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Special Guest: Rich Warfield.
Bacon trying to loop his bike ( Special Guest: Rich Warfield.
No links, no list, just listen and enjoy
Boomer teaches a bully a lesson. That lesson? ~Don't be a dick Bacon rides the SM500 like a pirate and now wants to do trials. Nash is still looking for a bike Hilarity ensues
Episode 11: Old Begets Old

Episode 11: Old Begets Old


Episode 10: ADV Ensues

Episode 10: ADV Ensues


Chad is amazed by HD and their pricing of the new Pan-America. Nash considers buying an ADV
Many people like to discuss conspiracy theories and we are no different. Believing is not important to the conversation, we just want to talk about what they are and kick it around the fire a little bit. The topics move from the main to other areas of interest and a good time was had by all. Conspiracy theory defined ( List of theories on Wikipedia ( Drink of the night (for you Bacon) jack and coke Special Guest: Rich Warfield.
If you'd like to listen to the Loudpipes review check it out at this link Loudpipes Podcast EP:193 (
This is warrior poet's video 3 reasons why, The Warrior Poet ( Have a Boogaloo sidequest? We wanna hear it! Send it to our email!
RTW Paul has led an amazing life. From owning a custom motorcycle shop, to being blinded and riding all over the world! A wonderful photographer, and a great attitude towards a life most of us could only aspire to attain, he has led one very interesting life. Check out his website for yourself and see! ( Special Guests: Jon M³, Rich Warfield, and RTW Paul .
Just give it a listen, I'm sure you're kinda getting the point by now....
Boomer's post Covid predictions: 1. People clean up and take care of sanitary issues more (Bacon disagrees and thinks everyone will go back to their habits) 2. Increased online doctors visits(Bacon sees more malpractice suits due to this) Bacon's Post Covid predictions: 1. Free college for useful fields and trades (Boomer delves into this and wants to know who decides this) 2. Increase in grocery of food and vegetable attendants to cut down on cross contamination Boomer and Bacon agree on a Bug Out Motorcycle: Yamaha Tenere 700(T7) ( Bug Out Load Out: Boomer: Glock 17 AR15 Pistol Bacon: 9mm (of your choice) 9mm Ruger PC9 Carbine
A bit about us Work Place Shenannigans Upcoming guest Round The World Paul (
Episode 2: Wanted Baggage

Episode 2: Wanted Baggage


Almost without thinking about it, the more we ride and travel we tend to rid ourselves of unwanted gear. We also look for new and better ways to transport what we carry. In this episode we go over luggage situations and some of our favorites on the market currently. Mosko moto website (
Sorry if this episode drones on a bit, we'll get better as we go. It was a long day for both of us, but the show must get started! [TornadoHistory]           (
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