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Author: Rafael Ruiz

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I'm here to get you connected with all things vegan, from restaurants, food and merchandise vendors and popups, people, animal sanctuaries, events, products, and more.
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Danielle talks about her journey to veganism and about her passion for this lifestyle and sharing with others.  Danielle is a fellow podcaster and friend and I was so excited to have her on my podcast since I was on her podcast, Vegan Danielle Podcast, a couple of months ago.  She is an animal rights activist and a fitness enthusiast.  Give her a follow on her social media listed below and check out her podcast.Links to information from the show:Vegan DanielleInstagram (Vegan Danielle): Instagram (Danielle Marie Fit): Facebook: Podcast Website: Documentaries:Dairy is Scary: The Game Changers: Earthlings: Dominion: What the Health: Cowspiracy: Restaurants:The Whet NoodleInstagram: PLOTInstagram:
Deric tells us where the name for the business came from, the process of creating the chocolate snacks, & the mission with Wicked BOLD Chocolate.  Check them out on Instagram, Facebook, & their website.Links to information from the show:Wicked BOLD ChocolateInstagram: Website: The “Snap”: 
In this episode Abha talks about the inspiration for creating a gluten free flour and how it has turned into a business.  She also talks about her mission with the business and what Metta means.Links to information from the show:Metta Gluten Free FlourInstagram: Website: Facebook:
In this episode Erin tells us how and why she started Prima Donna Cupcakes.  She also talks about some of the flavor combinations which sound really good, and I know first hand because I had some!Links to information from the show:Prima Donna CupcakesInstagram: 
In this episode Heather talks about how going vegan changed her life, her family life, how she met her husband and gives some info about her past. Links to information from the show:The Homemade HippieInstagram: YouTube: 
VCPE27 - Ezer Snacks

VCPE27 - Ezer Snacks


Links to information from the show:Ezer SnacksInstagram: Facebook: Website: 
In this episode this Jersey Girl talks about her love of Italian food, the inspiration for her recipes, and her passion for spreading the love of vegan food to others via Instagram and her blog posts.Links to information from the show:Instagram:@green_eatalia | | | Eatalia | 
In this episode I share a bit about myself, where the idea came for the podcast, and I share my vegan journey.Links and information from the show:Rafael RuizInstagram:  @vegan_dad_bod_killer       @theveganconnector
Tony shares his journey of weight loss, finding veganism, family, and how he is helping others through the marathon to a healthier lifestyle. Tony is a mindset and body transformation  COACH.Links and information from the show:Tony DrakeInstagram:  @coachingbydrake
In this episode you will hear how Angilee and Jana brought their passion for their vegan lifestyle and creating delicious vegan cheeses to the vegan food market and started Good Earth Cheese.Links to information from the show:Good Earth CheeseInstagram: @goodearthcheeseFacebook: Good Earth CheeseWebsite: Where to find Good Earth CheeseMashup MarketInstagram: @mashupmarketWebsite: www.mashupmarketandgrocery.comNature's PlateInstagram: @naturesplateFacebook: Nature's PlateWebsite:
In this episode Andres talks about how and why he started both vegan festivals, he talks about the food truck and more.  We also talk about future plans for all his ventures.Links to information from the show:Andres Castro@andresqcastro@castroclothing@latinxhouVegan State FairInstagram: @veganstatefairtxFacebook: Vegan State FairWebsite: info@veganchill.comVeganchill FestInsagram: @veganchillfestFacebook: Veganchill FestWebsite:
Shawn talks about how his passion for a vegan lifestyle and how his experience in leadership led to the creation of the International Vegan Film Festival.Links to information from the show:International Vegan Film FestivalInstagram: @veganfilmfestFacebook: International Vegan Film FestivalWebsite: 
In this episode Peter and Alexia talk about how and why they developed their Cajun Chicken-less Batter and what their plans are with the business beyond creating a food product.Links to information from the show:Vegan MunchiesInstagram: @veganmunchiesclubWebsite:
In this episode you will hear how Rebel Cheese got started and learn some very cool news about the deli.  They are located in Austin, Texas and have a beautiful array of house made artisan vegan cheeses.Links to information from the show:Rebel CheeseInstagram: @rebel.cheeseFacebook: Rebel CheeseWebsite:
In this episode Renee and Tommy tell the story of how a Texas cattle ranch went vegan, what they went through to get there, and what their future plans are for the ranch. Links to information from the show:Rowdy Girl SanctuaryInstagram: @rowdygirlsanctuaryFacebook: Rowdy Girl SanctuaryWebsite: Rancher Advocacy ProgramInstagram: @rancheradvocacyprogramFacebook: Rancher Advocacy ProgramWebsite: Vegan Justice LeagueInstagram: @veganjusticeleagueFacebook: Vegan Justice LeagueWebsite: All Y’alls Foods - Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Corporate SponsorInstagram: @allyallsfoodsFacebook: All Y’alls FoodsWebsite:
In this episode Courtney talks about VegWorld Magazine, Sprinkles Creative, Color Me Courtney, and her fascination with waffles! Links to information from the show:Color Me CourtneyInstagram: @colormecourtney_Facebook: Courtney GarzaWebsite: VegWorld MagazineInstagram: @vegworldmagazineFacebook: VEGWORLD MagazineWebsite: Sprinkles CreativeInstagram: @sprinkles_creativeFacebook: Sprinkles Creative
In this episode I talk to Brett about how he got started with All Y’alls Foods, the different It’s Jerky Y’all flavors, where to find the jerky, and his favorite recipe. Links to information from the show:All Y’alls FoodsInstagram: @allyallsfoodsFacebook: All Y’alls FoodsWebsite: Corporate Sponsor for:Rowdy Girl SanctuaryInstagram: @rowdygirlsanctuaryFacebook: Rowdy Girl SanctuaryWebsite: Social Media Coordinator:Courtney GarzaInstagram: @colormecourtney_Facebook: Courtney Garza
In this episode I talk to Tamsin and she tells us about her passion for the animals and how it inspired her to write a book of poems. Links to information from the show: Instagram: @love_is_freedom_76Lulu site for book:
In this episode we talk about Larissa’s passion for showing us that vegan desserts can be very tasty and she loves sharing the love with the vegan and non-vegan community! Links to information from the show:How?! DessertsInstagram: @howdessertsFacebook:  How DessertsWebsite:
In this episode I talk to Jigisha about her chickpea tofu product called Chikfu.  It is a great alternative for a soy-free and gluten free vegan plant-based protein option. Links to information from the show:Chikfu Chickpea TofuWebsite: @trychikfuFacebook: Chikfu Where to purchase:Chikfu: Mouth Grocery: @luckymouthgrocery on InstagramMashup Market: @mashupmarket on Instagram
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