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The Leadership Louisville Podcast with Aaron Miller

Author: Aaron Miller

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Inspiring stories for those who lead! Leadership and learning go hand in hand, so join us as our community’s most interesting leaders, along with host Aaron Miller, enjoy a candid conversation about their leadership journey. Find out how these headline-makers plan to "be better and do better" (the purpose of the Leadership Louisville Center) and, most importantly, find out their vision for the future of this community. In each episode you'll hear an authentic exchange where listeners get to know our community leaders as real people and, hopefully, have fun along the way.
22 Episodes
Louisville Public Media President and General Manager Stephen George stops by the podcast to discuss his career journey - across multiple cities and multiple forms of media - to eventually come back to his hometown and lead an organization that has continued providing news throughout the pandemic and racial justice movement in Louisville.  Despite challenges, the organization is expanding the newsroom in 2021. Join Aaron and Stephen for a great conversation on leadership, pivoting, and growing into the future.Towards the end of the episode, Stephen mentions the Center for Nonprofit Excellence ( and Young Authors Greenhouse ( the show (
Dave Christopher is the Founder and CEO of AMPED (Academy of Music Production Education and Development) in the Russell neighborhood, and he's also leading the newly opened Russell Technology Business Incubator (RTBI). He and Aaron discuss the wisdom he learned from his father, how he started in tech by repairing his family's tube television, and how entrepreneurship can change lives. Support the show (
Louisville native David Mattingly  is a Peabody and Emmy Award-winning journalist with four decades of experience reporting domestically and abroad.  For 23 years David had a front-row seat to history as a CNN National Correspondent, but he considers returning to his hometown to be his most rewarding assignment.  Aaron and David discuss being present for history, from 9/11 and hurricane Katrina to COVID-19, and how trust in media is changing in our world of "fake news" and misinformation.Support the show (
Colonel Pam Stevenson has had an incredible journey, from the West End of Louisville to the US Air Force (and stations around the globe) for 27 years - and then back to Louisville and into the Kentucky House of Representatives for District 43. In this episode she shares stories and leadership lessons from an amazing career and how she plans to collaborate with all of Kentucky to help build a better tomorrow for everyone. Support the show (
Aaron gets a chance to catch up with a longtime friend, Mike Moll, Senior VP at PNC Bank. Mike grew and developed his leadership over a long career with PNC here in his hometown of Louisville. Mike and Aaron discuss how a career can evolve even if you're at the same company for a long time. They also discuss the two-way nature of mentoring relationships.Support the show (
Aaron spends an hour with Dr. OJ Oleka and they discuss everything from leading during a pandemic, to education as a path out of poverty, to being black and politically conservative in 2020. At one point OJ mentions this book which we said would be in the show notes: Black Elephants in the Room: The Unexpected Politics of African American Republicans (George Gund Foundation Book in African American Studies), Special thanks to PNC Bank for being our presenting sponsor.Support the show (
Aaron and Jeff discuss how the nonprofit sector, which is the fourth largest employer in the commonwealth of Kentucky, is surviving during COVID-19 and how more members of our community can get involved in philanthropy to help make our city better for everyone.Support the show (
In this episode, Evon Smith, CEO of OneWest talks with us about her journey to leadership and to Louisville – and what makes the West End a unique, vibrant place. Support the show (
Aaron is back at it behind the mic and bringing you some fresh insight from our friend Ben Reno-Weber. His story is a fascinating example of how exposing ourselves to other cultures, worldviews, and even parts of town can inform the ways we bring change with us when we return home. Support the show (
Lisa Benson is the leader of one of Louisville's largest media outlets, Louisville Business First, part of a national network of business journals. Aaron and Lisa discuss the challenges of becoming a leader just in time for 2020, gain an outsider's perspective on our city, and talk about pivoting content and events to virtual (and still keeping readers engaged).Support the show (
Aaron Miller sits down with Walter Woods, who moved to Louisville in 2017 to lead the Humana Foundation. They discuss leadership, ego, getting out of your own way, racial justice, and the importance of being a mentor. Support the show (
Robert Barry Fleming talks about growing up in Frankfort and returning to Louisville to lead an iconic Louisville arts institution. Robert mentions three sources that we want to add here to the notes:- Catalyst Project- Racial Equity Institute- The People's Institute for Survival and BeyondWe also encourage you in the conversation to do some research on Anne Braden. Support the show (
Parks! Outdoors! Quality of place!  A community is often defined by the quality of its public spaces, and Scott Martin chats about how Louisville can become an even greater, healthier, and more equitable community by working on our park systems. Here are more show notes: Book recommendation: The Nature Fix by Florence Williams (also on social media)Scott's Recommendations for local things to do/seeHays Kennedy Park (one of our park named for a prominent African-American leaders – a great story by itself that is undertold).   Add the Garvin Brown Preserve next door and it is a wonderful waterfront complex. Cave Cedar Sink Trail (great day trip for families).  To see the spot where entire creeks vanish underground and how the caves shape the land above them is like stepping into a landscape crafted for Narnia or Lord of the Rings. South Fork Recreation Area (off the beaten path, but a massive memory maker of a uniquely Appalachian landscape and zone that makes you feel worlds away from Louisville) O’Bannon State Park – just a fascinating state park with an ecology that seems like a piece of the Smokies that snuck away and hid in Southern Indiana.  The perfect day trip for Louisville folks that want to get off the grid.  I just learned about this site a few years ago and I find it more and more interesting each time I visit.  The blue river is right there, too.  Great paddling when everything else in the area dries up. in the podcast we talk about the Knobstone Trail, and here is some info about that the show (
Sadiqa Reynolds, President and CEO of the Louisville Urban League, has a frank and honest discussion about race, the West End, "essential workers," and white allies.Support the show (
Recorded on June 4. Nikki shares her insights on protesters, race relations, and how the business community can be part of the solution.Nikki references a book in the discussion, and it is The Covenant with Black America by various contributors with an introduction by Tavis Smiley, published in 2006. Support the show (
Dr. Tailor is only the 6th woman to be elected President of the Greater Louisville Medical Society as well being the first Indian-American leader of that organization (and one of the youngest ever!). Aaron and Dr. Tailor discuss what unique talents she brings to the role along with some advice for safely reopening our community from COVID-19. Their shared nerd-dom also comes into play (one of them is a giant Harry Potter nerd).Support the show (
Sarah shares her thoughts on women in leadership, how to re-open the Louisville economy, and ballroom dancing during a pandemic.Support the show (
Former Kentucky Derby Festival president and current Secretary of the Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet Mike Berry sits down with Aaron to discuss his leadership journey (which involves working alongside several iconic state leaders) and also how you can learn everything you need to know about leadership from children's books.Support the show (
Aaron and Stacey discuss entrepreneurship, the value of relationships, and the power of understanding culture. And a little bit about learning spanish online during a pandemic.Support the show (
Aaron has a fascinating discussion with Mary Ellen Wiederwohl, Chief of Louisville Forward, about her journey into leadership and how a midnight trip to the fridge can make you realize that your job will never be the same.Support the show (
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