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Author: Kimberly & Sheila Amato

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Forever Fangirls podcast offers a fresh perspective on movies, exploring hidden meanings and themes. We often disagree and have debates on plot points, but age doesn't matter. Remember, Fandom is Ageless!
101 Episodes
#09. THE MARVELS (2023) REVIEWAirdate: November 22, 2023Higher. Further. Faster. Flerkens? The Marvels, the highly anticipated sequel to 2019's blockbuster Captain Marvel, finally graced movie screens in November 2023. This time Carol Danvers has help from Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan. Can this trio stop Dar-Benn from destroying the universe, or should this film become a memory?**Spoiler Warning**The Marvels Could Be a Box Office Flop, But It's Not Nia DaCosta's FaultIman Vellani Gives A Perfect Answer About The Marvels’ Bad Box OfficeFollow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#097. BUFFY & THE SHOT FELT ROUND THE WORLD RE-AIRAirdate: November 9, 2023Having covered Juliet Landau's feature film A Place Among the Dead & the release of Slayers: A Buffyverse Story - it seemed like a great time to flashback to one of the most viewed episodes of Forever Fangirls: Buffy & the Shot Felt Round the World (Ep. 003). This episode discusses the bury your gays trope as well as the relationship between Willow and Tara. **Spoiler Warning** Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#096. A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD (2020) REVIEWAirdate: October 25, 2023A Place Among the Dead delves into the world of a vampiric serial killer. Does Juliet lose herself as she falls deeper down the rabbit hole? Does she fight her way back and stake the evil responsible? The door to the answers is open. All you have to do, is tune in.**Spoiler Warning***Note* It is mentioned that this is Juliet Landau's directorial debut. It is her FEATURE FILM directorial debut as she has directed other projects.Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#095. A HAUNTING IN VENICE (2023) REVIEWAirdate: October 11, 2023A Haunting in Venice's Hercule Poirot says "After death comes... nothing." But there's a murder at a haunted palazzo that seems to say otherwise. With clues from beyond the grave, can Poirot discover the living murderer or have the ghosts claimed a new victim?**Spoiler Warning** Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#094. BEETLEJUICE (1988) NOSTALGIA -vs- NOVELTYAirdate: September 20, 2023Beetlejuice hit the screens in 1988. In another Nostalgia -vs- Novelty episode, our hosts discuss how viewing the ghost with the most for the first time compared to seeing it after many years. Do the hosts Jump in the Line to dance with joy or did they call for an exorcist? No matter what, do not say his name three times.**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#093. ELEMENTAL (2023) REVIEWAirdate: September 6, 2023Elemental's trailer states "elements don't mix." But the film shows that air, water and earth blend just fine. Why is fire on the outskirts looking in? Does the film have a classic Pixar/Disney moral to the story that lands or falls flat? Forever Fangirls saw the film in theaters, but it launches on Disney+ September 2023.**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#092. STRAYS (2023) REVIEWAirdate: August 23, 2023Strays is a movie about Reggie's revenge on his vile owner, Doug. Along with new friends Bug, Hunter and Maggie, they venture homeward bound to complete the mission. But is it a trip worth watching?**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#091. HAUNTED MANSION (2023) REVIEWAirdate: June 28, 2023Haunted Mansion comes to the big screen... again. Does it scare up enough nostalgia from the parks and a story that made it worth seeing? July seemed like an odd release date, as we expected something closer to Halloween. We hit the theaters (instead of doom buggies) to see what the ghostly appeal of the film has.**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#090. BARBIE (2023) REVIEWAirdate: July 25, 2023Barbie comes to life in this live action comedy with deeper meanings and unexpected twists. With a powerful cast, director and writers, does it hit big or should we package it up for a return?**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#089. INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY (2023) REVIEWAirdate: July 12, 2023Indiana Jones is back with some new friends to embark on another grand adventure. With the help of his goddaughter, Helena, the two fight evil and try to prevent them from using the Dial of Destiny for nefarious purposes. Does it work, or should Indy have hung up his hat years ago?**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#088. GOONIES (1985) NOSTALGIA -VS- NOVELTYAirdate: July 12, 2023The Goonies gave us one of the most iconic line of the decade "Goonies Never Say Die." They never give up, but considering the age of the film, does that message still hold true today? Does Sheila, a new viewer, enjoy Goonies at all? Did the nostalgia of Kimberly's youth fade away when the ending credits rolled?**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#087. THE NEVERENDING STORY (1984): NOSTALGIA -vs- NOVELTYAirdate: June 14, 2023On another Nostalgia v Novelty ep, we discuss if The Neverending Story holds up to a new viewer & a longtime fan. But most of all, Sheila gets to meet Falkor - the LUCK DRAGON!**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#086. FAST X (2023) REVIEWAirdate: May 31, 2023The Fast & the Furious saga begins its epic conclusion with Fast X. With a powerful cast, lots of explosions and cars to dream about - should the film be on your must see list? Or is this where you get off the ride and wait for streaming?**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#085. THE THANKSGIVING PLAY (2023) REVIEWAirdate: May 17, 2023The Thanksgiving Play from Larissa Fasthorse shines a light on performative behavior. With D'Arcy Carden, Katie Finneran, Scott Foley and Chris Sullivan leading the way to bring the satirical play to life, makes your stomach hurt with laughter but also makes you think.**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#084. PRIMA FACIE (2023) REVIEWAirdate: April 19, 2023Prima Facie has come to Broadway after an award-winning run on the West End in London. Jodie Comer makes her Broadway debut in this one woman show about Tessa, a barrister who has overcome so much to succeed in her chosen field. Yet, like one in three women, an event makes her question everything she's even known or believed in. The play and our review will discuss themes that might be hard for listeners. A trigger warning is in effect for this entire episode."On the face of it, something has to change."**Spoiler Warning****TRIGGER WARNING**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#083. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: HONOR AMONG THIEVES (2023) REVIEWAirdate: April 19, 2023Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is another attempt to bring the popular game to life. Chris Pine & Michelle Rodriguez star in this campy romp through the fantasy world filled with magic, owl bears, wizards and a straight laced Paladin. Does it live up to the trailer's hype or should the campaign end with only one installment?**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#082. A GOOD PERSON (2023) REVIEWAirdate: April 5, 2023A Good Person stars Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman in a story about forgiveness, redemption and loss. With two powerhouses in the lead roles and Zach Braff behind the camera, would the film make its point or would the audience get lost in the weeds?**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#081. THE LAST OF US (S1 - 2023) REVIEWAirdate: March 22, 2023The Last of Us, based on the successful Naughty Dog video game for Playstation, hit HBO Max in 2023. The highly anticipated series stars Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie) in a tale of infection, greed, and the fall of mankind. Did it live up to the hype surrounding it? How close did it follow the game's storyline? Did they include the DLC? There were so many questions going into this, and we needed answers.**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#080. 9 TO 5 (1980): NOSTALGIA -VS- NOVELTYAirdate: March 8, 2023Released in 1980, 9 to 5 boasted a powerful trio of women in leading roles. The film was groundbreaking for the time it was released, but does it still hold the same power decades later? Sheila's never seen the film. Kimberly has. This is the first installment in our Nostalgia - vs- Novelty series.**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
#079. KNOCK AT THE CABIN (2023) REVIEWAirdate: February 22, 2023Knock at the Cabin asks one couple to make a sacrifice to save all of humanity. M. Night Shyamalan returns with his latest feature film starring Dave Bautista. The question he posed is simple: would you put others before yourself? Could you? We discuss the film and our answers to that very thought.**Spoiler Warning**Follow Forever Fangirls: Sponsor: Kindness Untamed:
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