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Josh Smith is the co-founder of Boutique Sounds, guitarist and manager of Northlane among other things. On this podcast he will be, with co-founder and producer Chris Blancato, chatting to friends in the wider music industry.
23 Episodes
Sam is the Drummer, chief songwriter and producer of the Melbourne based band Ocean Grove. He is also the live drummer for the act "Running Touch" and works as a producer and songwriter for other Australian acts such as Justice for the Damned, Hellions and Trophy Eyes.We chat about the history of Ocean Grove, changing role of a producer, share a few tour stories and more.
Aaron Marshall is the songwriter, founding member and guitar player of the Toronto-based act Intervals.We share some tour stories, talk about the impact of the pandemic on musicians and dive into his new forthcoming record.
Scottie and Sabian are the two guitar players from the Melbourne-based metal band Alpha Wolf. We chat about their new record "A Quiet Place to Die" which comes out this Friday the 25th of September. We take a dive into the key ingredients in making a band successful, all the DIY things that AW take on, their love of Evertune bridges and the importance of bouncing back against adversity. Boutique Sounds - Wolf - -
Tom Williams is the guitar player, manager and chief songwriter of the band Stray from the Path. He also plays guitar in Tradewind, runs a management company and a record label. We chatted about Stray, their old school way of songwriting, filling up the stage as the only guitar player in a band, what it's like being a self-manager, the importance of having different creative outlets and much more.
Joel is the Bass player of Canberra based rock outfit Hands Like Houses, who also undertakes a management role while Matt "coops" Cooper holds down lead guitar.We chatted about their forthcoming release, differences in recording in different parts of the world and what's important, their equipment, their new patreon campaign called "Housos" and their steadfast work ethic under lockdown.
This week we had a chat to Steve Crawley, owner and builder of Evetts Drums. We talk about how he turned his passion of hobbyist drum building into a uniquely Australian product and taking it to the world stage, the struggles and obstacles building a reputation and what it takes to keep it, as well as the development and creation of the Nic Pettersen Signature Snare drum. Drummers Review with Nolly Drums
Episode 17 | Plini

Episode 17 | Plini


"When I saw Plini play, I felt; that the future of exceptional guitar playing was secure." - Steve Vai.Plini is a phenomenal guitar player, songwriter and businessperson. He writes, produces and manages his music independently to wide acclaim. We chat about the music business, the pros and cons of being an independent or signed artist, the value of music in society, plini's gear history, his utilitarian view of equipment, josh's cat's peeing habits, Steve Vai, US artist visas, cycling and his signature Neural DSP Archetype plugin. Vai's new chord bending technique "candle power"
Tom Smith plays guitar in The Acacia Strain, he also runs a podcast, is an ex studio engineer and he has played bass for Structures. We spoke about Slayer, in-ear monitors, shitty music fans, back pain, TW Smith Guitars, Josh's missing custom Jackson and the new Acacia Strain records Slow Decay & It Comes In Waves.Tom's Podcast - Riff Filled Land Smith Guitars
Ben and Eaven are the two guitar players from Byron Bay's In Hearts Wake. We chat about their new album Kaliyuga, writing and recording it, and touch on a few career related topics and pitfalls which are not often discussed by professional musicians.
Sean Price plays guitar in the progressive metalcore band Erra. He's a coffee fanatic, loves his digital gear and a wizard on the fretboard. We chat bands, guitar & Erra
Mat and Sean are the two guitar players from the British metal band While She Sleeps. We chatted about some broad topics - the band's history, Sleep's innate knack for involving their audience, songwriting, the music industry aspect of being an artist, their amplifier collection & more.
Will Putney is a record producer, guitarist and song writer, responsible for some some of the biggest albums in heavy music over the last decade, producing albums from artists such as Thy Art is Murder, Body Count, Stray from the Path, Everytime I Die, Northlane, Knocked Loose, The Ghost inside among many many more. On this Episode, we chat to Will about balancing his production career along side his two bands, Fit for an Autopsy and End, current changes to his work flow around world events and much much more,Will's bands: Tones Products: to the ACLU to NAACP
David Bendeth is a Record producer, songwriter, musician and mixer. He has worked both at major labels and studios with many platinum records and awards to his credit. He has worked on records for Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, In Flames, Beartooth, I Prevail, Bring me the Horizon, A Day to Remember, Northlane, Of Mice and Men & many more.
Sonny Truelove is the creator of STL tones, a software company at the forefront of the development of digital guitar tones for Kemper, Axe-Fx as well as DAW based amp sim plugins. On this episode we talk about Sonny's transition from being a Sydney based producer to relocating to Nashville and to create STL tones. Check out STL Tones range of digital guitar products at: out our range of pedals, pickups and guitar accessories at:
Nick is the guitar player and primary songwriter of the band Make them Suffer.Make them Suffer have just released their new album How to Survive a Funeral, you can stream and purchase it here: also chatted about Jackson guitars, EVH amps and Evertune: our store:
Jon Deiley is the guitarist, electronic artist and primary songwriter for the triple ARIA award winning band Northlane. On this episode, we chat to Jon about his songwriting process, his approach to using hardware and software when writing and on stage, as well as composing for film. Jon's Signature STL Tone Packs uses the Impulse and Ceramic Black Hawk Bare Knuckle Pickups the Northlane documentary "Negative Energy"
On this episode we are going deep into some of the ways you can get the most out of your guitar or bass with expert advice from Michael Harron of Harron Custom Guitars. Michael Harron is one of the best guitar technicians operating in Australia and offers a range of services which you can check out online below.
Trad Nathan is the owner/operator of the venues Crowbar in Sydney and Brisbane, he is also worked in artist management, label and toured as a member of the Amity Affliction.We talked about his entry in the scene through an unlikely avenue, and what the future holds for live music.
Ryan Siew is the lead guitarist of the explosive Australian metal band Polaris.We chat to Ryan about his origins as a youtube guitarist and how he transitioned to touring the world full time. We chat about his equipment on the road, in and out of the studio and Polaris' writing process.Ryan has just announced his signature Mayones Guitar - the RSi6 and RSi7 plays Bare Knuckle pickups. His choice for Polaris is the Ceramic Nailbomb bridge paired with a VHII neck. View our range of Bare Knuckle Pickups here:
Doug Castro is the founder of Darkglass Electronics, CEO of Neural DSP and somebody with an incredible life story. On this podcast we unpack his keys to success in life and the history of Darkglass.Boutique Sounds is a Darkglass Electronics retailer: DSP are the creators of Quad Cortex and many realistic amplifier plugins
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