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Author: Andrei Zinkevich

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In this podcast Andrei Zinkevich and Stefan Repin invite Founders of Bootstrapped startups.They talk on variety of topics from validating ideas to making it big and inspiring budding entrepreneurs.
30 Episodes
In Today's episode, we're having the great Allisa talking about how they went from a local company to global with an AppSumo launch and the learnings they got from the process. And more:- How they perceived that their challenges were shared with others- Why being loyal to core values is so important- How launching at AppSumo can be intense and how to make the most of it
For those wondering if it's possible to create a product with a great impact in the world and thrive with it, Dane Baker is proof that it is! He crafted Ecocart, a Chrome extension that makes people's purchases carbon neutral with no additional cost for the consumer. Listen to this episode to learn:- How he came up with the idea- How they took action to make Ecocart happen- How they got to build a community and over 10.000 partnerships with merchantsYou'll also learn how Product Hunt was critical for their growth and how they used it to foster their organic growth.
Bootstrapping is not a walk in the park, but is how Dmitry chose to go his path to success. In this episode, he shares why he rather be bootstrapped than have founding and all his journey to build to the episode to learn how Product Hunt can be part of a greater strategy and what it takes to be a great PR.
Today's guest has an interesting story about how to develop an app from scratch and launch it on Product Hunt in less than a year. In this episode we discuss:- How to perceive a need - Why create an MVP- Why they chose to launch at Product Hunt- How they organize - Dealing with competition and figuring out who are your competitors
Quoters is a tool to create proposals. They started their operations in Spain but it wasn't big enough for their vision. In today's episode, you are learning how Appsumo and Product Hunt can be used to scale your business globally. And also:- how to go global even if your team is not formed by native speakers of English- how they prepared for the Product Hunt launch- why they take a different approach in their newsletter and which approach is it- what he believes they could have done better in their AppSumo and Product Hunt campaigns
In today's episode, we have a guest that has launched at Appsumo and Product Hunt and is sharing his secrets to stand out from the crowd when launching in both marketplaces.Learn how to take advantage of launching on these platforms and more:- pros and cons of having a hunter- the routine of a successful launch- how are Appsumo and Product Hunt different- how to stand out on Appsumo marketplace
Today we have the most amazing guest to share a lot of knowledge acquired by experience. We'll learn secrets to launch successfully and nuggets of marketing.In this episode he shares:- Why are App Sumo originals so successful?- Why you don't need a huge marketing budget to start- How is testing and iterating helping you grow- How to make the most of your launch and why you should really strive to make it incredible
He has a product that is an Appsumo bestseller and multiple launchings there. In this episode, he shares his journey from the idea to the struggles at the beginning to the successful launch at Appsumo and you'll see that's no luck, it's hard work.More than that, he shares the pros and cons of having your product at Appsumo and how they got to be such a success without a big marketing budget. Nachum is not even done in phase 1 of the game and he's not stopping till getting to the top. Learn from this man with such a great vision and journey.
Gennady built a product that scratched his own inch and went all in to make it happen. He chose to be bootstrapped to live his passion.He shares his journey and his experience on Appsumo. How did they get there? Which learning he had from this experience? In this episode:- Why you should think traffic first?- Why you can't give it all on the Lifetime value- The importance to know your audience
Have you ever dreamed of having your product at a great marketplace such as Appsumo?In today's episode, the serial entrepreneur David Anselem shares the learnings he gained from the experience and discloses how it is to have a product at Appsumo.If you'd love to learn about the process and the perks don't miss this episode!
Our last podcast episode this 2020 summer!You can be sure that I will bring a fantastic guest and here is Preetham with Superlemon.This guy is fantastic, together with his friend and co-founder Sankalp who is also an engineer they have bootstrapped Superlemon to 350000 USD in Annual Revenue, 1700 paying customers in 50+ countries.Pretty fantastic, right? Again, just 2 of them, no support, no marketing, just 4 hands, a lot of desire and buckets of coffee☕I was intrigued to hear what these guys will say, so far work smart no hard applies to them - 100%.
Belkins is one of the companies whose sales process always amazed me.Besides the fact that their lead generation brings amazing results for their clients,they have some incredibly good tactics and processes.I honestly haven't met that many companies where everything is so structured and by their own words this lifestyle brought "the best work on the market".Vlad gladly accepted the invite and we will torture him to get all their sales secrets💉
Have no words to describe how cool and successful is our guest - Arvid Kahl 😎Arvid grew and sold without outside investment in his business, Feedback Panda. Then he started a podcast dedicated to helping startup founders. Now, he's written a book - "Zero to Sold" which is a bestseller.📚Everything this guy touches to transforms into gold :) We thought if he agrees to join our show, maybe we can also become super popular. We could not walk away from this idea so here we are! Listen to our podcast and Arvid will make you successful, too :)
We will have a very unusual guest on our show, he is unusual because he is BOLD in each and every way. Please meet Luc Vocks and DevelopmentAid! Starting a risky business in a very risky Eastern Europe? - check Choosing a sector with little to no innovation - checkTaking no outside investment ever - check Bootstrapping and bringing his companies to over 1 mil USD ARR- CHECK! Certainly, there will be a lot to learn from Luc and the challenges he passed through. Do you want to be successful like Luc, no matter the risks? ⏬
Today we will meet 2 people with a very special business fate who really have the guts.How else would you call them if not brave?Marko Saric and Uku That decided to fight the Goliath of the industry - Google Analytics itself. More than that, their product, is a bootstrapped and privacy secure alternative to GA.And they do have to pay clients and continue growing! To me, that sounds like a fantastic story with a very strong narrative. We will talk about the fight against Google, the skepticism, privacy, challenges, and making the web a better place to be.Don't forget that you can include your question in the comment and we will make sure Marko and Uku will answer it. See you there!
Today with Andrei we will discuss 2 approaches to Selling. One of them is the same old Lead Generation which many people find very inefficient, the new kid on the block is Demand Generation which is being applied by more and more companies.
We are very excited to meet Nicolas Brunet who is a founder based in Thailand and has behind his back many years of experience developing a hardware product. Combining the fun and nostalgia of Polaroid pictures with modern smartphone technology, Impressius gives event guests the opportunity to instantly upload and print their photos. Between their customers, brands like BMW, Linkedin, Pandora, Toyota, Coca Cola, and Amazon. Nicolas will join us to talk about the challenges of building a solid product, developing a product in Asia, selling to corporations, and staying afloat in the COVID times.
Our guest on Thursday, Nathan Hirsch knows everything about scaling with a remote workforce. It's an actual growth problem for many of us during COVID times.His journey in his own words:" I scaled a 25 million dollar Amazon business selling toys and baby products.Taking into consideration it was just me and my business partner, Connor Gillivan, and a team of 35 rockstar virtual assistants. No office and no US employees."He will share with us the challenges he faced, the tips and tricks of scaling, hiring VA's, and managing a remote team.Don't be shy join us for good!
Let's hear the guru himself speak and show how it is ✅Finally, I persuaded Andrei to be interviewed for the podcast and I will make sure, he spills all of his knowledge to you.Besides being one of the most thoughtful founders I have ever seen, he is also very efficient and leading right now 5 different projects in addition to being a great dad to his 2 kids. I was shocked when I heard how much he keeps on his shoulders.He truly understands the power of planning and building a full-funnel journey in his life and business with a no BS approach.
Rick Carlson is truly unique, he has launched several enterprises with next to no funding and was successful with almost all of them, everything he touches works well.He is an avid advocate & promoter for entrepreneurship and likes to describe himself as a simple guy thriving to live up to his potential and bring massive value to the world.Lives by the motto: Go get what’s yours!In this episode he shares:- His challenges - You need a systematic process for people - Worst decisions he made
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