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Morphenomenal! Take a journey with two life long Power Rangers fanatics as they recall and break down iconic episodes of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
24 Episodes
Episode 23: Zedd Waves

Episode 23: Zedd Waves


HAIL LORD ZEDD! There have never been 3 more frightening words in the English language. Zedd is putting all the people of Angel Grove under a brainwashing spell, and they must have got the guys at Zords Pod because they had to review this episode. Find out how our guys break the spell this week on ZORDS with FRIENDS.
Episode 22 : White Light

Episode 22 : White Light


The White Ranger has always been the most popular and most loved Ranger of the Mighty Morphin' era. The guys break down why that is while discussing his first appearance in the season 2 episode: White Light. They also try to figure out what Skull's dad does for a living, why Tommy likes to swim in random lakes and what the deal is with Ernie and cakes. WHITE RANGER TIGER POWER!
Episode 21: Green No More

Episode 21: Green No More


Tommy! No! The Green Ranger is no more. The guys breakdown the iconic two-parter, Green No More and reflect on all that Tommy has given us as the Green Ranger. Also, why are our heroes squaring off against Superbowl MVP Patrick Mahomes? Why is Kimberly collecting seashells at a lake? And is Alpha 5 sending the media press releases during monster fights?
Girl power is on full display this holiday week. The guys break down Bloom of Doom and talk about some of the more peculiar aspects of this empowering episode. Also, why is cacti such a great word to say? Does Trini use a protractor when calculating angles? And, why does Ernie keep giving our heroes such bad advice? The guys also break down the Christmas themed one-off: Alpha's Magical Christmas. You will not want to miss this!
Putties! Everywhere! The mindless minions take center stage in this week's episode of Zords. The guys review "Putty on the Brain" and ask why the putties wear knee pads. Also, did Billy invent an object that is used everywhere in real life today? And is Jason now a spin-kicking master?!
This week on Zords With Friends... Are Bulk and Skull making a podcast? What does de-ionization mean? And why does Jason want to fight Trini? The boys break down The Wanna-Be Ranger from Season 2 and find out what it is really like to have a doppelganger.
In the Season 2 premiere, the guys can't get enough of Bulk & Skulls 80's hairband outfits while reviewing all 3 parts of The Mutiny. They reflect on Zedd's first appearance and how impactful it was for the show. They also debate how permanent toupees work, discuss why the new putties are worse than the old ones and try their hardest not to laugh at Jason's new earring. BACK TO ACTION!
It's a season finale and silver-screen special rolled into one when Bill & Joe revisit the skydiving highs and head-scratching lows of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie. The fellas share their own memories of the big time flick, including how one of them was a bit spooked by Ivan Ooze. Also, sup Dulcea?
It's football season in Angel Grove and our heroes are trying to make the team. Rita also has football related plans for world domination. What can go wrong? The fellas break down the tape and analyze all the plays from this ridiculous episode. Season one's penultimate episode is here as the guys review "Football Season" and prepare for the grand finale.
There are a ton of tricks and even a few treats in the newest episode of Zords. Is the world's most famous game show filmed in a garage? Why are standards and practice employees confiscating cars? And what songs by Will Smith can the fellas rap off the top of their heads? Gather around squash lovers because the boys are reviewing "Trick or Treat."
Have you ever been embarrassed by your parents? Have you ever been blackmailed by a big gold wolf monster into trading your parents lives for your power coins? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions then this episode is for you! The fellas review "Return Of An Old Friend" and dive deep into the triumphant return of a Power Rangers icon.
This week the fellas find out what icthyophobia means, and how to pronounce it. Also, why does Trini never have anything to do, why is goo such a funny word, and where do the Rangers store their power-weapons when they aren't using them? The guys "tackle" all these topics and "cast" even more content your way in their review of "Something Fishy."
Did you wear sunglasses on July 4th? If so, you may have been considered an evil clone of yourself. At least that is what the fellas learned in this week's episode. Also, where does shaving cream rank on the prank scale, what John Hughes film did this episode remind the boys of and why can there never be enough Bulk & Skull? Bill and Joe tackle all of this in their review of "A Bad Reflection On You."
Summer has arrived and we're heading to the beach in our 10th episode! This week, Bill and Joe take a hard look at "The Rockstar." Plus, an innocent chat about pizza concoctions leads to a food challenge you won't want to miss.
It may be the first weekend of summer but we are celebrating Halloween in this week's new episode. Bill and Joe break down "Life's A Masquerade," critique the questionable costume of at least one Ranger, and discuss the subtlety of detective work. The fellas also break down last week's Mighty Morphin' Power Poll.
What's the key to shutting down Zach's offense? What is with all of the turtle trashing? Plus, the fellas chose another episode without the Megazord - what were they thinking?! Bill and Joe try not to talk about sports too much in this basketball heavy episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - The Trouble With Shellshock.
Is it the evil spell that makes Tommy's zingers sting? Is Zordon actually omnipotent? How do Bulk and Skull always get into a bus-load of trouble? Bill and Joe put a green bow on the Green With Evil miniseries and try not to fawn too hard over the Dragonzord in this week's episode.
It’s a three for one deal in Episode VI when Bill and Joe tackle part 1 of the Green with Evil miniseries. The guys break down season 1, episodes 17, 18 & 19 and try their best not to get distracted by Tommy’s Aquaman-esque tank top. Maybe it was the evil that made him dress this way? Bill and Joe also weigh in on spin kicks, the budding Jason/Tommy rivalry and the effectiveness of garbage can lids as a weapon.
This week the boys can't contain themselves over Jason's outfit. Do cheese souffle's get cooked in the microwave? And what do you get when you cross a Power Ranger's episode with one of the most beloved Disney animated movies of all time? Bill and Joe dive deep into episode 16: Switching Places.
Do you need physical maps to fly a plane? They don't think so, but they were very wrong about potions, so who knows. Also, what do apples have to do with snakes? Bill and Joe will answer these questions and more in their deep dive into Season 1 Episode 14 of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Foul Play in the Sky.
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