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Everyone has a favorite browser! How do we make the decisions about what can and can't be done? Jordan sits down to discuss what statistics we look at to determine what web browsers we will support, create new features for, and more!
Jordan sits down to give some down and dirty SEO advice. While we've covered this before in a recent podcast this episode is focused on real advice for 2021.  We want to provide more concise information around this topic. Not the spammy stuff you get in your emails of "WE CAN GET YOU TO RANK #1!".
We want to talk about the BIGGEST news that came out of last week. Facebook is taking away all of your page likes! This is something we've felt for years but you have to stop relying on social media for your business.Listen in to find out why they're getting rid of these likes and what they're implementing in its place. 
Matchstick Studio's first episode of 2021 is over our theme for the year. SIMPLICITY! Where we live in the web space people try to over complicate everything. We need to keep things simple which is why it's our theme for 2021.
Buzzwords are back with a vengeance! Jordan's got a new list of buzzwords that should NEVER be used in conversation.If you hear someone mention one of these buzzwords send them this podcast before expelling them from your life! 
Are you receiving reports on website analytics, SEO, or ad campaigns from an agencies? Normally it's an extremely well designed, branded report showing a bunch of information that you really don't understand what the numbers mean. This episode discusses the more regular reports that you might receive. Are you able to verify what the raw data says on these reports? Listen in to find out what the #1 reason for these reports are.
Complacency is a challenge in all areas of life. It's easy to fall into it's traps with the way this year has been. This should be something that you as a human, partner, employee, or business owner should fear.  How do you recognize being complacent and overcome it's grasps? "Success today, does not mean you will find success tomorrow." - Jordan Carmon
Episode 26 - HTML Tags

Episode 26 - HTML Tags


Want to know what HTML Tags are used for? Are they important? Here are 5 HTML tags that you should make sure you have on your website! If you're a Matchstick Framework user rest assured this has been taken care of for you! 
As a business it's almost impossible to stand out on social media platforms. It costs a ton of money and doesn't seem to have much of a return. Listen in to hear Jordan's thoughts on the ROI of using social media and if there might be something better out there.
Listen in to celebrate our 5 year anniversary of being in business! Our Co-Founder and CEO, Jordan, sat down to help answer some of the common questions we've received over our years in business. 
Episode 23 - Buzzwords

Episode 23 - Buzzwords


We've all sat in on a meeting where someone will throw out a few buzzwords that mean nothing. Do buzzwords actually add value to the conversation? Does it mean anything? Or is it a sales tactic used to get you through the door because they come off as someone who knows more? 
Jordan sits down to help explain the differences between a logo and a brand. What goes into building a brand versus a logo? As well as providing further explanation to a brands identity.Disclaimer: This podcast is for informational purposes only.
Let's talk about PAID DIGITAL ADVERTISING! We haven't covered this much just yet but creating a strategy around this can help generate traffic instantly. How much does it cost? Is it worth it? What is pay-per-click? Is this right for me? Listen in to find out and elevate your business to the next level! 
Episode 20 - Backlinks

Episode 20 - Backlinks


What are backlinks? Are all backlinks good? How do I get backlinks? Jordan sits down to tell us about all things backlinks! Find out how backlinks can help boost your SEO ranking and help people find your business on the internet. 
Are you unsure of the steps you need to take to help improve your website? Listen in as Jordan, Digital Director & Co-Founder of Matchstick Studio, gives 15 tips that you can do to improve your website!
Jordan discusses one of the most common practices in our industry. We aren't talking about the Nigerian Prince internet scams but the more predatory scams that REAL BUSINESSES are behind.We've all received an email someone that has no idea about your business and falsely promises results. The "If you purchase our service you will increase in sales by 1000%!" or the "We can help you rank #1 in SEO in 5 days using our service!". The first question that always pops up in our mind is how? Listen in to hear Jordan's take on these predatory practices that are becoming more common in our industry.
Is honesty and integrity at the center of your core values? How do you feel when businesses give themselves self-proclaimed "world's best" titles with nothing to back that up? Not all businesses value these things but we hold ourselves to extremely hard standards. Always tell the truth, no false claims, but what happens when a company doesn't have these standards? Listen in to hear the story of a company who might have tried to bend the truth a little bit.
We sat down with Food Industry Veteran, Michael Turley CEO Zephyr Foods, to talk about if we should all be worried about food shortages. Listen in to hear his unique insight into these strange times.
The Matchstick Studio Crew sit down to give their thoughts and opinions on re-opening given the current situation. Should business owners be arrested or fined for re-opening or should they be allowed to operate and leave it up to the consumer to decide if it's worth the risk.Let us know your thoughts on the situation whether you agree or disagree with our opinions.
Is there something that people do that rub you the wrong way? These things happen in both our personal lives and in business. We talk about a few of our own pet peeves and also go over a few on the business side as well.
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