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Author: Jared Williams

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Welcome to the Biblical Wealth Podcast where we discuss practical ways for Christians to be faithful stewards of what God has entrusted to us and how we can use even our investments to bless the lives of others. This podcast is all about giving you the education, tools, strategies, and encouragement to become or to grow as a Biblical investor. This podcast will introduce you to experts in insurance, unique investments that bless the lives of others, estate planning professionals, health insurance alternatives, ways to invest IRA and even 401(k) accounts in Biblical investments as well as teach you strategies for minimizing taxes, increasing cash flow, and avoiding several hidden losses that cause most families to lose substantial wealth. And of course we’ll discuss all of this from a Biblical perspective!
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Did you know that you could invest in real estate without the headaches of tenants, toilets, and termites? It’s true – you can get all the benefits of investing in real estate, without any of the hassles of being a landlord.In this episode, you’ll see what passive real estate investing means and find out if you should be an active or passive investor.To schedule a free Intro Call and discuss how we can help you invest for cash flow and be a faithful steward of God’s money go to
Jared talks with Whitney Sewell of Life Bridge Capital about how and why he began building a business investing in multifamily apartment real estate.   They discuss Whitney’s military and police career and how this has enabled much of his success today.They also discuss Whitney’s passion for supporting adoption as the father of three adopted children himself, and how Life Bridge Capital donates 50% of profits to support families seeking to adopt.  This conversation is an incredible example of how we can impact the lives of others while being faithful stewards of our investments.  Whitney can be found at:www.lifebridgecapital.comwhitney@lifebridgecapital.com540-585-4338To discuss how Biblical Wealth Solutions can help you invest with companies like Life Bridge Capital, click here to schedule a 30-minute Interested Investor Call.
Jared explains how investing in commercial real estate can actually enable a family to increase the protection of their income and assets.  Jared gives an overview of commercial real estate investing and how it differs from investing in single-family rental properties, specifically with it's ability to better control the appreciation of an investment.  Then Jared explains how this investing can help families achieve their financial goals with less money invested, leaving more with which to improve protection.  To learn how Biblical Wealth Solutions can help you invest for cash flow schedule a free 1-hour coaching call.
Jared discusses a correction to a particular strategy for protecting against long term care costs from episodes 4 and 5.   Jared explains how his earlier strategy of only using the chronic illness rider of a whole life insurance policy would still leave some significant risk for most families.  He explains what he has learned since recording those episodes and proposes an ideal strategy for most efficiently protecting against long term care in light of the new information.  Schedule a free coaching call with Jared Williams or his team.
Jared explains investing with a self-directed IRA or self-directed retirement plan.  Questions Answered:What is a qualified retirement plan?What is self-directed?What’s the point of self-directed?How to use a self-directed IRA.What to look for in choosing a SD custodian?A couple of things to look out for?Prohibited transactionsLeveraged investmentsTo discuss how we can help you begin investing outside of wall street using a self-directed retirement account or how we can help you focus on financial freedom you can schedule a free consultation call with myself or my team.  
Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas 2020


Merry Christmas!   Thank you so much for listening to the Biblical Wealth Podcast.
In this episode Jared answers the question, "What is Biblical about Biblical Wealth Solutions?  Jared elaborates on the three core objectives that surround everything at Biblical Wealth Solutions: Faithful Stewardship Financial FreedomKingdom ImpactHave a question or comment?  We'd love to hear from you at here to schedule a free 15-minute Q&A Call to see how Jared and his team can help you and your family achieve financial freedom so that you can do all that God has uniquely called you to do.
Jared explains market timing risk or sequence of return risk and how that can cause families to run out of money in retirement.  Jared describes the two strategies most often used by typical financial advisors to avoid this risk and why strategies create problems of their own.Then we discuss the two strategies Jared most often recommends for managing a poor sequence of return in retirement and why these make more sense for most families.  Have questions?Email us at hello@BiblicalWealthSolutions.comOr Click here to schedule a free 15-minute Q&A Call
Jared talks with Kyle Jones, Principal of True Point Capital, about investing in apartment communities.  Kyle  has about a decade of experience in the multifamily real estate space and is passionate about syndicating investment opportunities available to most investors.  Questions Answered:What does it mean to invest in apartment communities?How is investing in an apartment community different from investing in single-family homes?When you’re looking for good opportunities, what are you looking for?  How do you determine if a deal is likely to be profitable or not?As the operator what all do you do to add value to the community and ultimately increase it’s value.How do you estimate what the new market price is likely to be 5 years now?How can passive investors make money in opportunities like this?What are the primary risks to passive investors?Most investors are used to being able to log into their mutual fund accounts and see how their investments are doing?  How can investors know how their investments are doing?what if something happens to you and you’re no longer able to operate an investment?How has covid affected the apartment communities you’re already invested in?How does apartment investing positively impact the lives of others?If you’re interested in learning more about passively investing in apartment communities you can click the link in the show notes to sign up to be notified when opportunities are available.  Or you can visit and click on passive real estate funds to learn more.  
Jared talks with Annalee Kruger of Care Right Inc. about the need for planning ahead for aging loved ones.  This is a very important service that unfortunately few families have heard of and realize are available to them.  The truth is there is much more to caring for aging loved ones than retirement income and long-term care.  Most of us simply don’t know where to begin or what questions to ask.  I honestly believe that every family would greatly benefit from working with an aging care planner.I'm excited to introduce you to the best team I know of to assist you and your family in making important proactive decisions to best care for all of the family members involved.How you can take action: Visit this page to connect with Annalee.Visit this page to learn more about long-term-care insurance solutions.Schedule a 15-minute Q&A Call.
Jared talks with Curt Kufner of the Garmax Group to hear how he and his wife become full-time professional investors and how they have created diversified investment opportunities for passive investors.  Curt introduces listeners to several new types of investments that we've not previously discussed on The Biblical Wealth Podcast.  How you can take action:Join the list to notified of new investment opportunities.Click here for a 15-min Q&A
Jared talks with Pete Majeski & Jason McNiff of Pioneer Realty Capital about investing in commercial real estate debt.  Specifically we talk mezzanine debt and how it has some unique opportunities for investors.  We also discuss Pioneer's current investment opportunity the CRE Media & Events Fund I.  Click here to stay informed of passive real estate investments opportunities including from Pioneer Realty Capital.  Click here for 15-minute Q&A Call.
Jared talks with Eric Hudson about his automated budgeting system that his family uses to save money, save time, and experience more peace of mind.  There is no cost to use this simple, but very impactful system.How you can take action: - Click here to find all the resources from this episode and The Biblical Wealth Podcast.- Eric’s book - Let’s Talk Money is available here.- Or schedule a free 15-minute Q&A Call.- If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you at 
Jared compares how contributing $10k per year as whole life insurance premiums and then using the cash value for investing compares to simply investing $10k per year.   This episodes demonstrates how we can improve our protection without sacrificing (and sometimes even enhancing) our investment returns. How you can take action:  - Click here to find all the resources from this episode and The Biblical Wealth Podcast.- Or schedule a free 15-minute Q&A Call.- If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you at 
Jared shows how average families can create significant wealth saving and investing only $10k per year using apartment community renovation investments.  Jared also demonstrates that delaying investing to focus on protection and savings does not have to cause a loss of wealth if following the Biblical & Better Approach.  How you can take action:  - Click here to find all the resources from this episode and The Biblical Wealth Podcast.- Or schedule a free 15-minute Q&A Call.- If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you at   
Jared and Justin discuss how to have cash flow AND growth - while making a positive impact - through apartment community renovation.  How you can take action: - Click here to get my new ebook - The Biblical & Better Financial Approach - and all the resources from The Biblical Wealth Podcast.- Or schedule a free 15-minute Q&A Call to learn more about apartment community renovation investing.- If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you at
Do you feel stuck in your finances and unable to actually do the things you know you want to be doing?Have you ever thought, “I make too much money to be this broke?” or “… to not be making more progress?”Do you feel like you and your spouse need an interpreter (or maybe even a referee) to talk about money?In this episode, Jared has a great conversation with Scott Maderer about financial coaching and how it helps people and families begin making progress and build a strong financial foundation.  How you can take action: Click here to be connected with Scott.Or schedule a free 15-minute Q&A Call.If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you at 
Jared talks with Danny Cole of Spartan Invest about how they help new and experienced investors create passive income and cash flow using turnkey rental real estate.  Learn why Jared is such a big fan of turnkey investing and why it can be a great, first non-wall-street investment.  Jared and Danny compare and contrast turnkey real estate investing with DIY real estate investing.  We also discuss how this investment is such a blessing to everyone involved.  Finally, we discuss what makes Birmingham and other Alabama metro areas an ideal location for real estate investing.  How you can take action: - Click here to find all the resources from this episode and The Biblical Wealth Podcast.- Click here to schedule a Biblical Investing Meeting- Click here to get connected with Danny at Spartan Invest- Or schedule a free 15-minute Q&A Call.- If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you at 
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