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If you're a woman over 40, there's a good chance you are currently - or might soon be - caring for your aging parents. How that looks for you might be completely different to me due to our differing circumstances, however the reality is that many of us end up in the same caregiving boat of parenting our aging parents during our midlife years. Fortunately for us, Mike and Kim Barnes have not only walked this path themselves, but have created a business that provides resources and support to help you through this often challenging stage of life. It was a pleasure to interview them recently for this episode of the Rocking Midlife® Podcast and I highly recommend that you listen in for some easy, practical tips that you can use right away.We cover a lot of information in this episode, including: * What conversations you need to have with your parents right now* The challenge of having aging parents living with you* Dealing with potential areas of conflict* Managing your own emotions while caring for your aging parents and how to find supportParenting aging parents is a scenario that many of us will face at some point, and I know you’ll find Mike and Kim’s practical, yet empathetic advice encouraging. Read more at the blog: https://catcoluccio/blogDiscover Mike and Kim’s resources at their website HERE: https://parentingagingparents.comJoin their free support group “Parenting Aging Parents” HERE: this episode of the Rocking Midlife® Podcast? Please subscribe and I'd be so grateful if you would leave a review!I'd also love have you join me and thousands of other incredible women in the FREE Rocking Midlife® Community for women over 40 who are determined to ROCK their midlife years and beyond HERE:
Do you realise that there is a strong connection between decluttering and ROCKING your midlife season?No?Well trust me when I say that there is - in fact I wrote 3 hacks about how impacting it is, and how to start tackling it in my latest book: "21 Hacks to ROCK your Midlife!"In case you're still on the fence about the benefits of decluttering however, (other than a tidy home,) you are going to want to listen in this episode of the Rocking Midlife® Podcast. Where I'm sharing three reasons why decluttering at midlife can be powerful - and none of them are about being able to find your car keys with ease everyday, (although that's an amazing benefit!) If you're ready to reclaim your home. clear your mind and create space for the life you want to design for your midlife season and beyond -  then this bite-sized episode, "three reasons why you should declutter at midlife " is for you!Once you've listened through, I'd love to hear your thoughts: do you agree that decluttering is an important part of your midlife journey, and can you think of some other reasons why you think it is important? Let me know, and if you're ready to start decluttering, but don't know where to begin, check out my FREE "30 day Love your Home Decluttering Challenge!" at
Tune in to hear my 5 tips to help you get back on track with your goals for this year!If your New Year resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, this short episode will give you some easy, practical steps that you can start using today, to help you get back on track.👉 Get my FREE workbook "10 Hacks to Simplify your Life!"👉 Read more about my 21 Hacks books:👉 Discover how to create a Vision Board to help you create the life of your dreams with my e-book "Your Vision Board."👉 Join the conversation at the blog!
The very first episode of Season 3 of the Rocking Midlife Podcast features the lovely Katie Phillips who was one of our relationships experts at the Rocking Midlife Virtual Summit last year. Katie is the founder of The School of Self Love. She is a Women’s Empowerment Master Coach, a Love & Dating Mentor and author of The Self Love Affair - A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life. She is the creator of the ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ experience which is transforming midlife women’s lives and allowing them to receive love with ease. Her passion and expertise is inspiring mid-lifers that they can create a life they love and call in the love of their life without burn-out or guilt!Says Katie: "Midlife dating is on the rise and I don’t feel this audience is being seen, heard and understood in the same way that the dating industry supports younger singles. Women in midlife can begin to feel invisible and I want to shine a light on what is possible for them - to re-ignite hope and give them powerful strategies for receiving love. After 8 years single parenting, I met my husband in mid-life and love to share that story to inspire listeners to what’s possible."During our conversation, Katie shared some powerful insights about how your own self-love, self-confidence and self-beliefs can either sabotage or help you find your soulmate at midlife. She also talked about her own experience of being a single mother for 8 years, until she did the inner-work that allowed her to discover her soulmate who was literally living just around the corner. If you have found yourself single at midlife - as a widow, a divorcee or as someone who has not yet found love - this episode will give you hope as well as some practical steps that you can start taking right away. Even if you are happily married, you'll still learn tips that can help improve your partnership. Make sure to share this episode with all of your single girlfriends, and jump into Katie's FREE MEET YOUR SOUL MATE EXPERIENCE 5 day challenge that kicks off on Valentine's Day HERE. You'll learn how entrepreneurial single women can boost self confidence, self trust and self worth TO ATTRACT YOUR SOUL MATE by taking you on an empowering inner journey. www.theschoolofself.loveinsta:
Many people find themselves living with chronic pain at midlife - and I'm one of them. I've alluded to it in my books and during the recent Rocking Midlife® Virtual Summit and felt that it was time to share a little of my story on the podcast - along with some tips I've learned to help me live positively DESPITE my condition. Listen in, and if you or one of your loved ones live with chronic pain, let me know some of your tips too!Join the conversation at my new book "21 Hacks to ROCK your Midlife!" here:
Sandy Wade's life completely changed one month after she turned 51. She found herself feeling old, frumpy and very depressed as well as realising that she had more life behind her, than in front.She chose to change her life and after calling out to God to help, and her healing journey led to her publishing a book and becoming a certified master life coach who now helps other midlife women find their voice and their passion. Listen in to our conversation about how to Reinvent Yourself - there was so much synergy in that we both feel more excited in our 50s, than ever about what we want to achieve!You can purchase Sandy's book here: can find Sandy online here:
Dr. Isabel Hunsinger MD, aka the "doctor on a mission" and passionate about women understanding the connection between menopause and brain health.In this episode of the Rocking Midlife® Podcast, my conversation with Dr. Isabel covers her work - helping people reverse the effects of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and alzheimers - and especially, the impact of menopause hormonal fluctuations on the brain. Things get very raw and real when Dr. Isabel shares her own story of battling depression and suicide just 7 years ago, and I share a little of my own battle with clinical depression back in my early 30s. I am personally shocked when Dr. Isabel explains that one of the highest demographics for suicide is midlife women! I had no clue, and am determined to learn more about menopause and brain health going forward. Dr. Isabel is hosting a FREE 3 Day challenge, the "Bossy Brain Solution for Women" from July 8th so I urge you to jump in and get some clarity on overcoming Anxiety & Depression Naturally: www.doctoronamission.comDisclaimer: If you do suspect that you are feeling depressed or are having thoughts about self harm, please see your medical practitioner immediately.
“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” - C.S. LewisThis week's guest on the Rocking Midlife® Podcast is a fabulous lady that I met through the New Zealand Professional Speakers Association a few years ago, and her story is truly inspiring.Robyn Pearce is a CSP which means she is a Certified Speaking Professional, a certification that only about 6% of the speakers who belong to the world-wide Global Speakers Federation hold. In fact, Robyn was the very first CSP in New Zealand, held the position of NZ President in 2002-3, then went on to hold the position of President of the Global Speakers Federation in 2006-7. New Zealand is known for trail blazing women in leadership and Robyn has certainly been a trail blazer for women the professional speaking industry.What I love about Robyn's story however, is that like me, she is someone who has reinvented herself many times over the years. She actually lists 7 careers that she has held - some of which is juggled while a single mother with a large brood. She has been a librarian; raised six kids on a farm, one of them a foster son with intellectual disabilities; held various jobs while on the DPB, (Domestic Purposes Benefit); been a successful real estate salesperson; worked in network marketing; launched a speaking and training business, (Robyn is known as New Zealand's time management queen due to her books, workplace training and keynote topics around this subject) and now she is a historical fiction author, with a little bit of speaking and training on the side.I should also add that this vibrant woman - who has only started writing fiction over the past 2 years - is 72 and has the energy and vitality of someone half her age. alk about a fabulous role model!Robyn's 3 take-aways for listeners are these:*Never be afraid to try something new.*Resistance can be a wonderful motivator.*You're never too old to try something new.Interested in Time Management? You can check out Robyn's books and resources here: www.gettingagrip.comInterested in her Historical Fiction? Make sure to follow her here: www.robynrpearce.comMake sure to subscribe and leave a great review so that others can be inspired by the wonderful midlife voices featured here!
This week's guest on the Rocking Midlife® Podcast is a lovely lady that I connected with after she joined my new Facebook Group: the Midlife Entrepreneur Success Community for Women. Adrian is a busy lady, with a few sides to her business, including: Help for New Bloggers - where she helps female business owners overcome the tech challenges of running a blog or a business. She is also a Pinterest Expert, and builds websites, sets up mailing lists, and helps people manage their site security. If this was not enough, Adrain also has a lifestyle site called Adrian's Crazy Life. Here, she writes about organizing, dealing with teen and adult kids, and managing money. Adrian also runs a virtual clutter coaching service where she helps women overwhelmed by messy and cluttered homes. What really blew me away about Adrian however, is that she only launched her online businesses in the past few years after leaving the workforce - and at the very same time was diagnosed with breast cancer. This amazing lady kept positive though, literally building her business from her bed while recovering from surgery and undergoing chemo.The other amazing fact about Adrian? She is 60 years old, runs an online business and one of team members is her 72 year old sister! Her words of advice for other midlife women are powerful: Don't limit yourself.Don't let your age stand in the way, or your health status, your kids, or your gender. For every challenge you have - someone else has overcome that issue and moved onto success.When a new opportunity comes up that sounds interesting - say YES and then figure out the details later.Don't wait until you have the degree or the certificate or permission from someone, just hop in there and start figuring out how to make it happen.Listen in to my interview with Adrian via your favourite platform and make sure to like, review and share so that other people can get inspired too!
It goes without saying that the world we live in today, with all of its technology - is very different to the world that many of us grew up in - and it is critical that we teach our children and grandchildren how to navigate the digital age safely.Whether you are a parent of tweens and teens, or a grandparent, it's more important than ever to be aware of the impact that around the clock technology has on young people, and in today's podcast episode, Cathy Mellet , along with Natalie Cutler-Welsh, join me for a conversation around this very subject of how parents can raise their children to be resilient and safe in this new world of technology.Did you know...A 2017 study of over half a million 13 - 18-year-olds found that the number of those exhibiting high levels of depressive symptoms increased by 33% between 2010 and 2015. In the same period, the suicide rate for girls in that age group increased by 65%. Coincidentally, smartphones were introduced in 2007 and the use of tech in every day lives of children and teens would forever be changed.Cathy is the founder of the  I’m Enough charity, and has paired up with Natalie to create a video series as part of fundraising initiative, to help them reach many more Kiwi families, to support them in helping their kids become resilient and empowered as they grow up in the digital age.At the time of writing, donations are still being received and they need your help! (The fundraising drive will end on Feb 28th)100% of the money raised will be going towards creating digital and physical resource packs available free to schools, parents and counsellors etc, as well as getting speakers into NZ schools to share tips and insights on topics covered in the video series.Listen in as Cathy and Nat share their top tips for supporting healthy use of tech in the home, and as always please like, subscribe and share so that others can hear this important message!You can donate to I'm Enough at the following link and your donation will be matched by the Healing Hands organisation: can also watch the videos in the series here: hope that you'll join me in supporting Cathy and Nat's mission to help Kiwi kids and their families!As always, the Rocking Midlife® Podcast is real and unscripted, bringing you authentic conversations around topics that are related to the midlife journey. Grab my FREE gift  5 Tips to make your Midlife ROCK! and subscribe to my newsletter so that you are the first to be notified when new episodes drop!
One of the by-products of hosting the Rocking Midlife® Podcast, is that not only do I get to meet some really amazing and inspirational people - I get to make new friends with each interview!Of course, this can be frustrating when I can't pop down the road and have a catch up with my new friend after the interview - but I live in hope that when borders open, a number of my interviewees will head downunder for a visit and I'll get to play tour guide when they do. Today's guest is one of those women who you feel like you've known for ages. We connected when Sheree reached out to invite me to be one of the participants of an upcoming Midlife interview series that she will be holding, and I knew that I needed to find out more about this amazing lady.Sheree is a midlife courage coach and in her words: "I believe it takes guts to live the second half of your life for yourself. I help women to identify and reach goals they may have set aside, as well as any new aspirations they may have." She and I have so many shared views about midlife being a time of potential and opportunity for women to dust off their old dreams or dare to dream new ones.When asked what 3 things she would like listeners to take away, these were Sheree's answers: 1)It’s not too late to reinvent yourself.2)You don’t have to follow a conventional path.3)It’s easier to make changes when you have support - which is why coaches like Sheree, masterminds and communities like Rocking Midlife® and the Midlife Entrepreneur Success Community for Women are so important! Listen in, subscribe and share so that your friends can also be encouraged that it is not too late to change your life, whether you are over 40, over 50 or over 60.You can find Sheree here: and she has a fabulous FREE gift of a Journal Scrapbook that you can get HERE: As always, the Rocking Midlife® Podcast is real and unscripted, bringing you authentic conversations around topics that are related to the midlife journey. Grab my FREE gift  5 Tips to make your Midlife ROCK! and subscribe to my newsletter so that you are the first to be notified when new episodes drop! You can get your gift HERE: pin and share this episode!
My guest today is Debby Montgomery Johnson who has an amazing story about being scammed online, and it certainly makes for an interesting interview to release over Valentine's weekend!Instead of being crippled with shame and not talking about her experience however, - something that women tend to do - Debby bravely wrote her best selling book "The Woman behind the Smile." The result of her sharing her story? She has become a sought after speaker, with appearances on “The Dr. Oz Show”, CBS This Morning, The Mel Robbins Show, The Tamron Hall Show, WPEC CBS Channel 12 and WPTV NBC Channel 5, in addition to being featured in the Palm Beach Post. She is regularly called upon by reporters for expert commentary about relationship fraud. Debby shares her personal experience with a love that turned into betrayal and financial disaster, (she lost over 1 million dollars over a 2 year period) and she removes the mask of shame and shows others how to do the same. Many of us have something we’re hiding, something we’re ashamed of, something that through no fault of our own or through our own making keeps us hidden from each other and the world.Listen in, subscribe and share so that other women can learn what signs to look out for and be encouraged to live authentically, free from shame!You can find Debby here: you think that someone you love is being scammed, go here: you been the victim of a scammer? Write to and share your experience!As always, the Rocking Midlife® Podcast is real and unscripted, bringing you authentic conversations around topics that are related to the midlife journey. Please review and share!
This week’s episode features a great friend of mine, Diana Thomson. Diana is a woman’s public speaking coach and the founder of SpeechMarks Coaching. She is also the co-director of the Auckland based She Says So women’s speaking community. Diana is passionate about women learning to speak confidently, and has trained school children right through to executives.Listen in as Diana gives us her 3 key take-aways:1) ANYONE can speak confidently!2) Memorise your message not your words.3) Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!Diana has a fabulous book out which I personally recommend, having been one of the beta readers prior to publication. You can find it HERE: spaces where you can find Diana are: www.speechmarks.comLinkedIN:
This week’s episode is one that every midlife woman needs to listen to. Featuring Teresa Dias from Canada, we cover all sorts of areas, ranging from night sweats to dry vagina! I certainly learned things that I didn’t know as menopause is not discussed as a normal part of life. Teresa’s business is MenopausED, a virtual women’s health practice specialized in menopause. She raises awareness about menopause, provide education and support to women in midlife to help them navigate the change.Teresa's key points are:1.We need to normalize menopause, talk about it and break the taboo.2.Women should be aware of menopause, prepared for it, and know where to find support should they need it.3.There’s help, don’t suffer alone and in silence.Want to talk more about menopause? Reach out to me at or Teresa at Teresa@menopaused.orgTeresa’s other links are below: Website. Https:// Https:// Https:// always, the Rocking Midlife® Podcast is real and unscripted, bringing you authentic conversations around topics that are related to the midlife journey.
Write your Book and Increase your Influence! With Dixie Maria CarltonThis week’s episode features the incredible Dixie Maria Carlton, a talented writer who has turned her love of books and writing into a powerful business called Indie-Experts, that helps people get their messages out to the world. Dixie talks about her own latest book, "Authority Island," a modern day parable that shares what authors need to understand if they want to go beyond simply writing a non fiction book, to becoming an authority in their field. Listen in as Dixie gives us her 3 key take-aways:1) Just starting the writing is skipping over two vitally important parts of the authority journey.
2) Your book is only a small part of the process of becoming an author, or an authority.
3) Writing and publishing a book is not a solitary endeavour - it's a team event. Create a great team and then write a really really good book!Want to know more about writing a book that helps build your expert status? You can get in contact with Dixie at Indie Experts: out more links for Dixie and all of the other guests HERE:
Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the clutter that is clogging up your brain, your environment and your digital devices? Listen in as Cat Coluccio gives you some practical hacks to help you Clear the Clutter and take control of your life!Hi there, and welcome back to Season 2 of the Rocking Midlife® Podcast!I’m Cat, your host and I will be joined with a fabulous line up of guests over the course of this season. In this first episode, I’ll be talking about a topic that I spoke on recently at an online workshop I held – Clearing the Clutter!Clutter can be a physical representation of the state of your mind, and can lead to negative emotions like shame and overwhelm which in turn leads to procrastination. The good news is however, with intentional, small daily habits, the clutter monster in your home, on your devices or in your head – can be tamed. Listen in for some practical tips and I’d love to hear your stories about battling clutter and how it has affected your life. As always, the Rocking Midlife® Podcast is real and unscripted, bringing you authentic conversations around topics that are related to the midlife journey. Inspired by today’s topic on clearing the clutter? Grab my FREE workbook “10 Hacks to Simplify your Life” here: sure to like, subscribe, leave a review and share this episode! Let’s get the word out that your Midlife years can ROCK!•Stay up to date with every episode as it drops HERE:•Inspired to put action to your dreams? Find out more about how Cat can help you and book a complimentary chat HERE:•Grab Cat’s FREE report “5 Tips to Make your Midlife ROCK” HERE:•Join the original FREE community for Midlife women, Rocking Midlife®, offering support, encouragement and a whole lot of laughs HERE:•Join Cat’s newest FREE community, the Midlife Entrepreneur Success Community for Women HERE:
Rocking Midlife™- the Podcast Season 1. Episode 17. Gaelene Adams WoodThis week’s guest is Gaelene Adams Wood who is the CEO of Team Fusion, who work withAward Winning and multi-Award Winning businesses and those who want to be the best intheir industry.Gaelene and her team empower businesses and people to succeed, and challenge the statusquo to help make that happen. They have a unique, holistic approach, where they focus notonly on business coaching, but on strengthening the family units of the people they areworking with.Working primarily with men, Gaelene’s core aim is to help them have successful businessesAND meaningful relationships with the people at home, and she shares some tips today ofhow we can better support the men in our lives.3 Key points that Gaelene particularly makes are: Ladies, we need to look after our men! Women like a man with a plan. He’s doing it all for you and the familyYou can find Gaelene at these following locations: this episode of the Rocking Midlife™ Podcast Show? Please click subscribe, leave areview and share with your friends!  Grab my Free gift 5 Tips to make your Midlife ROCK and be the first to find outwhenever a new episode of Rocking Midlife™- the Podcast drops!
Rocking Midlife™- the Podcast Season 1. Episode 14. Serena West is a talented artist whose passion is capturing the essence of her subject in herbeautiful portraits. Having faced some huge hurdles over the years, having lost her support system and having to start over as a single mother after leaving an abusive marriage – she has learned that leaning into the pain of thesituation and allowing yourself to grieve, helps shape and strengthen not only your empathytowards others, but your resilience in life.The 3 things that Serena wants people to take away from this interview are:1.  Every part of our journey should be honoured for the lessons it provides and theempathy it can create in us.2.  We are not alone in our journeys, and I hope my art helps women to see that.3.  There is a way to get through the difficult seasons and use the lessons to create  awonderful life -...and it's never too lateYou can connect with Serena and view her beautiful art at these links:●● this episode of the Rocking Midlife™ Podcast Show? Please click subscribe, leave areview and share with your friends! ● Grab my Free gift 5 Tips to make your Midlife ROCK and be the first to find outwhenever a new episode of Rocking Midlife™- the Podcast drops!
Rocking Midlife™- the Podcast Season 1. Episode 15. Dee FaithToday’s episode features a very lovely and vibrant lady all the way from Newcastle, acrossthe pond in Australia. Dee Faith is an Author, Comedian, Real Estate whizz, seasoned TV,Radio and Podcast guest - and a whole lot of fun.Dee is a midlifer juggling teenage kids, single mother life and reinvention as she gets back onher feet after experiencing the horrendous experience of being scammed by a man that shethought loved her. In her own words: “The Universe has gifted me with many lessons thathave had monumental consequences which are all the foundation for me to help otherwomen from a first hand experience. From that, 'The Dickhead List' was born which is acracka book to help newly divorced singles in the crazy world of online dating which isdefinitely an eyeopener. From there the business has grown. Keynote speaking, comedy actsand touring around just spreading the message of self worth, not settling and giving yourselfa check up from the neck up. Since COVID, The Middy Show is underway about to launchwith podcasts and a pilot TV which is a long time coming. The ultimate goal is to provideemergency housing for women in a distressed place where they can go in a heartbeat withall the supplies needed to chill in safety.”Dee has shares some great tips to encourage women to embrace their creative side atmidlife.You can find Dee here: https://www.deefaith.comGrab her book here: her brand new podcast here: this episode of the Rocking Midlife™ Podcast Show? Please click subscribe, leave areview and share with your friends!  Grab my Free gift 5 Tips to make your Midlife ROCK and be the first to find outwhenever a new episode of Rocking Midlife™- the Podcast drops!
Rocking Midlife™- the Podcast Season 1. Episode 12. Today’s guest Natalie Tolhopt is a fabulous business coach who teaches women how to dropthe self-sabotage and take consistent, imperfect action to grow their biz and their revenuewith confidence. She practises everything that she preaches, and has grown her ownsuccessful business at midlife! Natalie is also the author of a new book Allergic to Perfectwhich is a practical and encouraging read for any woman who wants to include business aspart of her midlife reinvention.Join us as we dive into a non-scripted conversation around these topics: How failure is just part of the entrepreneurial journey’ How you need to be both stubborn to your goal but flexible about how it willhappen, How You are NOT your results!You can connect with Natalie at these links: this episode of the Rocking Midlife™ Podcast Show? Please click subscribe, leave areview and share with your friends!  Grab my Free gift 5 Tips to make your Midlife ROCK and be the first to find outwhenever a new episode of Rocking Midlife™- the Podcast drops!
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