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John Stewart devoted his career to the Navy, and his extra time to Land Use. A lifetime advocate for using public lands, John continues to use his time to keep the government and others from closing off our recreational access to public lands. Listen up to find out where the fight is now, and what you can do to help.9:05 – I joined the Navy and visited the world13:08 – I got out of the Navy and then two months later went back to work for the Navy17:30 – Hey, wait a minute, you close these areas off and we got a lot of problems23:55 – getting local businesses to really stress what the economic impact would be helps28:17 – lawsuits are a last resort34:31 – it’s an easy sell in downtown NYC40:16 – the difficult part is to get them to understand what we are losing51:55 – why do you want them to have the permit?  Why not?1:07:02 – the Hot Topics right now are in UtahWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Magazine.Support the show
Alabama business builder, Dan Dubose, shares some amazing insights on building a business, defying death, and finding that miraculous work-life balance on Episode 122. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app – Apple, Spotify, even YouTube!5:59 – we’re not going to pass you to go to high school unless you agree to go to trade school.11:59 – my life sucks, I’ve got all the symptoms, I should probably try some of the samples I’ve got in the back seat14:16 – I thought someone was messing with me21:37 – big paradigm shift…metal fabrication is an art26:23 – well, that’s what the people want34:10 – I don’t go halfway on anything, ever37:18 – are you willing to give up everything, because everything means everything.46:26 – Here you go, this is how you fix it!57:41 – the Dothan double-wide strip club1:02:02 – lit me up like a Christmas tree and separated my soul from my body1:08:59 – one way or another I’ll be involved in We want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. Support the show
James Schofield dishes on racing, and tuning, and the stories are awesome. Join us to listen in on the fun and danger of off-road racing and more. Listen in on your favorite podcast app. Tune in and share Conversations with Big Rich with others.7:43 – if you didn’t play football, you’re nobody in the south9:45 – the thing I learned in team sports is never quit17:51 – you just had to have 4 wheels and a tank of gas28:52 – that peace of mind to know that those parts are good34:04 – don’t tie up a lot of people’s effort if you just want to be a participant44:32 – that’s when you start bringing everything in house47:17 – you’re basically treating it like a rental car with full coverage52:06 – I was very clear, “this dude doesn’t need to know anything!”56:20 – that’s the style of racing I try to do, where you just leave every single thing on the table1:10:25 – it’s great to be able to shake people’s hands and tell them thank you and stuff like thatWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. Support the show
Roger Lovell, of Colorado Springs’ Lovell Racing, on the impact of racing on his family. Part of the duo of Roger and Brad, Roger has had some incredible experiences that are worth hearing about. Be sure to listen in and find out what’s in store for the future of this family. 5:34 – stupid, little competitions9:39 – the thing about engineering is it teaches you a different way to think15:03 – that’s some of the joy of being young19:01 – the highlight of my racing career 27:23 – the Bronco is something that would compete with Jeep, but not replicate the Jeep42:42 – it’s everything about a dirt road…46:06 – we can recognize each other just by the driving style, or by the breathing52:06 – “you’re not as bad as she said you were”55:50 – what racing has done for me is really make me value family and value the relationships that I haveWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.Support the show
Steve Sharp has been outside for as long as he can remember. He shares his passion for outdoors, being a great leader, and knowing when to ask for help with us on this episode of Conversations with Big Rich.  Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.4:40 – If I missed the bus, I got to walk the 3 ½ miles to school8:25 – just like Mayberry RFD15:36 – how come you always need tires?24:41 – I need a job, I’ll work for half the going rate for 30 days 31:04 – everyone that I can genuinely call a friend, I met four-wheeling40:14 – it’s a blessing that I get to do what I’m passionate about55:47 – kind of set the Bronco world upside down1:02:29 – two things are as hard on the caregiver as the patient – cancer and mental illness, if there’s something going on – seek help1:08:46 – the sport is great, but it always comes back to the peopleWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. Support the show
The Brown family of Oklahoma has become a rock-crawling staple. Meet the family, Wyatt and Christina, and their boys, Landen and Gunnar. Landen is already a champion rockcrawler, Gunnar won’t be far behind. We love hanging out with these kids, polite and respectful, yet full of energy and daring. Parents and grandparents, listen up, there are opportunities for the youngsters.4:14 – I had no business being in her shed11:14 – had a blast watching guys go through cones18:17 – going so fast, my right leg blew off27:20 – she shoots, I shoot, and only one of us hit it, and that’d be her 35:03 – BOOM!  Big ol’ mushroom cloud comes outta that thing…48:55 – that’s when they found the tumor58:33 – I like that ninja that shoots ice out of his hands; let’s name it SubZero1:13:38 – that’s how Thunder Nation startedWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. Support the show
Larry Trim and his bride, Lois, set themselves up for success. Follow their journey through hard work and consistency to success and freedom to travel and race in this episode of Conversations with Big Rich. It’s a great story of mindset and commitment. Congrats, Larry on a job well-done!4:30 – the start of my dirt addiction11:49 – that’s when I discovered I didn’t have four-wheel drive21:10 – 2.5% unemployment meant that about 2% were working against their will26:32 – it had a manual transmission that Lois either wouldn’t or couldn’t drive 32:25 – RSI is still the primary business I have today37:09 – that’s where Trail Ready came from47:46 – I’m one of those Dust to Glory inspired people55:12 – and that’s how a guy like me can have a trophy truckWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. Support the show
Frank joins us to talk about horses, his 44 years in motorsports with some version of BF Goodrich and all things in between.  It’s a great listen, Frank knows more about motorsports and marketing than most, come along for the ride by listening on your favorite podcast app.5:45 – When you can ride it, I’ll get you a saddle and bridle15:45 – I got hired into BFGoodrich as a tractor-trailer driver22:09 – I chauffeured a van full of ladies any place they wanted to go34:15 – SCORE person of the year 44:56 – the start of my own business54:23 – full circle with BFGoodrich1:26:43 – the 49th running of the Baja 10001:43:47 – The next chapter is Champs Offroad2:00:44 – my #1 passion2:12:33 – become a voting member of the Offroad Hall of FameWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. Support the show
Knowing your limits sounds like good advice, but Kevin Yoder tests them anyway!  Episode 115 has Kevin and Rich talking about the early days of rockcrawling and KOH, life lessons in football and rugby, and everything in between.  Join us on your favorite podcast app.4:30 – My problem with rugby is I kept getting concussions because I couldn't unlearn the football out of it.12:30 – I learned to camp out in a tent20:16 – the railroad has such versatility28:09 – after that, it seemed like the rolls started, it just opened the floodgate36:15 – I don’t go cheap on safety stuff now44:11 – I’ve done an off-road competition every year since 9858:09 – you put on a helmet, you’re driving as hard as you can1:05:11 – The key is to know your limitsWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.Support the show
Uncle Tom’s Cabin is known worldwide as the last stop before hitting the Rubicon Trail. While Uncle Tom’s is owned by the Lawyer family, it is looked after by a variety of cabin holders, Rance MacFarland has been one of those for over 20 years. Listen in as he shares his history of growing up near the Rubicon. You can tune in on any of your favorite podcast players.9:25 – you got in line and got your sack lunch and headed up toward the (Rubicon) trail17:13 – he failed me the first time26:15 – I pulled into a gas station and recognized the truck, asked if they were hiring35:08 – “oh, you’ve got to change your books”40:27 – the trades are still there, it’s still a good career48:16 – it used to be cash-only, and a lot of people don’t carry a lot of cash with them52:25 – this year is 100 years it’s been in the family1:00:53 – I think that’s always been Uncle Tom’s deal – hoping that people have a good experienceWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. Support the show
Variety is the stuff of legends, hear from the master, Ned Bacon, about traveling the world, writing, drawing, competing, and where that landed him. At home now on the ranch in Nevada, Ned has some tales to tell, including managing an 80 car collectors museum. Listen in to Episode 113 on all your favorite podcast channels.3:15 – I’ve been a gearhead and a car nut as long as I can remember11:13 – I think I would have been way safer on a motorcycle23:29 – then I grew up and put it back to stock39:13 – I discovered this ad in a magazine about crossing Africa in a 4WD51:18 – he actually went out and looked at my Jeep, Pewe was the first one1:04:55 – I got started in the magazine industry drawing Cheap Tricks1:31:36 – we were meeting our match, and our vehicles were definitely meeting their match1:44:23 – everything changed in 2010We want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.Support the show
Based in the hub between Chicago and Milwaukee, Drew Burroughs is making a name for Goatbuilt, not just in off-road, but in the Midwest manufacturing hub.  Drew found his way into off-road through the Polygoats at San Luis Obisbo and hasn’t turned back. Listen in on Episode 112 on any of your favorite podcast channels or even on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe!4:22 – I’ve been working on helicopters for as long as I can remember17:35 – I bought a Jeep, and then I bought a magazine, that was the start…24:52 – introduced to the Polygoats34:25 – I got keys to the shop43:12 – they were spraying garlic and fish oil53:28 – that’s my introduction to the industry1:08:18 – let’s make this thing in a machine shop1:18:19 – you can just buy it and weld it together1:28:27 – there’s so much stuff built hereWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. Support the show
Welcome back to the off-road industry, Clifton!  For the last twelve years, Clifton Slay has dedicated his life to other pursuits, now it’s time to return. Founder of Poison Spyder Customs, Clifton shares how that began and his history prior to. Jumping back in with both feet and his new venture, Hoplite VentureTrek, we can’t wait to see where it goes! 6:26 – Shout at the Devil!16:26 – it was either art school or the military31:53 – connecting to Steve Remore38:09 – what we needed didn’t exist48:14 – it was like a sonic boom!53:22 – the pulse of Poison Spyder was function and style1:03:49 – it’s hard to watch because there’s no learning curve1:14:16 – I made some catastrophic mistakes1:32:57 – Medic Clifton and Valkyrie1:42:36 – the next step back to off-roadWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Magazine.Support the show
No wonder Nate Hunt is so good at what he does for Jackson Motorsports and Events, he had work ethic drilled into him from a young age. Listen in as Nate tells us how he landed the job, what life was like between naps and where he likes to spend his time now.  Great listen, good stories, good people – our favorite kind of podcast!3:06 – meet farm boy Nate12:21 – third in my class, on the podium18:10 – You’re only as good today as your practice25:06 – those tires have been sitting on a concrete barn floor28:56 – “I got seven trailer loads of tires coming in that need unloaded”38:15 – I thought I was being hazed or something52:28 – the people who made my career1:08:11 – mapping the Baja 1000 race courseWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Support the show
Stephen Watson of Off Road Design shares growing up in rural Colorado to wheeling experiences all over the country. The King of Full-Size, especially GMC’s, Stephen has a storied history. Listen in on your favorite podcast app, or dive in on YouTube – wherever you are, we’ve got your content ready for you.5:21 – learning how to steer at 3 or 4 years old14:02 – the magic is less when you know how things work27:53 – I think there would be more value for most people by just spending more time outdoors36:45 – I think he was scared I’d end up being a welder47:21 – all I needed was gas and tires58:46 – people miss the experience of going to seeing things work1:04:13 – working on the squares1:21:45 – makes it easy to assume you need it because somebody built it1:29:29 – the start of the race hangover 1:38:37 – we got bit by the Hammers bugWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Magazine.Support the show
Tom Yash brings a ton to the table for any industry company he works for. He’s got all the classic over-achiever qualifications we can all relate to. Never satisfied with just one thing, he’s always building and growing.  Loved this interview, Tom is a great guy, easy to be around, and always up for a beverage or two. We appreciate his participation in Dirt Riot and his contributions to 4Low Magazine.3:55 – teacher called me a hammerhead8:44 – who here knows how to drive a stick?11:35 – “you bought yourself a plastic coffin!”20:49 – we don’t pay for our friends, we pay for our beer31:19 – my first trip to Compton, I’m reading street signs, I’m like, I heard this in a rap song.41:48 – oh, that’s Brad, he can do what he wants46:17 – holy cow, which vehicle am I going to build?1:05:34 – I hit the front-edge and the leading edge of the box truck, felt like I ripped the whole box off1:10:45 – is the juice worth the squeeze? We want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Magazine.Support the show
Making good decisions for his family, work, and team, Russell Battles brings patience and discipline to the sport of rockcrawling and life. Listen in on your favorite podcast app or on YouTube. Always good to hear from our friends, a little history, a little present, a bit of the future.  7:48  - …the scout went down the road12:45 – First phone call to Marlin Crawler15:40 – know exactly what you want and don’t let them tell you can’t20:15 – in Abu Dhabi, we were doing something that had never been done in the world before29:48  - I got into wheeling with some of the best crawlers in the world33:27 – meeting Old Man Charlie, “is this Carnage Canyon?”40:32 – we got beat up a little bit 44:07 - put your faith in your driver Big thanks to our sponsors, Maxxis Tires and 4low Magazine.Support the show
Mike Stump – from off-road to electronics, back to off-road with electronics. Yep, we all come full-circle. Give Episode 106 a listen on your favorite podcast channel – or YouTube!  Yep, we release on YouTube now at the same time as we release everywhere else – be sure to Subscribe to the channel: Big Rich Klein.7:49 – they gave me lots of candy13:28 – we’re going to have beachfront property!20:00 – just call me Push Start23:30 – I was kinda a liability.42:24 – the first black diamond coilover kit47:34 – at what point do you let go of the throttle?54:50 – a funny story with Roggy (aren’t they all?)1:05:59 – it was a sh*t show1:22:43 – learning all the idiosyncrasies about LEDsWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. Support the show
The start of the 3rd season of the podcast sees off-road newcomer, Skip Scott, share his story of how he got started with off-road, competition, and this new phase of life. It’s important to remember that all histories matter, new and old, all tell the history of off-road. Thanks for joining us Skip.5:37 – let’s get the hell out of this Burg!11:37 – we’re communicating, sir!17:53 – no one wants to hear your ideas26:02 – I want somebody to want me and to be valuable33:37 – I’m free39:32 – that little dog changed my life right there.45:01 – solving the puzzle is what keeps us in it53:40 – I have a bit of an advantage I didn’t have last year1:15:25 – drivers want to do more than they should, spotters are the reasonable ones1:22:56 – you are the most important person in our lives because you are the future We want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.Support the show
It's been an awesome two years of podcasting at Conversations of Big Rich. In this episode we share the stats and some highlights.102 guests: 91 men, 11 women8114 minutes of content52,000 downloads with over 4 million minutes listened toEpisodes mentioned:Bob Bower – Episode 55 and 56Jack Bettio – Episode 75Emily Miller – Episode 29Larry McRae – Episode 15Rob Bender Park – Episode 8Charlie Melchner – Episode 4Then enjoy a replay of Episode #1The first, the pillar episode of the Big Rich podcast is live! In this episode Shelley interviews Big Rich about the beginning of rock crawling for him. It’s a perseverance story, a succeed at all costs, a bootstrapping, I want this so bad, I’ll do whatever it takes.  Almost twenty years later, WE Rock is still strong. Come along for the journey, see where it all began.Season 1, Episode 1 with Big Rich Klein7:20 Who yells “What’s the name of your club?” to guys he’s never met before?16:56 Cease and desist ordered delivered at his very first rock crawl24:32 You want how much money? How a county judge helped us out.30:13 Why we needed a 'Noise Study' at a gun range33:39 The penalty for being trashy42:32 The birth of WE Rock, but not without some controversy52:31 No sleeves allowed! Reno Rocks is off the hook54:31  Debacle in Farmington 200964:39 The Taj Mahauler lives74:36 Dirt Riot is born82:44  2020 begins, here's what it looks like85:34 How 4Low Magazine comes with 20 years of plans92:14 The history of off-road and why it matterSupport the show
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