about buying new cars, new watches and the supply chain issues that force us to move to the grey market to get any of these things. They do come to a couple of conclusions, it's questionable if any of them are satisfying. Enjoy! Thomas' wrist check Dave's wrist check Cam's wrist check
This week the guys have a special guest, Michael Pearson of Zodiac Watches. Michael has been a mainstay in the watch industry for years and brings a huge depth of knowledge and storytelling to this week's podcast! This will be part one of a two part episode. Enjoy! Michael's wrist check Thomas' wrist check Dave's wrist check Cam's wrist check Zodiac Watches Collecting Vintage Zodiac Watches
Episode 103 - All Wound Up

Episode 103 - All Wound Up


This week the guys are joined by a special guest, Cam's Uncle Jon! (Yes, he does exist and is not simply someone Cam made up so he could make large watch purchases). Jon and Cam went to WindUp San Francisco last weekend and the guys go over all of the stuff that stood out. Enjoy!  Jon's wrist check (minus special strap) Dave's wrist check (minus special strap) Thomas' wrist check (with the strap we mentions) Cam's wrist check (on the bracelet) Worn & Wound WindUp Event
This week the guys each list three things in the watch community they want to put into Room 101 (George Orwell 1984). There is a whole bunch of stuff they want to get rid of, from top tier brands to the entire community. Hypocrisy reigns supreme in this episode. Enjoy! Cam's wrist check Dave's wrist check Thomas' wrist check
This week Dave is fresh off of jury duty, Cam is fresh back from being sick and Thomas is onto a new fresh hangover. Failing to come up with a topic before the recording the guys decide to throw in their two cents regarding all of the novelties that came out of Watches and Wonders. (Mostly to complain). Enjoy! Dave's wrist check Thomas' wrist check Cam's wrist check Cole Pennington from Hodinkee on the ultimate Omega collection (in Thailand) Watches and WondersYou can Google it...
...Or Whatever currency we decided to use. This week, each of the guys show up with a new watch, all of which are quartz... Then, they take 1000 in whatever currency suited them, and do a little watch shopping. Dave set the homework, Thomas did his homework and Cam did the wrong homework... In the end, 5 watches for 1000 pounds, dollars, Euros, etc.... Enjoy!Cam's wrist check' wrist check's wrist check' 5 watch collectionDress Watch Watch Around Watch Card's 5 watch collectionDress Watch Watch Around Watch Card's 5 watch collectionDress Watch Watch$ja=acid:628-777-7884%7Ccid:1527834138%7Cagid:57834596825%7Ctid:pla-835162671971%7Ccrid:289792786755%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:7166550136376938671%7Cdvc:c%7Cadp:%7Cmt:%7Cloc:1006577&gclid=CjwKCAjw0a-SBhBkEiwApljU0mzmtCLwknamuEi0PmpGQVRl7zW9hauej29gEgdZUaIa8QsE8-M8XhoCQjUQAvD_BwEChronograph Around Watch Card
This week Dave is joined by Cam fresh back from Napa. Thomas is Travelling back to Paris after a week long bender in London. Therefore, is under the English Channel at the time of recording. The guys discuss the elephant in the room, The MoonSwatch! Enjoy! Cam's wrist check Dave's wrist check How to set Cam's new watch The Winery where Cam was last week... MoonSwatch (If you didn't already know)
Just Dave this week for a brief 10min ramble of his opinion on the latest colourful releases.Back with regularly scheduled programming next week!
This week starts off with Dave's adventure at the A&E, Thomas shows up fashionably late and Cam has a new watch to discuss. Then the guys discuss the new releases from Omega and the new Tissot PRX chronograph. Enjoy! Dave's wrist check Thomas' wrist check Cam's wrist check Omega's new lineup Tissot PRX Chronograph
Episode 96 - Micro Segue

Episode 96 - Micro Segue


This week the guys discuss "micro-brands" (whatever that term means). From AnOrdain to Unimatic, they run down all of the things they like and the things they'll pass on. Enjoy! Dave's wrist check Thomas' wrist check Cam's wrist check Teddy Baldassarre Top 50 Microbrands AnOrdain Model 1 Studio Underd0g Studio Underd0g's about page Unimatic Anicorn Halios Massena Lab Maals J.N. Shapiro 
This week, Thomas is back from New York, Cam is back from San Francisco and Dave is back with another potential bout of Cov.... Never mind. Seeing as Thomas is back from actually travelling, the guys discuss all things travel watch. Enjoy! Dave's wrist check Cam's wrist check Thomas' wrist check
This week Cam and Thomas realise that theres more to life than sitting down and talking watches every Sunday night and leave Dave to it. Luckily @time_to_lume, or Matt as he is otherwise known, stepped up to the plate and made sure you didn't have to listen to solely Dave for an hour. So please, everyone send him many appreciations.Matt's wristcheck (courtesy of @watch__papi):'s wristcheck:'s Giraud Perregaux Laureato:
This week Cam and Dave have the pleasure to chat with Samantha (@time.on.her.hands & @watchconciergeservices) while Thomas is in New York. Sam discusses her time in the watch industry, first meeting Dave and Cam at Redbar and then sharing an Airbnb with Dave and three other guys during the 2019 Global Redbar Meet-Up. This is a good one with a great guest. Enjoy! Sam's wrist check Dave's wrist check Cam's wrist check Watch Concierge Services Kate Lacey's Shop
This week the guys finally get into the watches they actually wear on a regular basis (Minus one or two that you hear about all of the time). They get into the details of how they acquired them along with what each piece means. This wraps up the state of the collection series so they will be onto a new topic next week. Enjoy! Dave's Pieces(Insert Post) Cam's Pieces(Insert Post) Thomas' Pieces(Insert Post)
You Actually Wore That? (Episode B) The round up of unworn watches continues! This week sees appearances of plastic, two tone and quartz! Also, Dave is recovering from lack of sleep, Cam is recovering from surgery and Thomas is recovering from buying antiques. Enjoy! Dave's pieces(Insert Post) Cam's pieces Thomas' pieces(Insert Post)
Well, it was bound to happen. This week the guys start in on a deep dive of their collections. Starting with some pieces that rarely see wrist time. Including pieces that they wore when they were young, dumb and full of.... Well, you get the idea. Enjoy! Dave's Pieces Cam's Pieces Thomas' Pieces(Insert Post)
This week Dave is taking care of his new puppy and renovating his kitchen. So Thomas and Cam take up the slack and discuss customizing your watch. And not just swapping out the strap. Enjoy! Cam's wrist check Thomas wrist check Bulang & Sons Engraved Panerai's(Google image search will get you there) Artisan de Geneve DIW Bamford Ochs Und Junior
And we're back! Cam from two Christmases, Thomas with COVID (again) and Dave without meat and booze (but he went out with a bang). The guys are back after a two week break to discuss their New Year's watch (adjacent) resolutions. Enjoy! Cam's wrist check Thomas' wrist check Dave's wrist check404 Error - FILE NOT FOUND Thomas' BMW Cafe Racer Instagram
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