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It's 2021. It's time to hit the road. The author of 'Confessions of a Lighthouse Keeper' Greg Appel is joined by an eclectic cast of characters every for tales of places and music as they drive around Australia. As the series develops it takes some unexpected turns.
23 Episodes
Tarcutta is a small town near the NSW Victorian border. Unassuming perhaps, but wow there's a story here. Music, history and scandal. Greg Appel and Eddy Jokovich beam in from a moving vehicle on Australia's star highway - the Hume.
A new year and a new series! Confessions of a driver begins in the alleged capital of Australia. Greetings from Canberra. Join Greg Appel, Eddy Jokovich, Steve Kilbey, Tanya Plibersek MP, Simon Kragh and Zelie Appel. Music from the road includes Elton John, Ryan Ferris, Guthugga Pilpeline, Young Docteurs, Lighthouse Keepers and Bob Dylan. Sit back, accelerate and enjoy!
Australian rock star, Steve Kilbey from the Church, holds forth on sex, drugs and dharma. Greg Appel and Eddy Jokovich listen with great interest. The last of the current series, before we take a radical turn! the book of the podcast available at
Christmas Special

Christmas Special


Greg Appel and Eddy Jokovich wind up the year and take you on a Christmas journey to answer an intriguing question. Is the Nutbush City limits dance an Australian gift to the world?! They are joined by a panel of experts.
Part 2 of a casual discussion with a bit of musical magic. Join Greg Appel & Eddy Jokovich as they host the inaugural live 'Confessions' podcast at Wollongong Library, with Tim Oxley, a local musician and sage. Tim is part of a musical dynasty.
Join Greg Appel & Eddy Jokovich as they host the inaugural live 'Confessions' podcast at Wollongong Library, with Tim Oxley, a local musician and sage. Tim is part of a musical dynasty that includes Jeremy and Peter from the Australian Eighties band the Sunnyboys. He has played in all sorts of acts including the Dearhunters and Roger Loves Betty. They talk, play music and get intimate despite the social distancing.
Greg Appel and Eddy Jokovich discuss music, patriotism and trolls with Tanya Plibersek MP. She may just be Australia's best next prime minister.
Greg Appel and Eddy Jokovich talk music and politics with Hon Tanya Plibersek MP. Tanya has written an introduction to the book 'Confessions of a Lighthouse Keeper' and was a devoted Australian music fan in the Eighties. Now she's ready to make Australia pretty good.
Steve Kilbey from Australian band the Church talks music, drugs and Trump with Greg Appel and Eddy Jokovich. An unrepentant rock star.
Greg Appel and Eddy Jokovich get on board the tour bus with band manager, writer and general Australian music biz guy - Stuart Coupe. The podcast of the book 'Confessions of a Lighthouse Keeper' continues!
Greg Appel and Eddy Jokovich have a yarn and a drink with Juliet Ward, singer of Eighties Australian band, the Lighthouse Keepers. Music, life, sex and drugs are all lightly dissected for your listening pleasure.
Greg Appel and Eddy Jokovich talk right across Australia to Rob McComb from the Eighties Australian band 'the Triffids'. Grab a drink, make some time and enjoy! The first episode of the second series coming to you every fortnight from Guthugga Pipeline Studios, somewhere deep in the ether.
Remember the days when you could travel around making documentaries? In this retro Confessions we go to Paris. An Australian take on French Chanson music with Greg Appel. Just what you wanted to hear. Includes interviews with Jane Birkin, Mick Harvey, Robyn Archer and Philippe Combien
This fortnight we go to back in time to a swingers club in Sydney, 15 years ago. Greg Appel goes behind the vaulted door and finds a different world, long before Coronavirus changed everything.
A semi-archival interview from a few years ago. Greg Appel talks to Howard Freeman, one of Australia's legendary roadies. Howard plied his trade back in the wild days of Sherbet and JPY in the Seventies. He has worked with all sort of bands over the years - from the Cruel Sea to the Rolling Stones.
Greg Appel keeps on talking to long reigning, Australian King of Pop, John Paul Young about all sorts of things. Good music and good times.
Michael 'Blue' Dalton, the harmonica, slide and sometime bass player for 80's Australian band, the Lighthouse Keepers - talks to Eddy Jokovich and Greg Appel as the book related to this podcast goes off to the printer.
Greg Appel talks to a couple of broadcasters Claudia Taranto and Eddy Jokovich. They discuss intertwined lives, french punk and look to the future.
Grab the intoxicant of your choice and listen as Greg Appel talks to John Paul Young about Van Park, Music and what it means to be the King of Pop over all Australia.
Part 2 of this fascinating exchange. Author Greg Appel and publisher Eddy Jokovich keep talking. It's getting a bit political as they discuss what's inside 'Confessions of a Lighthouse Keeper' play some music and have another drink.
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